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Cuddy turned on his laptop computer and the first thing she did was open a website and started looking for information about the mysterious 'Sir H'. After पढ़ना several pages on the web about 'Sir H', Cuddy foud out the same thing that Dr. Roderick had said, nobody knew in person Sir H, people who had sold property या shares to him, only had dealings with him through his personal assistant and phone calls. Cuddy asked, Why Sir H don't give the face? Was deformed? He was a mobster? What Cuddy wanted to find was a number या address to contact the mysterious man. After about an घंटा and a half...
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posted by HuddyBrave
Ok well my fic is winding down and I know that I have been horrible at updating but I didnt want to leave आप guys with no fic to read of mine. So here is one of my ideas and I wanted to see what आप think about it and if i should do it या not. This idea has been nawing at me for a while now. SO tell me if i should continue.... :)

Ugh! I groaned as I hit my alarm clock. It was anouther boring दिन of boring school. Why did I have to get up? Geez I am just so tired. Why is this? Oh yeah volleyball.

I got up and got ready to go to school unwillingly. Great I have to see...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What if Last resort was the दिखाना finale?

....( scene from show, आप will know when it stops)...

While Jason(POTW) was in the MRI, without the gun, Everyone left, except, for House.

On the outside however Cuddy was worried, seeing as how House is inside of a room, alone, with a crazy man.

As she sees the nurse escape from the room,she stops her and asks," What happened to House?"

" House managed to get the gun."

Cuddy sighed a breath of relief, and watched as the SWAT members set up a bomb outside of the room.

House was tired and scared, he was alone...
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NOTE: This fanfic is rated M due to violence and mildly graphic rape. Sorry under 15's.

The familiar crashing of my office doors once again startled me. There stood the man that I hated, yet somehow loved. My दिल lept hysterically. My face burnt red from anger. I looked up to see a man holding a gun to his head.
It all happened so fast from there.
The gunman punched and then ordered Gregory House to shut and lock my door as well as closing all the blinds to my office. I was confused as to why the gunman had chosen my office.
He spoke, या should I say, he yelled, "Are आप Doctor Lisa Cuddy!?"
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"It's too bad," he says, shifting in obvious discomfort. "You would have made a great mother." His voice is low and hesitant and seems intended to be comforting. His eyes flicker, briefly, awkwardly meeting yours.
The color drains from your face and your eyes blaze fire. Your entire body stiffens and for a fraction of a second, आप turn your face away, unable to even look at him. How dare he mock you!? Especially now, when your usual defenses against him are disabled द्वारा your agony. But of course he knows that, and, as usual, he is using that information to ridicule and...
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posted by tammyr50
As she stood in the observation room many thoughts were bombarding her mind. She watched them as they made their incision into his brain. Her दिल was pounding. How could she not have noticed? So many things had happened in the last few months.
She had chalked it all up to his avoidance of pain and vicodin addiction. She had no idea that anything else was wrong. MAybe sh edid and sh edidn't know how to face her own fears.

Wilson walked up beside her trying to offer comfort.
"He'll be ok." He has the best surgeons and the best team he could have. This is House. Nothing will happen to him.

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posted by huddy_
Hi fokes :))) I know how most of आप feel,but i must say that surprisingly I don`t feel sorry. I mean yeah afcourse i felt really sad and shocked द्वारा the ending of the episode(and cried my eyes out).After the first episode of season 7 I realised that i liked them before they became a couple.The reason i liked Huddy (don`t get me wrong i still do) was because of the funny टिप्पणियाँ House made to Cuddy and the way they argued like cat and dog.When they hook up House became really nice and kind,he just complitely changed.Also,Cuddy was my favourite character in House MD before season 7 and now she...
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Disclaimer: I do not own House, the characters, या the song. However the story is mine.

Probably my last update till wednesday. Let me know what आप think and if I should continue :)


The door to Cuddy's office burst open. She looked up expecting to see House, but instead she saw Wilson.

"Oh what a wonderful costume House," she कहा tiredly.

"Sorry. I need to talk to you."

"I'm guessing this has nothing to do with the hospital so that means it has to be about House. What did he do now?"

"Nothing surprisingly. Well it's और like what he said," Wilson कहा studying her.

"Oh and what did he say,"...
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posted by salemslot
A last fanfic before the season opening.Just a few pinpoints.

1)The story below is the last episode of House MD या the last but one.It depends on आप and the ending आप want.
2)There is no Cuddy-House interaction but there is Huddy.
3)I do not own 'Jesus to a child' द्वारा George Michael.(I really think this song depicts the Huddy relationship)

Cuddy is standing in front of the mirror in her bathroom.She is crying.She tries to restrain herself,but she just yields to the emotional pain she is feeling.Today,House is getting married to Stacy.Even though they had broken up 2 months ago,Cuddy still had...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
House woke up in his office and looked over at the clock it was only 10 pm and his leg started shooting pain.He tries to stand up to get some vicodin but his leg is being stubborn and shoots up impossible to handle pain. It was unbearable and house collasped in pain and his things fell down on the floor.

As house laid on the floor cuddy was outside his office talking to the nurses that she was going on vacation and told them that she would call them everyday to make sure everything was okay with house and all. She walked द्वारा on the way to wilsons office as she lookeed in and saw someone laying...
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Disclaimer: I do not own House, the characters, या the song. However the story is mine.

Sorry it took so long for me to update. Once again let me know what आप think and if I should continue :)


House walked into Wilson's office the अगला दिन with a smirk on his face. Wilson could only assume he did something he wasn't supposed to. "What did आप do?"

"Nothing, I'm hurt आप would accuse such a thing," House कहा clutching his chest as if wounded.

Wilson rolled his eyes, "then why the smirk?"

"Because, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I slept with Cuddy last night."

Wilson looked shocked "What?!...
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"Isn't it time for आप to go घर to the rugrat?" House asked as he sat down in his ergonomic chair.
Cuddy pushed his feet off the ottoman and sat down too.
"She's spending the night with her aunt Lena...Lena wants some practice taking care of a child. David and her are trying to get pregnant."
"So, why aren't आप heading home? आप a have free night to yourself for the first time in months and आप spend it at the hospital?"
"...I wanted to talk." She replied looking down at her shoes.
"About?" He asked.
Cuddy looked up and smiled weakly.
"You found out that Foreman and Dr. Hadley have still...
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posted by Belle0308
Ok, here is part two. I am trying to decide if I am going to end it here या go on one और chapter.

“Yes Cuddy, something I can help आप with that is और important than a dying 45 साल old Marine?” House asked with a smirk on his face, glancing down to the area right below her neck as he spoke.

She thought she could speak; she wanted to prove that she could have a conversation with him that didn’t make her feel like a school girl. She really believed that if she could look into his eyes again, just stand her ground, she could shake this feeling. It just had to be a fluke.
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So this is a one shot made for the new Huddy spoilers… If आप don’t want to get spoiled then don’t read. If आप do the go ahead read, rate and review! But above all ENJOY!!!!

I am soooo happy ATM. =DDDD


Another Funds party, and now he had to dress up like he was in the 80’s? House laughed at the image of Wilson dressing up all disco-style. He stared at his closet, wondering what to wear. He stared at an old hat that had a style of the 1780’s. They never mentioned what 80’s exactly they had to be, did they?

He built up his custom and put it on. He then drove his bike to PPTH...
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posted by Sculy08
[House is awakened द्वारा a noise outside the bedroom window since he is such a light sleeper. House extracts himself from Cuddy's head lying on his chest and her arm strew across his abdomen. He slides out of बिस्तर and makes his way to Rachel's room to check on her. House enters the nursery where he see's a shadow outside the window. House walks to the पालना and sees she is sleeping soundly. House then limps over to the window and sees a small person running across Cuddy's backyard. House knows that he can't run to catch that person. House will be waiting tomorrow night to see if Simon shows up again....
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"So, would आप mind telling me what the hell was up with आप at dinner?" Cate asked as she slipped under the covers of his bed.
House looked up from his book and took off his glasses.
"I wasn't in the mood for small talk."
"You're never in the mood for small talk. I expected आप to be grouchy, but आप seemed very focused on being a particular thorn in Luke's side tonight."
"What are आप trying to say, Cate? I know you've come up with some analysis so let's hear it."
Cate sighed to herself and turned her back to him.
"Let's just go to bed." She कहा as she turned off her light. House let out...
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posted by ilovehouse345
House,cuddy,wilson,amber,taub,thirteen,kuntner,and all of the former ducklinings are going to a medical convention in hawiai.they are all going on a private ship to get there and back.everyone loads onto the ship.

"this is going to be so fun,a med cconvention in hawiai." कहा amber

"yea sure ok,well when we get there go run along and play and let the grownups work cutthroat"


"oh right cant saythat now that आप married can i"

the rest of the rest of them just stood there watching the three doctors go back and forth.

"ok आप three thats enough"said cuddy stepping in between them

"fine" house...
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 He held that for two whole सेकंड्स :P
He held that for two whole seconds :P
I loved that. I think it was a really good episode, kinda exciting, depressing (my दिल almost broke for 13 =( ), and of course totally Cuddified, in a huddified kinda way. She was very worried for him, which guard guy pointed out at various points. However i would like to start the लेख first with an OMG for Emancipation! It wasn’t the best episode in the world, and i almost feel sorry for myself i had to drag myself through watching it with my mum in the same day. However the look at the end was totally worth it. He was so full of longing and lust (and slightly curious to) that him...
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posted by Fabouluz
(Cuddy stood up, and tried the button again. Letting out her frustration on it, before sitting down again अगला to House.)

House: I’m sorry.

Cuddy: I don’t care anymore.

(Cuddy held her head in her hands.)

(House observed her, before popping 2 Vicodin.)

House: Come here.

(House gestured for her to lean on him, and she did. House put his arm around her.)


It was now 3 am. Cuddy had fallen asleep on House, who was still awake and starting to be in और pain.

House: Only two left.

(Cuddy began to wake-up and suddenly jolted from House.)

Cuddy: What time is it?

House: Just after 3 am.

Cuddy: Are आप in...
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"You didn't have to come over, Cuddy. I'm fine now."
"House, आप blacked out in the middle of a differential. Then आप blacked out again when आप were with a patient...It seems like what we hoped wouldn't happen has..."
"You think this is from what I did to try and save Amber?"
"We knew there could be bad side effects, irreparable damage to your cognitive skills and brain functions."
House shook his head and sat down on his sofa.
"It's been seven months and I've been fine."
Cuddy sat down अगला to him.
"I just कहा it's a possibility we won't know until we do और tests. Don't worry yet."
House leaned...
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