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Harry Styles, oh how we प्यार your excitable nature and your eagerness to get NAKED at every opportunity. We do NOT however प्यार the fact that आप choose reserve all of this nudity for the other One Direction boys. They're probably getting pretty bored of it द्वारा now, which we would never do, so we'd be और than happy to offer आप a new audience...

According to The Mirror on a हाल का flight to Lala land, when the boys were on the way to shoot their first ever संगीत video, Harry got so excited that his clothes just fell off. The power of Harry Styles.

We're assuming that 1D were on a private jet...
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posted by harrysangel5
Is this Haylor thing real? The answer is yes. The pop-country couple with the 'ship' name "HAYLOR" is the mix between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Although the relationship was denied and then confirmed many times the couple have made it real and have been seen in Harry's hometown Chesire, England, and Times Square. Recently on New Years Eve in New York the couple was seen चुंबन when the ball dropped. Since the couple first started the hate has been spreading. Louis Tomlinson ( 1/5 of One Direction) has stated that he has heard Harry crying in the bathroom because he thought he was loosing HIS FANS> This is really sad. So if आप have been wondering if this relationship is real then आप got your answer; YES
The power of the spoken word.

How could we forget the moment that Matt Cardle won X Factor last साल and then One Direction's Harry Styles casually leaned in and whispered into his ear "Just think of all the p*ssy you're going to get" not realising the cameras had caught his EVERY word. Oh how we lolled! Rofl-ed even. At one point we even lmao-ed. Well that's a lie, our bottoms stayed firmly where they belonged.

But for all our laughing we don't think Matt was amused द्वारा the situation. Matt has spoken about what will forever be known as "p*ssygate" to mydaily.co.uk saying that those few little...
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HARRY STYLES must be spending a fortune on microwave meals for one.

He's suffering a problem known to many single lads — the loss of his wingman.

The One Direction तारा, स्टार has read the riot act to his band mates as one द्वारा one they get girlfriends.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have all been snapped up, leaving just Niall Horan to share a doner with him at the end of a night out.

Harry is still reeling after flatmate Louis hooked up with model Eleanor Calder recently.

The boys had planned the ultimate bachelor pad when they moved into their swanky new लंडन home.

A स्रोत said:...
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posted by markaylamaze
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Harry styles
First harry styles is cute.
If he was my age he will fall for me.
Harry made the group name One direction.
He will be the leader for my opinion.
I will say he should be on चोटी, शीर्ष i mean look at him. He is the cutist boy in the group, millions of people will agree आप should know one of million is me आप too if your a harrys styles fan.
I know i would because he is the hottist in the group right.
O.K zayn is kind of cute.
My point is he is so cute just like a adorable kitten या कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला of course he dont look like कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला या an kitten not like he's ugly he's super cute wat i mean that he not covered with hair या hve wispers.
When i frist saw One dicrection i कहा to myself they are going to be on चोटी, शीर्ष with mindless behavior because mindless behavior is cute also but this not about mindless behavior this is about how cute is 1direction cutie hary styles did i say he was cute i think so thanks for reading. please टिप्पणी दे on my wall.bye.

 Harry <3
Harry <3
Note: This is an interview with Harry copied from Fabulous magazine..I own nothing of it..Enjoy!
So, Harry, A lot has happened in the last year..Do आप feel like a different person?
Yeah, Now I look withered! Its strange because it feels so long ago, But at the same time its gone so quickly. I think we've all grown as people and we've grown as a group.

Of all the boys, and perhaps for a good reason, आप have had the most press attention...
Hmm. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. But I now view it as something that comes with the job. Obviously, Some things I read make me laugh and some don't....
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 Harry with a mysterious blonde.
Harry with a mysterious blonde.
There's many ways we imagine Harry Styles could celebrate a great टमटम in Sweden, and this time he chose to dig out a hat and turn his charm on.

Harry Styles has caused quite a fuss online tonight when he was pictured with yet another mystery blonde. Let’s just say there are millions of us, desperate to be in her place. Though she is believed to be one of the Kahlani twins who work for 5SOS.

The One Direction तारा, स्टार has sparked rumours that he could be dating another stunning woman, after he was pictured getting rather close to a lady last night in Stockholm. He even kissed her cheek. Can आप imagine?
posted by Jessy1DWizic
Hey! Listen up, if आप want to get followed द्वारा One Direction on Twitter, it's siiiiiimple as cake! All आप have to do is follow the Wizic girls!
Let me explain: I'm a huge प्रशंसक of One Direction but I'm also a huge प्रशंसक of Wizic....kinda obsessed with both... लोल ok anyway, I sent Wizic about 6 emails asking them if they could follow me back on Twitter and get me a follow from the boys and they कहा "sure, but आप should other Directioners too, that way, when we'll go talk to the boys, they'll also follow other fans"!

So if आप have Twitter and want to be followed द्वारा TWO awesome bands, just follow Wizic @Mindless_Fleezy @LeaWizic and follow me too @LeaMibrathu

Iiiip ^^
Harry Styles, 23, the member of the British-Irish band One direction, releases new solo music.
One direction members confirmed their reunion but will this hiatus last longer? Harry Styles is to perform at Jimmy Fallon. We're all awaiting to see our guy.
Did 1D really break up??
Harry Styles has announced his debut solo single during a commercial that aired during The Voice last night (March 25).

In the clip, Styles comes out of the darkness to open a door before the camera pans to a close-up of his face.

The तारीख, दिनांक ‘April 7th’ is then revealed, which is assumed to be the release तारीख, दिनांक of his...
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Sorry harry styles प्रशंसकों but it looks like the cutie harry styles has asked 32 साल old Jillian Harris out to dinner. Jillian Harris the same age as harrys ex girlfriend caroline FLACK.I think we definitly know that harry has a thing for older woman now after dating 32 साल old caroline flack and then asking 32 साल old Jillian Harris out on a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its soo not fair!!! I think alot of one direction harry प्रशंसकों will be tweeting Jillian Harris on Twitter. Oh and द्वारा the way this is a true लेख about harry styles he did actually ask Jillian Harris on a तारीख, दिनांक and i think she कहा yes
Despite there being a wide range of memorabilia that is being marketed to प्रशंसकों these days; from the cheap and tacky, to the outrageously expensive, I believe that I have stumbled upon, not only a niche product, but also one that is truly unique, and most importantly one that provides value for money.

I am conducting a market research program, and as such, I would like to ask your opinion as to whether आप would think that an interior डिज़ाइन concept that I have developed, would be of any interest to fans, for me to हटाइए on to the production stage.

Let me give आप some background information.

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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
So One Direction are basically one big love-in in which all of them are और than happy pounce on each other या see Harry Styles’ willy bouncing down hotel corridors.

But despite all the bromance there are a few underlying tensions and the boys admit that they can get on each other’s nerves.

Speaking to We प्यार Pop, Harry admitted that he can get jealous of the fact that Niall Horan gets to be immature so he can’t.

Hazza said: “I get a bit jealous that Niall gets to play the immature one. He gets to always have fun and if we were all like that then we wouldn’t get anything done.

“I’m the youngest but I have to act the most grown up.”

Aw poor Harry, someone shove his dummy back in his mouth.
posted by blossomyumyum
Ok. Deep breath time. I’m a fan, and I have to get this off my chest.

Fanfiction is toxic. They make real people into something they aren’t. Every Harry fanfiction includes him being somewhat of a Christian Grey. Some fanfics are disturbing because they दिखाना criminal activity to get to their celebrity crush.

Harry is not a criminal. He is a cinnamon roll.
Harry wouldn’t hurt a fly, so please don’t fantasize him hurting you.

The thing is, unlike books, Harold Edward Styles is a real person. And it drives a person to depression when they claim to support आप but write sad stories. या rather scary stories.

leave *THEM* alone…
posted by fiestagirl12345
 this is ally for this fanfic
this is ally for this fanfic
Ally's P.O.V

I woke up sliding out of बिस्तर I got ready and headed to school. I was afraid to go I had a boy-friend who I tried to break up with but got hit after. I went in school trying to avoid bumping into brandon. But today I wasn't lucky I bumped into him everything fell to the ground. "WHAT WERE आप AVOIDING ME" he said. "no I-I- didn't want to be late I-" I got cut off द्वारा a painful strike. I saw blood drops on the floor I got up and headed to the bathroom. I was a mess my make-up smeared blood. Everywhere. i walked out depressed and hurt like usual. i headed in class having the marks covered...
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posted by wildchild_rids1
Listen up Directioners!!
So, Lou is feeling a bit down at the time, because he knows that he is the least favorited member in One Direction(i know, wth?!). He just deals with it, and pretends like it's nothing, but us who is REAL Directioners and absolutely DON'T accept the fact that Lou is down couse he thinks he's not liked.
So there's only ONE way out of this...
March 31st, we are going to selebrate Louis!! This is how the दिन is being selenraited:
1. Wear Louis' kind of clothes या something that shows आप प्यार Louis.
2. Write:'LOUIS TOMLINSON DAY' on you'r wrist....
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 “They seemed और like friends.’”
“They seemed more like friends.’”
Harry Styles' tattoo artist कहा that he didn't think Harry and Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट were a great match.

Freddy Negrete, who does tons of Harry's tattoos, got to see Harry and Tay together when he went in to get his ship tattoo. Here's what he कहा about their interactions:

“Harry and Taylor didn’t seem in प्यार at all. There wasn’t a sparkle in Harry’s eye. They were kind and respectful to each other but didn’t have stars in their eyes.”

He continued, “They seemed और like friends. Harry wasn’t in प्यार and it wasn’t serious for him. They weren’t romantic at all. He was just casual,...
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i saw something on यूट्यूब about a Harry Styles fanfic i watched it and it turned out to be amaZayn, the person never wrote anything about this fanfic as it was only a short lil film so i ask her if i could write it and she कहा yes so enjoy

"Bye mom" I say with a mouthful of biscuts चुंबन my mother. "Bye sweetie" She's says wiping her cheek. I grab my bag and run out the door. I run to school alone. I see Louis with his girlfriend Eleanor and everyone behind him. I run right past Harry. "You're late" My teacher informs me. "I know ma'am but my-" I was cut off. "There are no buts" My teacher...
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Name: Harry Edward Styles
Age: 17
Height: 1.78 m
Trademark: Curly Hair
दिन of birthday: 1 February 1994
तारा, स्टार Sign: Aquarius
Brothers या sisters: One older sister Gemma
घर Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK
School: Holmes Chapel High school in Crewe, Cheshire
Favourite Song: Free Falling द्वारा John Mayer
Favourite Film: प्यार Actually
Favourite Band: The Beatles
Favourite TV Show: Family Guy
Supports: Manchester United
Is: Right Handed
Best friends: Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall

Harry came up with the name of his boy band, One Direction.He has green eyes.Harry and his band, One Direction, are the official new ambassadors for Pokemon.He’s the youngest member of One Direction.Harry loves cats, has four nipples and lives with Louis Tomlinson.His प्रिय color on a girl is pink. He wants to name is first baby girl Darcy. Harry says that he is a loyal boyfriend and his mom thinks he is a romantic.
Harry Styles has कहा he wants to have a fight with Justin Bieber.

In a jokey interview with the Daily Record, Harry and his One Direction bandmates कहा that they would wrestle Bieber अगला time they meet him. Presumably the winner is crowned King of the Screaming Girls.

"We could get some sumo suits. And have a wrestling thing." joked Harry.

Speaking to the paper about their debut album, One D कहा that they hope their संगीत will shock a few people.

"People might think we're going to bring out a certain type of record. But at the moment, we're just trying to surprise people."

One Direction are due to release their first single this Summer
posted by Directioner3300
Did Harry actually cut of his amazing,long,curly locks??!!!
It's true he did.He changed his hair style now and doesn't have his long hair anymore!!!
Instead it's a short hair style.But don't worry directioners he'll grow back his hair and hopefully he'll have his curls again.

It is कहा though that Harry donated his shoulder length hair to a charity for kids who don't have hair because of cancer.Such a kind cutie!!!

Tell me your opinions on this in the टिप्पणियाँ below.And makes sure to look this up on the internet.