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“Cameron! I’m bored!” House’s voice bellowed like that of a four साल old child.

“House. I’m busy, as आप can see.”

“But Caaaaaameronnnnn, I’m bored. दिखाना me someone interesting.”

    Cameron glanced across the room as House took a सीट in a स्टूल, मल अगला to her. She continued to लपेटें a young man‘s arm with a bandage. “Uh patient on the left came in with a broken wrist and finger.”

“Not interesting.”

“The patient two beds down has a gram stain that shows she’s positive for Syphilis but it doesn’t दिखाना in her blood work.”

“She. Has. Syphilis. Case solved.”

“There’s a patient that has a mysterious disease!”

    House gave Cameron a shocked expression and responded with mock sarcasm. “Oh my God! आप don’t say.”

“You know what, आप can take your pick, and while you’re at it, treat some of them will ya?”

    “So आप make the cripple do the work? How unfair.” House got up from the स्टूल, मल and started walking around the Emergency Room, weaving in between nurses to have a closer look at the patients. None of them showed any interesting symptoms and House grew weary. However out of the corner of his eye, he saw a young teen girl, with dark brown curls similar to Cuddy’s, skinny arms and wrists. She was about 5’3”and wore jade colored Vogue glasses.

“House, she’s about to be discharged.”

    House studied her body language and the way she was laying on the bed. She wasn’t up getting ready to go and she had her eyes closed. She looked as if she was on a mission, and she wasn’t going to हटाइए until she completed it. But ignoring that for a second, House couldn’t help but think that there was something eerily wrong with this girl.

    Sensing a presence near her, the patient opened her eyes to see a tall, scruffy man whose icy blue eyes were piercing a look of intimidation into her gaze.

    House turned and faced Cameron before briskly leaving the Emergency Room. “Cameron? I’ll take her.”
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1. आप can be years behind on clinic duty.

2. Cuddy doesn't have a shrine of Chase.

3. Tuesdays are a good दिन to tell someone आप प्यार them.

4. Vicodin is not candy.

5. And neither are sleeping pills.

6. Magic baths hurt.

7. Neediness is edible.

8. आप can't stop their love!

9. Men are stupid.

10. The CIA watches आप if आप wear green.

11. Dimes won't be picked up द्वारा a magnet.

12. Wilson's not on anti-depressants

13. He's on speed!

14. Mops can be used as canes.

15. Symbolacalating is hard to say.

16. People drool when chase wears his short-shorts.

17. Forman's momma is so fat, when her beeper goes off people...
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A House and Cuddy fanvideo with the song The Reason द्वारा Hoobastank. They put it back!!!! It was removed from my यूट्यूब account some weeks ago. I followed HuddyCrazy सलाह about complaining and it worked!!! Thanks again HC!!!
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A comedic scene from S01E03 "Occam's Razor" whe... (more) Added: September 19, 2007 A comedic scene from S01E03 "Occam's Razor" where House is asked to extract a foreign object from a clinic patient's body
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i can not believe आप just played the dead husband card!
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if it wasnt for the casablanca clips i wouldnt have noticed!
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