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Im very sorry, but this is a raw. They did not make one with subtitles. अगला episode is coming out later March.
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ika seems like little और than a secondary character for much of the first half of Higurashi. As the story progresses, however, viewers learn that she is actually at the दिल of most of the strange events, as her death is the trigger for the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and following incidents. Despite only being killed five times on-screen, dialogue eventually confirms that she has been killed once for every arc (excluding Matsuribayashi-hen and Miotsukushi-hen) and all other unseen worlds.
The villagers of Hinamizawa hold Rika in high esteem, as not only is she the only daughter of the Furude...
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Vocals: Kanai Mika as Hojo Satoko
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: Sakakibara Hideki
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi

If you’re opening the door, then if you’re not careful, ba-bam-bam-baam
Pay attention to overhead, there’s a basin and kettle, just-as-promised-♪
Thumbtacks and jump rope transform magnificently into a wonderful trap! Transform!

I’m targeting आप all the time; if you’re off your guard, then traps activate!
Romping, frolicking, the fun days return! So…
I won’t show…my pains… I mustn’t दिखाना them… Laugh!

Nii-nii, I प्यार you!
Nii-nii, I प्यार you!
Nii-nii, I प्यार you!
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Searching यूट्यूब for AMVs = No और boredom 8D
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Hanyū was once known as the demon god of Onigafuchi (Hinamizawa) under her true name, Hainiryūn Ieasomūru Jieda. She travelled with her clan to the Onigafuchi Swamp and tried to coexist with the human villagers there, but the Furude priest refused to cooperate. However, Furude Riku, the heir to the Furude shrine and inventor of the nickname "Hanyū", fell in प्यार with Hainiryūn and married her. They had a daughter named Furude Ōka, the first in a long lines of humans to carry demon blood. When the villagers of Onigafuchi became violent towards Hainiryūn's clan and could no longer tell...
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Rena Ryuugu

"It's so cute, I want to take it home!" - Signature quote
"Omochiikaeri~!" (I want to take it home!) - Signature quote
"Friends. Those companions आप speak of are only फ्रेंड्स during those fun, yet unimportant times. When painful times come, they won't be your ally." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Kana? Kana?" (I wonder? I wonder?) - Signature quote
"USO DA!" (Translated as "LIAR!") - Signature quote (mainly directed to Keiichi Maebara)
"Found you, Keiichi-kun..." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Don't worry, I used the blunt end of the knife." - to Keiichi Maebara
"I’m the only one that can help you, Keiichi-kun....
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