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A सूची of Birthdays in Harvest Moon: फ्रेंड्स of Mineral Town या और फ्रेंड्स of Mineral Town


Bold: 4
Siabara: 11
Staid: 15
Elli: 16
Barley: 17
Lilia: 19
Aqua: 26
Anna: 27
Sasha: 30


Popuri: 3
Harris: 4
Cliff: 6
Basil: 11
Timid: 16
Ann: 17
Kai: 22
Thomas: 25
Zack: 29


Gotz: 2
Stu: 5
Hoggy: 10
Manna: 11
Chef: 14
Karen: 15
Doctor: 17
Carter: 20
Rick: 27


Gray: 6
Doug: 11
Ellen: 13
Duke: 15
Won: 19
Mary: 20
Nappy: 22
May: 26
Jeff: 29
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I प्यार - no - I ADORE both Magical Melody and पेड़ of Tranquility, though I prefer Magical Melody. I'm not sure why I'm लेखन this article, I just... felt like it. If आप प्यार ToT to bits and cannot bare to see it criticised, या if my long-winded लेखन style is already boring you, then it's probably best if आप stop reading, because most of this लेख is a mild rant about ToT's faults compared to MM and my style probably doesn't get much better. I'm a newbie at लेखन reviews of any sort, sorry. :P

In many of its ideas, पेड़ of Tranquility is better than Magical Melody. The addition of...
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Here's the सूची of things that आप can find in the Spring and Minter Mines in Harvest Moon फ्रेंड्स of Mineral Town/More फ्रेंड्स of Mineral Town and how much आप can ship them for.

Spring Mine

Junk Ore: Sells for 1G
Copper Ore: Sells for 15G
Silver Ore: Sells for 20G
Gold Ore: Sells for 25G
Mystrile Ore: Sells for 40G
Orichalc Ore: Sells for 50G
Adamantite Ore: Sells for 50G
Mythic Stone: Sells for 20,000G.
Teleport Stone: Allows आप to instantly teleport to any destination in Mineral Town. (Including the Winter Mine, regardless of season!) It can be found on the 255th level of the Spring Mine.
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