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Is anyone able to translate the French लेखाए द्वारा LE & HL that are mentioned and पोस्टेड on Twitter. I don't speak French and would प्यार to read them. Hugh's one he apparently discusses S7 and LE departure. And from what I gather LE mentions her relationship status as "single!"

Both लेखाए are darted 2011. So I am curious to se what they have said!

या if anyone can tell me which mags they were published in I can try and translate them myself.

Looking आगे to House S8 on October 3, 2011.

I miss the gorgeous Mr Laurie when he is gone for so long!
Ok, so I've been dancing around फैन्पॉप ever since the incredible-- yes, I कहा incredible season finale and I thought that my fellow Huddies could use some cheering up.

First of all: JUST BECAUSE THE SEX WASN'T REAL DOES NOT MAKE IT MEANINGLESS. Far from it, actually. It is (in my opinion) even और meaningful having it be just a story House's brain made up than if it had actually happened. Here's why: House's subconscious was obviously dwelling on House's feelings for Cuddy and since his brain decided to make that House's memory of the night he must know how he really feels for Cuddy. Especially...
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One Night...
"I'm so tired of all the pain." He कहा as he laid his head against the सोफ़ा, सोफे cushion and closed his eyes. Cuddy grasped his hand with hers.
"The medicine Wilson gave आप can cause intense migraines and nausea, but it will help with the hallucinations. We just need to get over the first hump and..."
House suddenly bent आगे and vomited into the bucket near his feet. Cuddy rubbed his back gently. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped his mouth.
"I haven't slept in days. When is this medicine gonna turn on the snooze?"
Cuddy put a hand to his forehead checking his temperature....
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House saw what Cuddy screamed about. There were 3 men. One holding Abby in his arms.

Cuddy tried to race over to get Abby but one of the men pulled her back.

*House could hardly make out who the men were. No one he knew....he looked at the man holding Abbigal.*

House! *Cuddy कहा sobbing* Do something!

Mark. Why are आप here?

The man turned on the lights and indeed it had been Stacy's husband.

*Cuddy gasped*

You hurt me House. My wife almost left me because of you. And I knew that one दिन I would get आप back. Never thought it would be like this though.... We were watching आप and saw that...
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House to Cuddy point of view (House's POV):

You're hopelessly lost, because today
The world seems a bit too big for you
I was pretty sure I've seen it all
Until आप came, opened up my heaven
And ironically my hell
I get torn down
You're glad to get torn down with me
Well that's something I've never seen
It seems that I'm a bit wrong about the world
As of toady
Because आप came and showed me wrong
आप take me down, आप bring me up
Well, at least आप made a change
Despite the things आप cannot see
Despite the world attire
And despite the truths आप wish to change

आप hide well, that i have to admit
But I can see right through you.
"Cuddy's लॉस्ट custody of Rachel." Wilson stated sadly.
House, who was sitting at his office computer, looked up from the screen to catch his friend's mournful face.
"The grandparents?" House asked.
Wilson nodded his head.
"But they didn't want her. They कहा it would be too painful."
"I guess they changed their minds." Wilson कहा as he placed his head in his hands.
"Where is she now?" House asked in a whispered tone.
House walked to her front door and was about to knock but stopped himself. He remembered her hidden key and took it from...
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May 17, 2010 marked the दिन that the most controversial and beloved characters in the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स Network and American टेलीविज़न finally got together with the very well-kept-under-wraps finale scene culminating in the non-hallucinatory किस and hand-holding द्वारा the curmudgeon Dr. House and the ever-so-sizzling Dean of Medicine, Dr. Cuddy.

The कहा scene have had garnered numerous recorded incidents of glasses all over the world shattering into shards द्वारा the piercing shrieks, screams, laughs, and giggles of joy from the "Huddy" shippers and probably A LOT of the [H]ouse viewers.

Doctors and other professionals...
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Disclaimer: I do not own House या the characters, however the story is mine.

Sorry for the late update. Things just keep getting और hectic द्वारा the day. Let me know what आप think! Sorry if it seems बिना सोचे समझे at some points lol


House walked into his and wilson's condo and threw his keys down. He couldn't believe he had actually admitted that to Cuddy. It's not like she loves me back, he thought, Now things are going to be really awkward.

He walked over to the पियानो and began to play hoping to get his mind off of things, but it didn't seem to be working as his mind kept going back to thoughts...
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It was Dec. 18, the temperature was low, Cuddy had to go to the bathroom, but it was too cold to not want to get up from bed, until Rachel had stayed with them due to cold.
It was 5 am, Rachel and House were still sleeping and Cuddy had to get up to urinate.
Cuddy was brushing her teeth and suddenly her water broke.
"Oh my God! Greg! "Shouted Cuddy.
House and Rachel waking up immediately.
"What happened?!" कहा House and ran to the bathroom.
"My water just broke up," कहा Cuddy.

8 am.
House called Mel. Mel came House's घर and began to assemble the tub to labor in water.
"You know, a few...
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Disclaimer: I do not own House, the characters, या the song. However the story is mine.

Sorry it took so long for me to update. Hope आप like it. Let me know what आप think and if I should continue :)


Cuddy hadn't seen nor talked to House since Lucas's blow up at him in the cafeteria. She didn't hound him down to do his clinic hours because he surprisingly did them and whenever he needed a procedure done he would send one of his lackeys...again. The cycle just keeps repeating itself doesn't it, she thought to herself for the fifth time that day. She knew why he was doing it now so no need...
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"I remember as we slept, I held my palm softly against your right breast. I could feel your pulse, and as I traced your nipple and felt आप lean against my hand even more, I realized how hard I could fall for you." House कहा from his सीट on the sofa. Cuddy stopped her packing and walked to sit near him.
"Is that why आप weren't there when I woke up?"
He smiled sadly and turned to meet her eyes.
"I'm sorry that I left...If I hadn't..."
"What? आप think we'd be married now?" She asked with a curious gaze.
He chuckled bitterly and stood up.
"No...I'd screw it up somehow...However, maybe if I...
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Two's Company - Three's a Crowd
-Chapter 4-

House arrived at the hospital early, only so he could avoid all contact with Cuddy. He headed straight to the clinic to do his hours. Wilson had seen him and caught up to him.
“Avoiding the boss?” he asked.
House continued and picked up a folder on the way past the nurses station.
“Avoiding me?” he tried again.
“No Jimmy – I just want to sit in an exam room with a folder and do nothing,”
“You’re actually working?”
“Is it a crime?”
“No, but –“
“’But’ means forget everything I कहा before that,”
“No it doesn’t,”
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"You slept with this patient's relative?" Wilson asked incredulously.
House twirled his cane as he continued to stare down at a stain on the floor.
"Yes...The real सवाल you're wondering is how in a mental hospital did I pull that off." House कहा finally looking up to meet his best friend's gaze.
Wilson shook his head and stood up from the sofa.
"I don't need the logistics...I'm gonna get us some food." He कहा as he picked up his कोट and began walking toward the door.
"You're not even a little curious to why I slept with her या why I liked her at all. I mean, you're usually not shy about...
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Cuddy stripped down the blue बिस्तर spread and added it to her growing pile of dirty laundry. She sat down on the bare matress and traced a hand over the sunken left side.
Cuddy looked up at the doorway to see Wilson staring at her.
"What are आप doing here?" He asked as he walked closer.
"I thought I'd clean his place up...for when he comes back." She कहा as as she stood up and picked up the hamper.
"We don't know when that will be...if that will..."
"He's coming back." She कहा loudly before heading out of the room.
"I really like these...
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Okay! Here is the last chapter.. I just felt this is where I needed to stop. I honestly don't like the ending but it not what I like its what आप guys like. Well I'll stop rambling here is the final chapter.

Cuddy was standing under the spray of the hot water, but her skin was as red as a lobster. She was still rubbing with a wash cloth because she didn’t feel clean.

House watched in terror as she continued to rub the washcloth over her naked body.

“Cuddy” House tried but she was in her own world. He limped over and grabbed the hand with the wash cloth. “Lisa what in gods name are you...
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 Because she looked back
Because she looked back
Just a note: I did try adding तस्वीरें within the लेख but फैन्पॉप wouldn't let me which sucks. *whines* Okay, on to the article.


Not so subtle compliments. Almost cuddling on Cuddy’s office sofa whilst watching “home-movies”. Gentle caressing of the face in the middle of the hospital hallways.

It just makes आप wonder doesn’t it? What on earth is going on between House and Cuddy right now?

And true some people may argue that it is the effect of House’s new psychiatrist sessions but just because that’s not a cool point to argue (and...
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