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A/N- saichanlovestoad does not own Invader Zim and she isnt not making any money off this fic.

This is an Mpreg स्लैश fic. आप don't like, don't read. I personally like it. There are several crack pairings in this one as well, including Tallest/Zim, Skoodge/Zim, Sizz-Lorr/Zim, and others. The main pairing is ZADR, though. This story also comes with warnings: Oral sex, fisting (sexual term for shoving knuckle into privates), strong language, graphic detail, repeated Mpreg, nonconsenual sex (ie-rape), fetishism, and use of toys. Any other warnings will be added on later. No flames. You've been...
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again,i can't sleep and i have to take a exam. in the morning but that wasn't it,i feel i wasn't in this world anymore but i push the feeling away and turn on the tv i was watching invader zim.yeah a college girl watching a cartoon but i was a fangirl of zim.

i feel of triedness i turn off the tv and go to बिस्तर went to sleep.

i woke up i push myself out of बिस्तर it felt diff. in the house i got dress and walk around the house i don't see my parents या my cat name new york.

i went outside and i went to school it spell skool "ah crap" i ran to my house and hear a knock on the door.

"you need to report...
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