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अवतार is the highest-grossing film of all-time, with a global gross of almost $2.8 billion, and ten films have grossed in excess of $1 billion. All the films presented here have had a theatrical run in the last twenty years, and films that have not played during this period do not appear in the chart due to ticket-price inflation, population size and ticket purchasing trends not being considered. Gone with the Wind—first released in 1939—has earned $3.3 billion globally when adjusted to contemporary prices, making it the best all-time performer at the box office.[10] The most represented...
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This was not written द्वारा me. It was written द्वारा the twilightsucks.com community. I would try to learn from it except that I fail at Health terms:

Copy and Pasted from the Twilightsucks.com community:
Wikipedia says:

Quote: In literature, a plot is all the events in a story particularly rendered towards the achievement of some particular artistic या emotional effect. In other words, it's what mostly happened in the story या novel या what the story's general theme is based on, such as the mood, characters, setting, and conflicts occurring in a story.

The concept of plot and the associated concept...
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Continued. :D
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chapter 15
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