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posted by margalovesjpop
so i just ran over some quotable कोट्स chinen कहा which makes me wanna go crazy! :))

“If my girlfriend wants to go somewhere, I ‘ll take her there. Instead of ‘I’ll drop आप off there’ it’ll be ‘I’ll come with you’(laugh). Instead of taking the two of us to a place that I want to go, I’ll take us to a place she wants to go. I’ll even carry her shopping bags and help her buy clothes.”

“The one thing I really can’t make is food! So whenever I meet a girl who can cook, I get jealous. I’ll request lots of types of food, so my future wife will definitely be good at cooking (laugh). Even if it doesn’t turn out well, I’ll eat it all!”

wouldn't it be nice if आप are chinen's girl??
sore wa ii desu ne~~~~~
posted by margalovesjpop
I read a blog concerning yamada and they are saying something bad about him..I won't say who the person was या anything but since I really support yamada and moreover HSJ, I would like to remind minna-san that we should just प्यार our प्रिय JE groups and respect them just the way they are..If आप think that this specific person is irritating, might as well forget about it and look for another group that would suit आप best..that's just what life is, isn't it?


He was KIND, CARING and NICE person, but… JANUARY 1, 2010, he CHANGED. The YAMADA...
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