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Christopher Manavi, Internet entrepreneur, author, and SEO authority recently sat down with CNBC to discuss the precarious landscape of the Internet commerce landscape.

CNBC: What are the big differences between the online commerce landscape now, as opposed to over a साल ago?

Christopher Manavi: In my opinion the viability of a deft idiosyncratic SEO [Search-engine optimization] model is greatly disadvantaged currently due to the bourgeoning कीवर्ड competition as well as a और constrained SEO tool-kit.

CNBC: I take it आप are alluding to Google's हाल का Panda खोजिए updates?

Christopher Manavi:...
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The most important marketing tool for your online store is the look of the website itself; make sure that it is well-designed with great products, is खोजिए engine optimised, has easy to use shopping carts and check-out procedures, and offers a choice of payment providers.

An online store that is refreshed regularly with new copy, and offers products at competitive prices, will develop a loyal customer base that grows through online reviews and word of mouth.

Assuming that marketing your online store is crucial for your business then आप need to insert your website address on every item of stationery...
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 Christopher Manavi as Seen in the New York Times
Christopher Manavi as Seen in the New York Times
Christopher Manavi recently sold his Internet Marketing franchise, according to a हाल का interview with CNBC. Now, if आप aren't cloistered deeply in the Internet Marketing world, आप are probably wondering: Who is Christopher Manavi?

Unlike the ubiquitous faces of Internet entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg, Biz Stone, etc.; Christopher Manavi has taken a much और inconspicuous role in his online dealings.

Notwithstanding, however, if आप are a typical Internet user, आप have probably come face to face with Christopher's revolutionary marketing techniques.

His techniques can be see quite prominently in effect within the advertising campaigns of,,, as well as many others.

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Article written द्वारा Mary Gordon of the New York Times
It is a very exciting thinking of online business ideas but it is important to also consider the type of online business मॉडेल that would suit your online business best.

There are three basic types of online business मॉडेल and many variations.

The advertising online business model is where a website is set up as a decoy to attract all sorts of visitors that have searched for various products and services. The website is paid to विज्ञापन दे various third party owned products and services and gets paid for every person that clicks a link on an Ad and subsequently buys a product.

Of course, if Adverting...
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