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 Snape vs McGonagall
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minerva mcgonagall
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maggie smith
deathly hallows part 2
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Slytherin the house of apparent "evil." If आप think about it the kids in Slytherin that went with Voldemort granted probably went with him because they were sick of being rejected. Nobody wanted to be फ्रेंड्स with the Slytherins and automatically assumed them evil not to mention the fact that some were pressured द्वारा their parents such as Draco. Nobody considers the fact that his dad abuses him mentally and is often rough with him so nobody knows what happens behind closed doors.In my opinion people are way to quick to judge Slytherins without considering their pasts and the pressure put upon them.Thefore,Slytherins may be और misunderstood than bad.
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