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posted by HLforever
Inspired द्वारा one of Lisa's pics from H Magazine. Thanks to @PC for the idea! This poem is a tribute to the beautiful Lisa Edelstein.


Her beauty.
It is something indescribable.
The way sunlight hits the ground in a forest,
dappled द्वारा the leaves.
only broken द्वारा the rustle of branches
and the slow gurgle of a languid stream.
The way moonlight hits a quiet pond,
the glow rippling out
until it melds seamlessly into the darkness.
Can आप put that into words?

She walks down the hallway,
a picture फ्रोज़न in time,
for just one moment.
Her dress flows behind her,
the wings of a butterfly,
या the glow that a shooting तारा, स्टार
leaves behind in the sky.
Her hair ripples in waves,
reflecting the sunlight, absorbing it,
as she gazes steadily at what is in front of her.
An open door, leading to what?
She is a queen,
perhaps her subjects await.
She is a star,
perhaps the flashes of cameras have already begun.

आप can barely see her face,
it is flooded द्वारा light.
She looks at peace, a portrait of serenity,
but आप feel the urge to call out to her.
When आप say her name,
आप know that she will turn around.
Her expression will be surprised,
until she suddenly smiles.

That smile,
wide, radiant, free.
That laugh,
an unrestrained burst of joy,
happiness radiating out of her,
infecting everything around with a warm glow.
If the world were in black and white,
that laugh could paint it in color.
It could give the autumn leaves their yellow,
their orange,
their fiery red.
That laugh could flood the oceans in a blue so bright
it would become part of the sky.
How could आप resist that laugh?
It is irresistible.
She is irresistible.

Walking down the hallway,
she is a painting.
Something that is so far from your reach,
all आप can do is wash your eyes
in its beauty.
It takes your breath away,
so is it fair to say that she is breathtaking?
Everything is frozen
for a second,
for one moment in time,
but आप know that she will turn around
and the world will come back to life.

But for now, it is enough
to stare, to gaze,
to revel in her beauty.
The way the ocean laps at your ankles
as आप wait for the अगला wave.
The way your दिल stops
for a moment
as he leans into your lips.
Can आप put it into words?
She is the sun, the moon, the stars,
anger, serenity, sadness and joy,
hate and love
for one moment.
Her beauty,
it is indescribable.

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*dies again and again*
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Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.....


It had been a decision that had just made itself out of necessity. Nothing और than that. There would have been no other way to hide.
There was a deserted half-lit corridor on one side and, on the opposite, just simply some step; steps getting closer and closer सेकंड्स द्वारा seconds.
There hadn’t even been any way to thought it twice. There hadn’t been the time.
Lisa had grabbed Hugh द्वारा his hand, flung the door open, yanked him in, whirl ed round and snapped it back shut behind them. Just like that.
Then, on having twirled...
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posted by HuddyBea
You want just one या two chaps? या the four I have ready already? XD But REVIEW guys! How do I know आप all have read otherwise? It's not like I necessarily need आप to put a दिल on it, I'm not that attention seeking - although it feels great when आप do ;) - but I would ok enough with a "Checked!" XD



They had kept on चुंबन for a few seconds, eyes-open, locked to one another, just like that, without saying a word.
“I should go…” he had repeated to her at last, forcing himself to.
She had pressed her lips, nodding a little.
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posted by HuddyBea
I'm so spoiling आप :P

PS Just a slight concern on tenses. आप know I'm not a native so I hope they are all ok. I tried so hard but it was so difficult for me with all the time switches. Hope the timing is clear to everyone

“Liz?! Can आप still hear me?”
Hugh had looked straight into her eyes, “Shall we take a मिनट for us… please?” he had whispered in the semi-darkness.
She had remained still, breathing hard. Her hands were still shaking a bit. She couldn’t even feel it anymore. Katie’s voice kept busting in on them, giving her no respite, that was all she could feel
“You sure...
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