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posted by mrshouse62689
Chase and Foreman backing out annoyed me. House is going to get the answer no matter what, they might as well have helped him find it faster (even though the answer was reached when Jason admitted he had been to Florida...what idiot doesn't consider Florida tropical?!).

I'm really sick of Thirteen's screentime but I did feel for her when she was basically pleading with Jason at the end of the episode.

I wanted to pop House upside the head when he gave the gun back to Jason (haha) but I understand why he did it. He's House...he was empathizing with the patient and House had to get his answer just as much as Jason did. Although I was mildly surprised that House didn't apply his own philosophy (everybody lies) to Jason...House actually seemed surprised that Jason still insisted on giving the meds to Thirteen.

I know House कहा he doesn't want a relationship with Cuddy but that was SUCH a lie. I mean...he flipped her drawer upside down (laughed out loud at that one) and according to Wilson (from Joy) playing pranks and whatnot on a woman is basically full-blown courtship for House. So I'm kinda excited about that one.

To start with I was a die-hard Huddy प्रशंसक (long term relationship NOW) but I kinda like this "will they, won't they" flirtation and confusion amongst them. Definatly adds to the plot.

I won't say them here incase y'all don't want to know, but the spoilers for Joy to the World (Christmas episode) have me pretty excited. :-)
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 What DO we know about the people in House?
What DO we know about the people in House?
हे everyone, EL here! I was just looking at the linkby PotterGal, and it got me to thinking: what do we know about our प्रिय doctors? This got me to going to Wikipedia to research the back stories on the entire cast of House, which I have compiled here, in one neatly-packaged soapbox article! :D!
So enjoy.
NOTE: This लेख covers what happens to the characters before the दिखाना started. Amber's death, Cuddy's frequent dates, and Hector, etc, will not be in this. Just...so आप know.

Born June 11, 1959 (he's 49! dang!) to Blythe House and a बिना सोचे समझे stranger whose name we do not...
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