हेडन पेनटियर Hayden Panettiere's Involvement In डॉल्फिन Slaughter Sparks Petition

oncameratalent posted on Nov 03, 2007 at 04:17AM
Hayden Panettiere's involvement in exposing the thousands of dolphins killed each year at the notorious killing cove in Taiji Japan has sparked an online petition that has a goal of delivering 2,000,000 signatures to the Japanese Embassy in the US, Congress, the United Nations, among other high profile government and environmental organizations. Also to the grocery store chain in Japan that is selling the dolphin meat.

An estimated 25,000 dolphins and porpoises each year are slaughtered by Japanese fishermen, either harvested for their meat in annual drives or captured for sale to marine and captive swim parks.


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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना bradlybob said…
Hayden doesn't strike me as the type to be out killing dolphins for food, but more power to her. I figured she'd be like the other limp wristed, late' sipping zombies that populate H'wood. You go girl! I wonder if she was manning the harpoon or just helping out with cutting up the carcasses.
I hope 2,000,000 sigs will be enough to get our silly laws reversed so we can catch and eat dolphins here too. Why should the Japanese be the only ones to benefit from the "veal of the sea". I bet a nice tenderloin would be fantastic on the BBQ.