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Well, आप know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on यूट्यूब
slow motion
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 ...are आप screwing with me?
...are you screwing with me?
    “You’re not stopping me for medical reasons. You’re stopping me… because आप have the hots for me.”
    Lisa tried not to smile, but there it was. And there was the laughter. She couldn’t stop it.
    “God! She does, though, it’s so freaking obvious…” Lisa protested, standing and stretching her cramping calves from remaining in the same position for so long. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Can we try it again?”
    “You’re stopping me… because आप have...
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Disclaimer: Well, obviously, I'm not the kind of person that owns real people. I might own fictional characters though, but I don't either. Neither do I own awesome Rolling Stones songs. Anyway, I probably offend someone with this, but it wasn't intended. Honestly. I just can't help myself!

AN: I would suggest listening to the song that inspired all this, Melody, द्वारा the Rolling Stones. Just to get in the "mood", आप know...

A little bonding Melody

And there they sat, slowly getting pissed but not even thinking about calling it a night ‘cause it felt soooo good. Finally, for the first since...
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Beloved sinners, at first I want to apologize for not updating Holidate in such a long time and not being active on this spot. I promise I will update that fic, but it might have to wait a little while as I'm kind of stuck in that fic and I don't have much time to think about it as I have to find a new place to live (my house is being torn down). In the mean time I hope आप accept this fic as an apology, altough it won't have many chapters... anyway, enjoy!

WARNING M-RATED for sexy things & more, don't like, don't read.

Bedroom Eyes

Lisa slowly turned around looking for the alarm clock on...
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हे guys, just back from vacation, and I wanted to post this before I go back to work... it's actually only the first half of what I intended to make a single chapter, but

A) I wanted to post something before I had to go back to Regular Life, and

2) I didn't know if I would make it to the end of this chapter anytime soon, as it is turning into a longer story than I originally thought...

Oh well! Here goes...


    “The man is really and truly losing his mind, isn’t it?” Hugh plopped himself down in front of Liz Friedman, who was going over The Softer Side script and...
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A little cuteness and a little backstory for those who asked;)

Hugh walked around the room until Eileen got tired of it and wanted to play something else. ‘Dada!’, she कहा as she hit his head with her tiny hands, which was the sign to make him stop. Hugh lifted her of his back and set her on the ground as she looked up at him.

‘Dada fwai?’, she asked and raised her arms up above her head to दिखाना him what she wanted. ‘Fwai?’, Hugh asked not completely understanding what Eileen wanted.‘Fwai! She कहा and pointed at the ceiling.’ ‘You want up?’ ‘Up!! Fwai!’, she said...
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Thanks for your reviews!:) And no, I didn't think of the song when I thought about the name Eileen, I just like it very much;) Well here आप go, the सेकंड chap!

A few मिनटों later Lisa heard the front door open, ‘Where are my beautiful girls?’, Hugh कहा playfully. ‘Dada!’, Eileen cooed happily as she heard her father’s voice. Hugh quickly walked over to Lisa’s bedroom from where he had heard Eileen.

‘Dada Dada!’, Eileen tried to get away from her mother’s grip and Lisa put her on the ground where she wobbled to her dad. Hugh watched proudly as his 12 महीना old daughter...
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Oh yeah, I was लेखन a story, wasn't I...?


Thank आप so much for your reviews--they mean so much to me...

    Lisa swung the set door open and leaned in on the doorknob, laying the back of her free hand across her forehead dramatically. “I’m ready for my close-up!”
    “You’re always ready for a close-up,” Hugh snarked, walking past her with a cup of coffee. Lisa rolled her eyes and followed him in.
    “Hey.” Lisa caught up with him, and he turned around. Lisa opened her mouth to say something, realized...
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    “A baby.” Lisa sat across from Hugh. “I don’t know about this.”
    “Shark jumpage?” Hugh said, chomping down on a carrot.
    “Maybe. I just don’t know how they plan on keeping track of another storyline that barely has anything to do with the hospital… I mean, how much do we see of Cuddy in the hospital in the first place? Now they want to throw this in the mix…”
    “Well they’re only talking about it,” Hugh pointed out. “So she gets approved. Nothing says a baby will actually...
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    Hugh looked up Monday morning when Lisa entered, script in hand, and sat in her chair near his. She looked up and saw him, and smiled brightly.
    “Good morning. Feeling better?” Hugh searched her face for traces of her uncertainty from a few days ago, but nothing remained. Lisa reached out and patted his knee.
    “I really am. Thank आप so much.”
    “Hey guys, आप ready to get started?” Greg walked up to them and gestured to the scene Hugh had in his hand. “We...
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Ok... This really must be your fault guys!! I know आप praised the lord to make me come घर sooner! xDDD
Or the lord cried for me not posting Max for two days...
It was raining so much, I had to get back earlier...
We'll know soon enough who's fault is it! xDDDD

However, I do have my ways of making आप pay for it! (:C
Oh, yeah... you'll see... Muahahahah (:C
Oh, looks like my lunch is cooling down, I better post this!

“Who is it?” George yelled on his way to the door.
“George, it’s me…” George swung the door open “…Hugh…”
“I see….” George paused forming...
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