हाउस एम.डी House M.D. characters' daemons (explained in the description).

ImAnEasel posted on Dec 01, 2016 at 04:27PM
If you've read His Dark Materials, or watched The Golden Compass (a lame attempt at representing the awesome book, but that's kinda off topic), you'll know what daemons are.

If you haven't, though, a daemon is basically an animal representing a person's soul (in fact it's part of their soul) and in most cases, it's always with them. So the point of this forum is... What animal do you think the daemon of each House M.D. would be?
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना ImAnEasel said…
(You don't have to justify your choices with personality traits of the characters that they share with the animal, it can just be a vibe).

For House, I'm going to go with the obvious answer of rat. I think it would be a big, grey, scruffy, cute rat.

Wilson, on the other hand, would have a little rabbit, I think. Probably a sort of honey-colored Netherland Dwarf rabbit (you can tell I've thought about this a lot XD).

I can see Cuddy having a heron. (It may be worth noting that in HDM lore, all witches have bird daemons, but not all bird daemons have to belong to a witch.)

For some reason, I think Foreman's would be a white goat. XD

Cameron would suit a little, dark-coloured fox.

I think Chase would have a cat. A rather large, sleek, sort of apricot/cream coloured cat.

It'd be cool if Thirteen had a lynx.

Taub might have a toucan, but then I might just be thinking of the nose. XD

Kutner's, I think, would be a capybara. His was pretty hard to decide on.

Park could have a red panda.

(Note: I avoided dogs because in the book trilogy, dogs were the daemons of servants, or at least people who were far more prone to following than leading. I don't feel any of the characters would suit one.)