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हेतालिया Birthdays:

America - July 4

Australia - January 26

Austria - October 26

Belarus - August 25

Belgium - April 19

Canada - July 1

China - October 10

Cuba - May 20

Denmark - June 5

Egypt - February 28

England - April 23

Estonia - February 24

Finland - December 6

France - July 14

Germany - October 3

Greece - March 25

Hong Kong - July 1

Hungary - June 8

Iceland - June 17

Italy - March 17

Japan - February 11

Latvia - November 18

Liechtenstein - July 12

Lithuania - February 16

Monaco - January 8

Norway - May 17

Poland - July 22

Prussia - January 18

Romano/ S. Italy - March 17

Russia - December 30

Sealand - September 2

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< हेतालिया Facts >

The स्रोत for these information’s are from:

- I (me: Sadaf) just edited some of them. Enjoy~* :-)) and one और thing I am uploading this लेख again because I deleted my other account (that is under the name fadas) and I wanted to have my लेख in this new account of mine... okay now back to the हेतालिया Facts ~*

1. The opening theme for हेतालिया is the theme from ‘2001 A अंतरिक्ष Odyssey’.

2. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. His rea name was Fredrick ll. He was known as ‘Fredrick the...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
Ever wonder about the human names of the हेतालिया Characters? Well, here आप go~ -chuckles- I apologize for the length. Enjoy~!

Taken from: hetalia.wikinet.org


America received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu). "Jones" is one of the most common surnames in the United States. His last name could also refer to the action movie hero Indiana Jones, as America once stated that one of his own hobbies is archaeology.
"Alfred F." is most probably an allusion to Alfred E. Neuman; the "F" in his middle name possibly inspired द्वारा John F. Kennedy,...
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Yep! No fanmade stuff here, folks, I'm going to try to सूची all the relationships in Hetalia! This includes who hates who, who's related to who and how, who has a crush on who, everything that involves two characters interacting! Please remember that I'm ONLY putting in stuff that is true for the original work. I don't care if आप think Poland has a crush on Cuba या if आप think Canada loves France. If it's not true in the original work, it's not being put here. Please remember that there's a high chance that I'll miss a bunch, so please put a message in the टिप्पणियाँ if I forgot one या if I...
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I made a round of the 10 most hottest in hetalia.
Here are the participants that were elected. (not द्वारा me, द्वारा people.)


Here're the चोटी, शीर्ष 10. Enjoy^^

Number 10.
C a n a d a.

 This आइकन isn't mine.
This आइकन isn't mine.

Well, he's so cute, but not hot.

 Number 10th.
Number 10th.



Number 9.
G e r m a n y.

 आइकन द्वारा me.
Icon द्वारा me.

He's actually a hot character in Hetalia, he's cute & strong guy, I know that poeple प्यार him^^ 1313, why not?. ♥

 Number 9th.
Number 9th.



Number 8.
P r u s s i a.

 आइकन द्वारा me.
Icon द्वारा me....
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Italy: Official name is Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che).

Germany: Official name is Monica, या Monika as the Germany variant.

Japan: Official name is Sakura.

America: No official या suggested names द्वारा Himaruya. In the Japanese fandom she is referred to as Emily Jones, although some English-speaking have named her Amelia.

England: Both प्रशंसकों and Himaruya alike refer to her character as Igiko in Japan, although that's not really her name. Her official name is Rosa. But she was दिया the name Alice Kirkland in the Japanese fandom, although the English fandom sometimes calls her Elizabeth या Victoria....
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posted by fadas
< हेतालिया Facts >

The स्रोत for these information’s are from:

- I (me: Sadaf) just edited some of them. Enjoy~* :-))

1. The opening theme for हेतालिया is the theme from ‘2001 A अंतरिक्ष Odyssey’.

2. Old Man Fritz was actually a King of Prussia. His rea name was Fredrick ll. He was known as ‘Fredrick the Great’ and named ‘Der Alte Fritz’ which translates to ‘The Old Fritz’. He was the ruler at the time of the Silesian War. He was best known for being an Amazing Military Leader.

3. Sweden is homosexual but only towards Finland.

4. France is bisexual.

5. Arthur Kirkland, also...
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Italy: हे WELCOME BACK बिना सोचे समझे READER!!! TODAY IS
Romano: YES बिना सोचे समझे READER AND SINCE YOU'RE GOING
Italy, Romano, and Spain: LOOK PATHETIC!!!
ROMANO: YAY!!!!!!!!
Italy: OW! THAT'S MY EAR!!!
Romano: *pissed off face*
Romano: *pulls Italy's curl with all his might*
Romano: MAKE...
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Since I've started watching Hetalia, I've read many Fanfictions and Roleplays (which I don't do myself) and I've come across very well-written, wonderful ones, some of which almost made me cry, या made me laugh hysterically in a way that made my mum look at me in a weird way.... And, I've also seen some that were very, very, very horrible. Here is a (mini) सूची on the things that annoy me greatly, and sometimes make go nuts/ want to bleach my brain so I can forget the atrocity that I read.

Here we go:

1- Adding No Warnings, Even When It includes Sensitive Subjects Like Rape, Torture etc: Imagine...
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posted by Firebender-16
"Am I Catholic या Protestant...? God, I don't know..."
-Britain (after having a little too much to drink), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You don't know me! I'm the United bloody Kingdom and I can held my locker better then आप any day!" (Britain)
"Dude, calm down!" (America)
"Shut up! I felt bad about how old frog-face was treating आप so I saved your ass. I thought maybe we could be फ्रेंड्स and bond over our mutual hatred for France. But uh-uh. आप didn't want to be फ्रेंड्स with me! आप just wanted to tell me what to tell आप what to do, and आप didn't know what to do anyway! I think that's total bollocks!"...
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Okay, so आप प्यार Hetalia. But, just being a प्रशंसक isn't enough for you. आप want to really get involved in the fandom, roleplay as your प्रिय character, maybe write a fanfiction या two.

Well, that's cool, but, most प्रशंसकों can sometimes make some mistakes when it comes to roleplaying या लेखन fanfictions. हेतालिया is such a diverse fandom, so the possibilities are endless! But everyone makes mistakes. I'm not saying that everyone in the हेतालिया fandom is horrible at लेखन fanfictions, I'm just trying to say that sometimes, mistakes can be made, and there can be consequences sometimes.That's...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
America - Cancer (July 4)

Australia - Aquarius (January 26)

Austria - Scorpio (October 26)

Belarus - Virgo (August 25)

Belgium - Aries (April 19)

Canada - Cancer (July 1)

China - Libra (October 10)

Cuba - Taurus (May 20)

Denmark - Gemini (June 5)

Egypt - Pisces (February 28)

England - Taurus (April 23)

Estonia - Pisces (February 24)

Finland - Sagittarius (December 6)

France - Cancer (July 14)

Germany - Libra (October 3)

Greece - Aries (March 25)

Hong Kong - Cancer (July 1)

Hungary - Gemini (June 8)

Iceland - Gemini (June 17)

Italy - Pisces (March 17)

Japan - Aquarius (February 11)

Latvia - Scorpio (November...
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posted by SymmaGirl2
Recently, people have been debating on whether या not हेतालिया is offensive and racist. This argument is rumored to have started when word of South Korea not being in the ऐनीमे started popping up all over the Internet. People started asking why our प्रिय Korean pervert wasn't going to be shown in the anime, and it was revealed that the South Korean government actually complained that the representation of a South Korean stereotype was racially offensive. Eventually, प्रशंसकों of Im Yong Soo began complaining over the Internet on how it was childish and stupid of the government to complain about...
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(Waring: These are just how I feel about the हेतालिया fandom, So Please don't take this seriously! also sorry for my English, I do speak English but my English is pretty bad when I type on a keyboard..)

Now listen, there's some stuff i like in the APH fandom (Like Au's, reader inserts, ect) but I hate in the "Yaoiness" of the fandom. don't get me wrong, I respect peoples opinions on pairings या ship the characters together. if आप like yaoi, that's cool, we both like different things. in anime, movies, games, ect. but not all of us like याओइ in things. but PLEASE! don't try to shove your ships...
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I just wanted to remind people about the हेतालिया musical.

~ The musical is called "Singing' in the World".

~ Each ticket costs about 7.900 yen and आप can start buying tickets on this Sunday.

~ Characters: Axis, Allies and Austria

~ Schedule for performances;
Thursday - 24th of December - 13.00 (1pm) and 19.00 (7pm)

Friday - 25th of December - 19.00 (7pm)

Saturday - 26th of December - 12.00 and 17.00 (5pm)

Sunday - 27th of December - 12.00 and 17.00 (5pm)

Monday - 28th of December - 19.00 (7pm)

Tuesday - 29th of December - 12.00 and 17.00 (5pm)

~ Cast;

Actors as themselves; link

Actors as their characters;...
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posted by Insane_Bowties
(Warning: If ya don't like organs या eyeballs then आप might not like this chapter...)

England sat down at the meeting room तालिका, टेबल for another discussion. Something about a mysterious person appearing and disappearing was being talked about but England couldn't bother listening...he felt like someone was watching him but he couldn't exactly tell why. He just sighed and tried to shake off the feeling.

The meeting continued. Talking. Laughing. Fights. Everything that usually happened. This time the feeling grew stronger. It was harder to shake it off. So he decided to go take a book from a nearby...
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The inspiration for this story came from the beautiful song: "You'll Be In My Heart" which I used some of the lyrics for the dialogue~ It's not my best work since I was so wrapped up in my inspiration but, I do hope आप enjoy and thank आप for reading~! -smiles-

Wiping his little brother's tears, Gilbert smiled at Ludwig. "Oh, stop your crying. It will be alright." he spoke soothingly as he reached out his hand to him. "Just take my hand, hold it tight. I will protect आप from all around you. I will be here. Don't आप cry." For one so small, Gilbert could tell Ludwig was strong. He knew his...
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posted by CoffeeIce321
I've been flamed, spammed, cursed at, and even sent a virus via ई मेल just because I stated in a टिप्पणी दे on YouTube that I like watching हेतालिया with subs.

I personally don't have anything against FUNimation या anything like that. In fact, I sort of like Sealand's dub voice.

I know it's impossible to avoid a sub vs. dub war in ANY ऐनीमे because whenever an ऐनीमे gets released into the USA, there's always the need to either subtitle it या dub the ऐनीमे for people to understand it better.

Fandom can't avoid it, but can't आप people at least try to CONTROL it??

The attitudes of particular प्रशंसकों in...
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posted by HeartfulStitch
It's so corny and terrible!! I wrote this on my Quizilla account and I hope आप enjoy it~! Thanks for पढ़ना even though it's not good!


Soft. Plush. Huggable. Squishable. Cute and adorable. These were just a few of the things that made him प्यार these cute creatures called Panda Bears. Black and white. Big and small. Bamboo eating bundles of joy. They made Yao's दिल feel warm. Just seeing one of these furry and fuzzy creatures, made him smile wide. Sent his दिल flying with joy. Brightening up his day. Making his sun shine bright above. Yao adored these cute little creatures....
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posted by pumpkinqueen
द्वारा ~scotchietape19

Arthur fell to his knees out of breath. He looked up at the Frenchmen that stood above him, a dull silver gun pointed to his head, raindrops plinking on the cold metal and stinging his eyes. He couldn't help but smile weakly. "After all these years..I thought that आप would be the one on his knees begging for mercy, Francis..." England tried to reach for his gun but stopped - what was the point? 'I'm going to die anyway...' the thought as an old memory began to play in the back of his mind.

It was a warm spring दिन and Francis was about to give up on Arthur - he was a hopeless...
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