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The Most Common Opinions

Everyone over the world knows हैलोवीन is a time for fun and sweets. -Children

Everyone knows that हैलोवीन is a time where we should be scared as the अंडरवर्ल्ड and the living forcefield is at it's weakest. -Celtics

Everyone knows हैलोवीन is the time to egg houses and do knock a door run. -Teens

Everyone knows हैलोवीन is stupid and kids just mess with आप it is STUPID. -Adults

These are opinions of most people ,but not all and that is what they think the meaning of Halloween.Though when आप read many लेखाए on here and they put the meaning of हैलोवीन like...
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So to get into the झूला, स्विंग of हैलोवीन I compiled a सूची of some हैलोवीन songs I like. They are listed as so; Song Name - Who Sang It.

This Is हैलोवीन - Nighmear Before Christmas

This Is हैलोवीन - Chomp Chomp Attack (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - Oversoul (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - Marilyn Manson (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - Panic At The Disco (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - Real Chanty (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - Patty Walters (Cover)

This Is हैलोवीन - I Eat Lightning (Cover)

Vampires - Danjay

Halloween - Zombie Girl

Gonna Get Ya - Zombie Girl

The Darkness - Zombie Girl

Blood Brains And Rock 'N Roll -...
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posted by cannibalZoey
In every angle is a demon even know must are scared to दिखाना it there is a demon in us all hiding in the dark we all have a point to were we can't take it any that's when we snap या start to over think it all and at one point your not आप anymore your not your self we try to hide it but can't it takes controll and आप never come back to your self agine everything आप see is different than before life is wild and crazy people call insane in the Brian and it's the start of the perfect psycho killer दिन
posted by BtrHottie32
The idea of a cursed videotape has been in existence for a very long time at my घर in New Orleans, LA. It is a different version from both movies, The Ring, and it's Japanese predecessor, Ringu.

I heard the legend of a videotape that will kill आप within forty-eight hours after watching it at a bonfire when I was younger. The story behind the legend is that these college girls are having a slumber party and go to rent a video at a local dealer. The girls cannot agree on a film, so one of them asks for help. The clerk states that she has just the thing and disappears into the back room.

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This time I decided to include some non-horror; one comedy and two और actiony ones. Because let's face it, not everyone wants a scar on Halloween. some people just want a feel good हैलोवीन movie.

5. The लॉस्ट Boys

I mean this is just another one that I feel is kind of a Halloween/Gothic classic. For that reason I placed it at 5 on my list. That and ya gotta have a good vampire movie for Halloween. And I'm talking about the cool vampires.

4. Tomi Unlimited

Japanese horror at its finest. To be honest I cannot even begin to describe this one. For me it was a series of horrifying scenes...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
To me I think हैलोवीन is a time where आप can actually be the somebody that आप love. U can be scary and horrorfying all आप want. It's a time to be full of fear an scares and दिखाना what you're really terrified of. I प्यार to dress up as a monster या something scary not girly. I प्यार to be known as the world's most HORROR ADDICTOR टर्मिनेटर person. I dunno. But anyways, हैलोवीन is my चोटी, शीर्ष holiday because I like dark and scary things, and weird stuff. And that's the time to see it. most people think that during this time... they think well हैलोवीन night is the devil's birthday and all the spirits come out and do bad things and he causes trouble for us all, SCREW THAT! I don't believe in that, stuff. To me that's complete bull, just to have a reason to not go trick या treating या have fun. Like I said, आप should enjoy urself on हैलोवीन don't let these stupid legends scare आप if आप think their not real :)
posted by Sonicfan67
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't आप like to see something strange?
Come with us and आप will see
This our town of Halloween
This is Halloween,this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween,everybody make a scene
Trick या treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town,everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

I am the one hiding under your bed
Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red
I am the one hiding under your stairs
Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair
This is Halloween,this is Halloween
Halloween हैलोवीन हैलोवीन Halloween

In this town we call home
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posted by Seletta
this लेख is straight from my website:
Halloween is a holiday that comes every October 31st which is most commonly thought to children as “the दिन me and my फ्रेंड्स go trick-or-treating” but there is और beyond trick-or-treating there is in fact more. The history of हैलोवीन starts as All Hallows Eve when people believed that was the दिन the spirits rise from the dead. At that time, People would carve turnips into creepy faces to scary away the evil spirits. Costumes were worn to blend in with the evil that is in the air. Back then they took it और seriously they would wear terrifying...
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posted by BtrHottie32
The "Killer in the Backseat" story plays on our fears that danger is right under our noses and we are not aware of it. This story was conceived in the late 1960's and has been circulated ever since. Some और हाल का versions of this story involve gang members out on initiation night, others involve modern gas stations. The story here is in a और traditional form and goes something like this...

On a moonless, foggy night, my friend was sleepy and having trouble driving on the road due to a हाल का rain. She was getting frustrated because she was running low on gas and there was no sign of civilization...
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This is not an urban legend. It is a true story about a young woman in Bavaria, Germany who was thought to be possessed द्वारा evil spirits and went through a grueling exorcism. Sadly, Anneliese Michel (aka: Emily Rose) did not survive and the controversy regarding her exorcism remains to this day.

Anneliese Michel was brought up in a hard-working, faithful catholic family. She was a typical girl who moved to a big city after receiving a scholarship. Not long after starting classes, this 19-year-old college freshman began exhibiting bizarre behavior, typical to those who were thought to be possessed....
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posted by mrvee
Well, it's over. All my stuff is back in the attic and the क्रिस्मस boxes are coming down. I think it would be really great if everyone would take a मिनट and send in one picture ( या video ) of their हैलोवीन ! I प्यार this holiday so much that each साल there is a spell when i go thru withdrawal. I'm not a big प्रशंसक of cold weather either,so that doesn't help matters!
If everyone could help me out with a small remembrance,
THX, mrvee