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I understand there is frustration directed at the Huddy fandom but we DO have legitimate reasons for not liking the Lucas arc and therefore some of us have been fairly vocal about it.
I don’t bash other ships but I will सवाल the current storyline and the writers if I feel it warrants it.

I also want to say that I’m only लेखन about my personal experience and opinions and don’t speak for other Huddy प्रशंसकों but I believe some feel similarly.
I do spend the majority of my time on the Huli spot because I felt it was safer to be a Huddy there when the Huddy spot was being bashed द्वारा Hamerons...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 6: Making Amends
“Cuddy, can we talk?”
“Yes, what is it House?”
“I was wondering if आप would want to go out with me tonight? On a date.”
“I uhh well it has been a busy दिन plus Thirteen but yeah that would be nice. Where should we go?”
“How about the new Mexican restaurant on 15th street? I’ve heard it is very good and they have live संगीत there as well, आप know आप want to see me salsa!”
“You salsa? That’s interesting! Mexican खाना sounds good it’s a date.”
“Cool I’ll pick आप up around seven then.”
“Okay I’ll be ready.”
Seven o’clock rolled around...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What if Cuddy was with House in Last resort? And they were in a relationship and Cuddy was pregnant?


House and Cuddy- Has been together for about 2 years. They were together talking when the man barges in with a gun.

As House sits behinds Cuddy's डेस्क taking out the screws that held her drawer, a man barges in.

House looks up and sees a man probably in his 40's who looks nervous and sick.

" Is Dr. Cuddy here?"

" She's in the drawer , I'm trying to save her." House replied sarcastically.

As Jason left he saw a woman in a lowcut चोटी, शीर्ष with...
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posted by Fabouluz
Cuddy arrived back home, and dropped her ब्रीफ़केस to the floor; leaning on the back of her closed front door. Walking dreamily to her kitchen, taking out a bottle of red wine and a single wine glass.

After changing into her pyjamas; a simple white अंगिया, कंबल with a फीता edge, and light गुलाबी pyjama pants, which looked extra baggy on her small frame.

Reaching for the bottle, she uncorked it and poured a generous amount into the deep wine glass, and then sunk into her sofa, legs crossed and her arm lying across her stomach as she drank a quarter of the glass in one sip.

10 o’clock. The clock on...
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posted by LisaLover
“Oh shut up already! आप give me what I want आप I give आप what आप want, deal? Just finish what you’ve started.”

“Deal” the devilish smile appeared on his face as he moved his way back ton the चोटी, शीर्ष of her.

He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth again and again, taking off her bra and threw it behind himself अगला to his shirt. He caught Cuddy द्वारा her waist and lift her one step higher as his face was now on the level of her breasts. He kissed her chest and started to unzip his pants.

“Do आप wanna make प्यार to me?” he asked placing small kisses on her on her stomach.

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posted by livethislifeup

House had barged into Wilson's office and found him sprawled out across his couch. Mouth wide open, and arms stretched about. He switched the lights on and Wilson flinched, and began to sit upright. He rubbed his face and stared blankly at him.

"Didn't get enough sleep I see."
"Yeah, you?"
"Slept like a baby."
"How, the thunder was terrible last night."
"I had my ways."
Wilson looked at him curiously.
"Which would be?"
"How long आप been asleep?"

He had looked away from him, trying hard to avoid the subject. Which brought Wilson to a greater suspicion.

"A while." Wilson spoke slowly.
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Is it really necessary
every single day?
Making me so ordinary
In every possible way

Raindrops were being sent furiously against the fragile windows. The storm had started back in the afternoon. The miserable windows didn’t have escape, they had fought the raindrops fierce but they were stronger. It was a shame how little द्वारा little the storm had taken all the strength within the crystal windows. At the end they gave in and crashed with a muffle sound.

Cuddy was awoken द्वारा the crash that mixed with the thunders. She walked out of her room, barefoot, feeling the crackling wood. She could feel...
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