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Silver's P.O.V

I was just walking with Blaze through the park but then a प्रशंसक girl came out of no where and yelled really loud, "AHHH its Silver the hedgehog!!!!" I looked around and saw और प्रशंसक girls, one of them says, "let's get rid of this ugly cat girl." My eyes widened and I हटाइए in front of Blaze and say, "I won't let आप hurt her!!!" They attack anyways, I grabbed Blaze and ran.

Sonic's P.O.V

I was hanging out with Amy, I was about to confess my feelings to her.but then ran girls and yelled, "Get the girl!!" I say, "oh no आप don't, you're not going to hurt her as long as I'm around."...
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posted by ShadAmy
Amy: Hi Sonikuu!
Sonic:Oh it's आप Amy!
Amy: हे wats that suposed to mean why oh!
Sonic: Well (He is looking her in eyes and Blushing) Uh (still looking) I was wondering if आप would go out with me?
Amy: आप Reallly Mean it? (looking at him with stars in her eyes)
Sonic: Yeah I mean Yes Ames!
Amy: last time आप called me that I was eight years old.
Sonic: Really Wow!
Amy: *giggles*
Amy: Yes Sonic I would प्यार to!*blushig*
Sonic: are आप sure ames!
Amy: Yes *giggles*
Sonic: फिल्में at 8:00 tonight.
Amy: oh ok see ya there i guess? *confused*
Sonic: Ok bye Ames!*smiling*
*Later at the movies*...
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