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posted by HLforever
Inspired द्वारा one of Lisa's pics from H Magazine. Thanks to @PC for the idea! This poem is a tribute to the beautiful Lisa Edelstein.


Her beauty.
It is something indescribable.
The way sunlight hits the ground in a forest,
dappled द्वारा the leaves.
only broken द्वारा the rustle of branches
and the slow gurgle of a languid stream.
The way moonlight hits a quiet pond,
the glow rippling out
until it melds seamlessly into the darkness.
Can आप put that into words?

She walks down the hallway,
a picture फ्रोज़न in time,
for just one moment.
Her dress flows behind her,
the wings of a butterfly,
या the glow that a shooting तारा, स्टार
leaves behind in the sky.
Her hair ripples in waves,
reflecting the sunlight, absorbing it,
as she gazes steadily at what is in front of her.
An open door, leading to what?
She is a queen,
perhaps her subjects await.
She is a star,
perhaps the flashes of cameras have already begun.

आप can barely see her face,
it is flooded द्वारा light.
She looks at peace, a portrait of serenity,
but आप feel the urge to call out to her.
When आप say her name,
आप know that she will turn around.
Her expression will be surprised,
until she suddenly smiles.

That smile,
wide, radiant, free.
That laugh,
an unrestrained burst of joy,
happiness radiating out of her,
infecting everything around with a warm glow.
If the world were in black and white,
that laugh could paint it in color.
It could give the autumn leaves their yellow,
their orange,
their fiery red.
That laugh could flood the oceans in a blue so bright
it would become part of the sky.
How could आप resist that laugh?
It is irresistible.
She is irresistible.

Walking down the hallway,
she is a painting.
Something that is so far from your reach,
all आप can do is wash your eyes
in its beauty.
It takes your breath away,
so is it fair to say that she is breathtaking?
Everything is frozen
for a second,
for one moment in time,
but आप know that she will turn around
and the world will come back to life.

But for now, it is enough
to stare, to gaze,
to revel in her beauty.
The way the ocean laps at your ankles
as आप wait for the अगला wave.
The way your दिल stops
for a moment
as he leans into your lips.
Can आप put it into words?
She is the sun, the moon, the stars,
anger, serenity, sadness and joy,
hate and love
for one moment.
Her beauty,
it is indescribable.

posted by huddyislove
Hello guys... If आप have been wondering why I'm so little on FP lately, read this link

Anyway, I get this लॉस्ट thing's been too long, and thanks for पढ़ना :DDD
Here's some और of it :)))))

Hugh pulled over in front of “The elegant child of Beverly Hills” toy store. It was a खरीडिए for children under the age of three. Browsing through the papers left in the car, he stumbled upon several receipts that suggested Lisa and ‘he’ shopped there before.
Waving to the three paparazzi that were amused to see Hugh there, he got inside the store, the flashes still behind him.
Hugh knew why paparazzi...
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posted by huddyislove
Oh, I'll be quick.
I'm busy this days (I'm having a violin concert) so I'm not sure if I'll be able to come on for the अगला three days.
So sorry v.v
so, enjoy with this chapter :)

“Charlie, Charlie, आप won’t believe it!!!” Billy ran out of the room shouting.
Nice. A little bit और of drama. Hugh would lie if he कहा it wasn’t entertaining though.
Lisa got up from his lap and gave him a hand so he could get up as well.
“Good thing he didn’t overreact” she joked
“When we told him about Nick he was almost about to have a panic attack. I always thought you’d react that way” she giggled....
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TO prove I'm nothing like that maniac that is putting us through crap, and we come back for और even though he did so,
I decided to cheer everyone a little bit up :)))))
I APOLOGIZE for being a complete BITCH!
once आप experience it on your skin, आप don't want to yourself doing that to other people :)
enjoy guys,
enjoy while आप can

Their lips joint for the umpteenth time. Each time for a little bit longer.
Lisa trailed kisses down his collarbone.
What an idiot he’d been for pushing her away the पूर्व night.
His hands trailed sides of her warm body; hers roamed his lower back.
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posted by huddyislove

So... I see आप are all just as लॉस्ट as Hugh is XD
This chapter will... let's say... enlighten आप a little bit :D
Everything will start making sense, up to some point... 3;D
So, your reviews are pumping me full of लेखन material, and as always I find it hard not to post a new chapter every दिन :D
This one I like to call "there's an explanation to almost everything"
If आप want to know why, scroll down!
This one is going to be lo-ong!!! ;D

Staring at the box’s content, Hugh’s jaw slowly dropped. Out of everything, he didn’t expect this. He spread it all over the living room carpet and started...
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posted by huddyislove

Hey guys!!!
As I said, I'm calling it a truce XD
I need to spoil you!
Tnx for your lovely reviews!!!
Oh, and someone asked how Elyon is pronounced, well
I know it's unusual name (and I am a प्रशंसक of those XD) but it's pronounced pretty much easily- like
If that made any sense XD
(I know Hugh started too XD)

“Daddy, I’m fine… I can get dressed द्वारा mysewf” Elyon smiled as Hugh struggled to get her out of the bath. Wrapping a towel around her small body, he figured he should have some fun time with her and threw her on her shoulder. Elyon screamed excitedly as Hugh carried her...
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posted by huddyislove

Well, I AM going away for 5 days, so it's only fair of me to give आप a loooooooooong chapter :D
Thank आप for your reviews and I'm glad आप all enjoy the mess Hugh got into XD
As for the ones who ask themselves if this really is a dream, I won't say a thing, you'll see when I post the last chapter :D
chapter 3 is waiting for you:

As his daughter pulled him down the hallway, Hugh caught a glimpse of Lisa behind the almost closed door right अगला to the master bedroom. He heard the baby cries subside and he noticed a small wooden sign engraved with ‘Nicholas’, hung on the door.

The little...
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posted by huddyislove
हे guys... So, thanks for your lovely reviews... I am glad that आप liked the teaser :DDDD
Anyway, I am going away, again XD, on Friday, so I'll post one chapter everyday until then, and I'll continue when I get back (4 days later ;D)
I hope आप won't lose interest...

As आप know...
The first chapter is ALWAYS shorter XD
But that's just the way I roll XDDD
Hope आप enjoy it!

He was woken up द्वारा a sound of running shower. One eye still screwed shut, he looked around. Where was he?
Not his sheets,
Not his bed,
Not his room
And obviously, not his house either.

The sound faded away. Whoever it was taking...
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I am SHOCKED द्वारा the amount of horrible news about Huddy. SHOCKED! After all we did, stayed with this दिखाना after they've made us go through some CRAZY and really HURTFUL things, they STILL remain on that path! What? They think suddenly everybody will turn to be a THAT-BITCH-THAT'S-KISSING-HOUSE/House fan?
Yeah, I DON'T think so... :/

Hope that sunny days are about to come soon...
Till then, enjoy in my piece of hell :D
Love ya guys :D
(italics are पूर्व events)

“Dad, we’re so sorry… We didn’t want to…” Charlie almost begged his father to understand. Just मिनटों earlier, Billy...
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posted by huddyforever
This is a बिना सोचे समझे oneshot that I came up with in like 5 hours so yeah:)

Tonight was a लोमड़ी, फॉक्स party…again. Lisa didn’t mind them it’s just that sometimes they get really boring and it seems that everyone but she is having fun. The only time she has fun at those things is when Hugh comes. He can always bring a smile to her face. The party was at 7:00 and it was now 6:00. ‘It starts in my toes. Makes me crinkle my nose. Wherever it goes, I always know. That आप make me smile. Please stay for a while.’ Her phone’s ringtone sounded. She slid her phone open and looked at the text she had just...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
WARNING: Those who aren't fond of smuts या NC-17 scenes, stop reading. Reader's discretion is advised

Hugh got up early from बिस्तर than what had Lisa guessed the night before. It wasn’t a voluntary act though because 10 मिनटों earlier his phone went ringing द्वारा 5 in the morning. With eyes still shut and barely coherent thought, he clumsily grabbed it from the night stand and heavily slammed it on his ear. It was David telling him there’ll be no filming today and द्वारा the end of the call, he expected him self to go back to sleep and dream.
Too bad he couldn’t put himself to बिस्तर again even all...
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posted by LisaLover
I think I should finally thank आप guys for reading, voting and commenting on my stories :)
Here's another short Huli fic, hope आप like it :)

On Friday evening, after work, Lisa convinced Jesse and Jennifer to go with her for a drink to the nearby bar. After few quick doses of alcohol she forgot about them completely and let two strangers s “take care of her”. Jess and Jen were sitting at the bar table, trying to keep an eye on her while she was dancing in the crowd. They could see that she’s already drunk, but an adult as well so they decided not to meddle until she’s potentially safe....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Quite long but still, hope आप like it

Weekend finally hit California. Everybody seemed to go shopping in times like this but not in a certain house in one of the Hollywood streets. Front door was locked so was the doors leading to the bedrooms, aside from one, the master’s. A woman had her both palms and knees on the mattress while a man behind was thrusting her. Sweats were running and dropping from all over their bodies and every deep penetration was followed with loud screams of, “oh damn yes!” either from the woman या from the man. A few kisses were shared, if that was even possible...
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Hi sinners! Well this is the chap before the big finale XDDD लोल Mmm not much to tell so…

Stupid, stupid woman. Why does she play a game with me? I mean what the hell was that? The porch discussion I mean. Why does she suddenly blame me only? I am so mad I’m slamming every single door of my house and then I start throwing picture frames to the floor.

Pictures of my wife and me, my children, my friends. They all crash.

There has always been a special blue frame that carried one of my प्रिय pictures. It crashes against the floor and as I realize that I bent down to pick it up. It’s you...
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posted by douglas80
They arrived at the Hotel and everybody got a single room. After Lisa got a शावर, शॉवर and put on her फूल power dress she went downstairs into the restaurant where Hugh and David were already waiting for her.
“You have to taste the lobster, it´s fantastic.”, David कहा to her as she sat down अगला to him and in front of Hugh.
Lisa froned her forehead. “Ahm, well….maybe I try to taste something else.”
“What did आप order?”, she asked Hugh even though she knew exactly that he wasn´t an vegetarian.
“Just an ordinary Clubsandwich.”, he answered meanwhile she studied the menu.
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posted by huddysmacked
Yeah I told आप last chap don’t get too excited here’s the why. And yeah it can actually happen. Important note don’t kill me please.Shorter tahn usual

Ouch, my head hurts so much. Oh God! What happened? I open my eyes and see Jo standing there. Did something happen with her? Why isn’t she hurt?

“Hey” Jo says as she stands अगला to me.

“What happened?” Jo stares at me weirdly. Am I supposed to remember? I don’t remember what has happened today या yesterday. Oh God! This is bad.

“You crashed in your bike. आप don’t remember?” I shake my head, then आप go outside and call...
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A/N: Sorry for the late update, I've been busy but well anyway I hope आप like this chap. As always criticism is accepted. Mmmh I didn't know of whom to do this POV chap but well I think it's fair to have Hugh again. =)

We stand there just staring into each other’s eyes. What am I here? Why did I lie to Jo again?
I think we have to make things clear but what if things get worse. I mean if I tell Lisa Jo's still here she will kick me and... I don't know.

“You didn’t screw up, I did.” She smiles, why is she even smiling? She’s so joyful to see me and I’m about to make it worse. What...
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We sit down on my couch. We start to chat.
"So Jo's back with your kids. Are आप going too? आप barely see them."
"Yeah I am, अगला week."You say putting down your cup.
"How long will आप be gone?"
"2 months." I panic, do आप realize the pain that means to me? I guess आप don't so I fake a smile.
"Good," We stay silent for longer than five minutes, the akward silent theat nobody wants.
"Are-" We speak at the same time and we laugh foolishly.
"You go first." आप say to me still smiling. I can't believe how good I feel अगला to you, it's so comfortable, I don't have to be smart या be dumb. I...
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It was late in the evening when Giammario lay own his side to hugged Lisa from behind. He began चुंबन the side of her head, made his way to her ear, cheek and neck. She was awaken द्वारा the tickling feeling of Gi’s beard running against her soft face skin. She turned to face her boyfriend who smirked at her.
Lisa: It’s late in the evening, get some sleep…
Gi: I can’t sleep… <began चुंबन the side of her head again>
Lisa’s thoughts were filled with Hugh. She shut her eyes as Gi began caressing the चोटी, शीर्ष part of her chest and made his way in removing the फीता strap on her right shoulder....
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Lisa was stunned with Hugh’s sudden question. Was he joking, she thought, या is this the सवाल she’s been waiting for so long. She wanted to say yes but the thought of Giammario and Hugh’s marriage pulled her back again. Hugh on the other hand was standing there in front of her waiting for her answer. He didn’t thought of anything else but the proposal alone. Lisa managed to fake a smile.
Lisa: That’s ridiculous…
Hugh sighed and Lisa stood up from the बिस्तर with दिल beginning to beat faster. She walked in the bathroom and he followed her only to stop on the doorway. She glanced...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Hugh and Lisa were silent for a while as they stand side to side द्वारा each other. Both their hearts were racing and pulses were sky rockets. Hugh moved slowly to totally face Lisa but she never moved herself as their eyes were locked together. He raised his hand to let his palm touch her neck as Lisa stood there afraid of what may come along but then she knew she liked where this is heading on. As Hugh slowly began moving his face to किस Lisa, their दिल rates moved faster than it did before. Both eyes then were shut to feel the moment as his hand completely touched her neck. With their lips...
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