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posted by blazeroxs
Chapter 1: part 1 
10 YEARS LATER... (countdown: 91 days)
The days were dark and cold nowadays in Aurora, the skies never change it's dull gray color, but it seemed to get worse everyday. The world, itself, looked dead; The air was never filled of children's laughter, instead they were filled with screams, no birds sang, instead there was the ghostly winds and there wasn't any green for miles, unless आप ventured into the Mystic Forest, which was outside the दीवार that surrounded the kingdom. The people have struggled to stay alive, some have died of starvation, due to no sunlight to grow their food, या murder, but most have been executed. Families fled to avoid the situation, some succeeded, some have not and were forced to return back to be killed at once for disobeying the rules. 
Ever since the wisest and reasonable Wise One, Jules, has been executed, everything has turned into a disaster. The new and "improved" rules (what the Supreme Ones called it) have made many people homeless and defenseless to the harsh, upcoming winter. Every महीना the Supreme Ones make new rules for the people to follow, but this time of standing down, they were finally going against them.
An elderly cat, dressed fully dressed in a white बरसती, लबादा that covered his entire body (known as the Messaenger), walked to the statue, that was made for the Wise Ones, to display the new rules. Nailing the paper into the cement, citizens turned their attention from what they were doing to the man; many gasped, some glared at him as walked backwards to look at the paper. He turned around, "people of Aurora!" he started as people gathered around him, "As आप can see I have placed the new rules for the month! आप know आप must obey them या you'll have deadly consequences." he cleared his throat and began to read the rules:
"1) the taxes are now €.95."
Women gasped, some began to cry while the men protested, shouted and cursed at the man. "how do आप expect us to pay them  if आप don't even pay us?" a woman cried. 
"That is none of my concern." replied the man putting his hands behind his back.
"I'll never manage! My family and I will be homeless!" she complained. Others agreed to her टिप्पणी दे and started to say a few words of their own.
"Hush" the man shouted, "As I was saying:
2) all families that have a son of age of 16 must be working for us now."
"Just because I'm 16 doesn't mean I have to work for your worthless army! I know what I want to do with my life; I'm going to be the leader of the resistance to make sure आप and the others suffer the way आप made us!" a young boy shouted, he was covered in a black कोट to hide his face, but the tone of his voice आप could tell that his face was red with anger. People around him told him to keep his mouth shut या they'll have his head, but he ignored them knowing that he was putting his in risk. 
The man's face darted back and forth into the crowd to find the boy who made the unnecessary comment, "young boy! Come out and दिखाना yourself!" he ordered. He didn't step up although he was surprised that the people around didn't चूहा him out. The man nodded, "I see... "You are helping this young man get away with his comment, well it's alright. We'll see to it that we find him and execute him, but don't blame us if we kill the wrong 16 साल old. As I was saying again:
3) all families that have a daughter of age of 15 will be assisted to the war to care for the injured." 
This time a girl wearing a dark purple बरसती, लबादा that covered her entire body made her way in the crowd to be standing अगला to the boy and spoke, "there is no way आप are making me work for those monsters! आप know what they do to us! They rape and sometimes even murder us, yet आप want us to care for them?!" she screamed, other girls around her nodded their heads and agreed with her, "I also know what I'm going to do with my life and that is to become a doctor to help the sick and the poor that आप and your unfair "Supreme Ones" have caused!" she finished putting her hands to her hips and looked at the boy अगला to her and flashed a smile. The boy smirked back as the crowd began to make some of their own टिप्पणियाँ and began to  shout at the Messenger.
The Messenger was red with anger and began walking towards the crowd, "i've have had just enough of this backtalk!" he कहा spotting the 2 youngsters.
"We've had just enough of आप and your stupid rules!" shouted the girl.
"Soldiers!" he screamed, then 5 men that have been standing across the crowd dressed in gray armor with swords द्वारा their sides, ran towards the Messenger. 
"Yes Messenger, sir!" कहा the tallest man, standing in a perfect posture, both feet अगला to each other, chest popped out and head held high; as well the others behind him.
The crowd began to break when they saw the soldiers, as for the boy and girl, they stood in their place. 
"You see those 2 kids right there; the female cat in the dark purple clothing and the male cat, beside her, in the black? Arrest them!" he ordered. "And if they don't corporate, don't mind killing them where they stand." he कहा turning the other way and making his way to the castle. 
The tallest one made his way towards the 2 youngsters, "alright, आप know what's about to happen, so why don't y'all just come with us that way we don't have to put a fight." he finished standing before them and his men behind him. 
The boy and girl lowered their heads to prevent their faces to be seen when the girl spoke, "what's the whole point of आप selfish monster saying to give up when आप know we're not giving in?" द्वारा then the streets were completely deserted, leaving the 5 armed and dangerous men to the 2 small and defenseless teenagers.
"I was hoping आप would say that because I प्यार a good fight," he said, then eyeing her up and down, "especially with a girl who thinks she can beat a man like me." he finished with a smirk, then putting a hand on her हुड, डाकू to remove it, the girl grabbed his hand and swung him over her shoulder making him into crash into the walls, hitting his head first, "kill them!" He screamed and 4 men surrounded them and began to हटाइए in slowly. 
"Think आप can keep up?" asked the boy in a cocky tone, putting his back against the girl, in fighting position.
"I already took out the big one, let's see who can take out most of them. Loser gets to reveal themselves first." she replied. 
The boy chuckled, "I was thinking that the winner gets a तारीख, दिनांक with the loser, but the loser has to pay for the wine." 
"Fine, both." she कहा as one man ran at the boy taking his sword out.
"Deal." कहा the boy bending over grabbing the girl's arm and rolled her over to his back signaling her to kick at the man charging at him; sending him flying at the spot where she threw the tall man. 
"1 for me." the boy कहा standing up right.
"I helped." कहा the girl placing her feet to the ground. 
"Half then!" he yelled as 2 of the men ran at him, one man at his left and one his right, but he managed to jump on the right one's shoulders and pushed his legs to make him crash into the one in her left. 
"Might as well go घर and get your money 'cause your paying." the girl कहा while dodging a पंच from a soldier then taking her turn, she swung her leg at the man's head making him spit blood from his mouth, but the man still stood. Barely conscious he took a spiked hammer behind his back and began swinging it back and forth. Ducking and hoping her head wouldn't fall off, she tripped over one of the men's sword. Looking at the sword, she made a grab for it and had just enough time to put it over her face when the man collided his hammer to it. Almost out of strength for her arm she screamed for help, "a little help here?" she pleaded. 
"On my way! Just need to take care of this guy really quick." he कहा jumping back to avoid being sliced in half. "A Supreme One!" he shouted pointing behind the man, then bending over to दिखाना "respect" for them. Falling for his trick, the man lowered his sword and turned around bending over too, which gave the boy enough time to grab his legs to flip him over and kicked him in the head to make him unconscious.  "Ha!" he laughed, "Can't believe आप fell for that!" He finished taking his sword. 
"Ahem!" the girl cleared her throat almost giving up her arms. 
"Coming"" he replied back, running towards her with his sword द्वारा his side. "Roll over!" he ordered.
"Ah!" she screamed and with the energy she had left, she kicked the man right between the legs, making him drop his hammer, close his legs and his arms covered his middle area. Avoiding the hammer that slammed to the ground, she roiled over.
As the boy ran, he was aiming for the man's head and jumping into the air, he sliced it right through his neck. "I win." he कहा as the head rolled over his feet then stabbing the ground with the blood covered weapon. After seeing the man's head fly out of his body, the remaining soldiers who had been knocked out got up and ran towards the castle. 
"Ha! Look at them run!" laughed the boy looking over his shoulder to see that the girl was walking away. "Hey, wait up!" he yelled running to the girl. "I won, I need to see who आप are and," he added with a smirk that can be seen, even with his हुड, डाकू on, "your taking me out on a date." he finished grabbing her shoulder to turn her around. 
The girl grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her face, "incase आप haven't noticed, we have spoken out of character and now we're on the सूची that the Supreme Ones want to kill." she released her grip on his arm and started to walk towards her house. "We need to get out of here as soon as possible या we'll be dead in the अगला hour." she said, now running.
"Well आप know we can't go through the wall, the Watchers will catch us." he informed her, running along द्वारा her side. Watchers are men that potrol the wall, seeing what goes inside and out. If they see anyone trying to escape, they will them kill them immediately. 
"That's why we're going to my house." she कहा turning a corner near an abandoned shack and walked through an alley. "My father has been digging a tunnel underground for 5 years, but he was snitched द्वारा someone and was killed..." she कहा pushing aside some नारंगी, ऑरेंज curtains revealing the house of the girl. The walls were made of dark red brick, there was a badly torn black mat, covered in mud and stains and covered most of the small hut. In the middle of the mat, there was a wooden तालिका, टेबल with a lit candle on चोटी, शीर्ष of it, shedding a dim light. In the corner of the hut, there was a medium size बिस्तर made from wood with gray sheets folded perfectly. 
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that..." replied the boy after checking the room out. 
The girl walked towards the center of the room and began moving the तालिका, टेबल aside, "don't feel sorry for me, I'm still alive." she कहा walking to the side mat and began rolling it revealing a wooden door on the ground. 
"If your father was snitched on, shouldn't the soldiers burry the tunnel?" he asked in shock, seeing the doors,
The girl opened the door and looked up at him, "yes, but they never found it, now are आप coming with me?"
"Not like I have a choice." he कहा peering inside the pitch black tunnel.
"Ok, pass me the candle." she कहा pointing at the table. 
"How long is this?" he asked walking towards the candle.
"Kind of long, but if we run we can be out of here in 10 minutes." she replied walking down the stair, "shut the doors when you're down here." she finished. 
Following her lead, the boy stepped down a few steps and turned around to shut the doors. "So आप never told me your name, may I know what the madam's name is?" he asked walking अगला to her. 
"My name is Evolet." she कहा and stopped walking to take off her hood. 
Her eyes were the first thing drew him to her; hazel eyes. Her face was round with a small black nose, she had almost-perfect high check bones, she had red wavy hair that went past her shoulders, and her फर color was red with 2 light नारंगी, ऑरेंज freckles on her cheeks. "Wow..." he कहा dazed in her cuteness. 
"What?" she कहा slightly moving her head. "Is there something on my face?" 
The boy shook his head, "oh no, I was just uh... I was just surprised to see that a small, cute, little red hair girl beat up a big guy back there." 
The girl smirked, "I know how to fight. It's a survival trait that आप have to have या you'll die." she explained. 
"Agreed." he कहा walking. 
"So," Evolet कहा catching up to him, "what's your name?" 
"The names Lance." he said, without taking his हुड, डाकू off. 
Evolet kept looking at him until she blurted out, "take off your hood, I wanna see how my partner looks like." 
"Partner?" he asked in confusion stopping dead in his tracks. 
Evolet stood behind him and smiled knowing that she had his attention, "Yeah, we're partners. We just took out a group of soldiers together, we're running away, which makes us a team." she explained putting a hand on her hip, "let me see how आप look like." she finished. 
The boy sighed and slowly took off his hood. Evolet had the same reaction the boy had when he saw her. Except this time, his eyes were dark green, his face was broad with black wavy hair that went past his ears but above his shoulders and his फर color was brown. "Ok, Lance, today is this day." she कहा escaping the trance she had in his eyes. 
Lance looked at her puzzled, "what about today?"
Evolet smiled at him, "today is the दिन आप and I are starting the resistance."