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it's my first time saying this bravly.... I प्यार KOWALSKI!!! but आप know.... none of us will get him as he is a cartoon.... my दिल beats so fast when i see anything about him. *screams into pillow* =3 ~nyan
i always feel like the penguins are watching me in real life so i get kinda shy.... =3
rawr... how do आप make a club? plz,plz,plz,plz tell me how! i feel invisible!.....
i'm gonna write बिना सोचे समझे things now.....
hate you,hate you,hate आप #$@%!
kowalski and jenny are stupid
julien is a fagg
mort is a douche
Holaaaaaa! I find lots of awesome tutorals while I'm, well, looking for tutorials. So maybe I'll give आप लिंक्स to the ones I think are awesome. :3


-Digital Art is stuff like drawing on computer या stuff
-Traditional Art is, well, nothing that involves technology. X3

Feel free to look online for the definition. XD

TYPE: Digital Art

-Gimp Tutorials


Line Art. Lines. Outline of your drawing. :P

Example? Mm-kay! link

THAT'S A GIRL. I DON'T CARE WHAT आप THINK. I'm just sayin'.

(You might ask, If I warning आप so much, why'd I choose that? Well, It's beautiful, pretty, and complicated.)

WARNING: Don't...
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