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posted by JasmineValdez
आप know you're Poseidon's kid when...

1)Water bottles explode when you're angry

2)Every vacation आप go on is to a समुद्र तट या lake

3)You sometimes forget your फ्रेंड्स can't breathe underwater

4)The only Blade आप use on फल Ninja is the water blade (with the tsunami background of course)

5)You've been jet-sking, whitewater rafting, tubing, and cliff-diving but dislike "extreme sports"

6)Dolphins and मछली follow आप in the water, which आप find creepy

7)Horses feel the need to call आप boss

8)You have a collection of dorky ocean metaphors that no one understands

9)You fight the urge to hide under your...
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added by Rogue475
added by Rogue475
Source: पर्सी जैक्सन एंड द ओलम्पियंस
Full Name: Blake Ironheart
Meaning: None
Hometown: Rubble Town, The Pitt
Current Residence: Travelling
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: [Doesnt have to be exact] 6"
Weight: [underweight, average, overweight] Average
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Pittian?
Birthday: [Include year.] August 22 2019
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Compatibility: [Ex. The चूहा is compatible with the Monkey and the Dragon; it is not compatible with the Horse.] Ox, Dragon, Roster, Tiger
Greek Zodiac: Leo
Ruling Planet(s): The Sun
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Red
Hair Type: [Here's where आप put anything else about your character's hair; Has it...
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posted by Nicolicious
Okay. Because people don't seem to get the idea of rules I'm going to write up some new ones.

1. Your character cannot be too strong. If they are the Admin will tell you. If आप don't change your character we will kick आप out of the forum. Yes I can do that.

2. आप cannot post anything rude या disrespectful about other people या their characters. Which means if आप पोस्टेड a चित्र that आप think looks like their character and they don't like it आप must take it away(if आप can :) या change its name to something else.

3. I don't want too much cussing because it will get out of hand. If आप do...
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posted by Rogue475
 Hades Aspect
Hades Aspect
Mark Ivory

"Marky", "Ivory"


Mutagen Aspect¬

Playful, Snarky, Rebellious


His Father was Adam Ivory, a key figure in the Grazer Military. Jordan is his brother, a Late teen trying all he can to protect his little brother from harm. His mother is an entirely diferent story. Sarah was a devoutee christian and loyal wife to Mark's father, yet was deeply kind to Mark and Jordan.

(You all know the rest, and if not, here
posted by Blaze_of_Ares
To help आप guys in your Role Playing I'll सूची the abilities of the Gods and their Children.

Aerokinesis: ability to control and manipulate wind/air
Main users - Zeus, Aeolus, या Poseidon (although it is in the form of storms) and their children

Atmokinesis: ability to control and manipulate the weather
Main users - Zeus, Aeolus, Poseidon, Helios, and Hyperion each possess a fraction of these abilities

Chlorokinesis: ability to control and manipulate plants and फूल
Main users - Demeter, Persephone, Gaea, Dionysus and their children

Chronokinesis: ability to control and manipulate time
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