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cloe had awakend and showred and etaend her berakfats and walked off to chool as she allwasy does all दिन swhen she at the wya घर dicovered a sorts glimmerlight unerneath
the seasurface not so long fro her house.. and as ifd that s not enough on her the sis kim am soon there: whts upm with the STARING?? she ask as she allways does.. cleo simply say:: and whats up with YOURS?? making ki actullay son as she arioved there allso alk away. then shes soaring off in the water cleo and she follows this glimery glittrye light all the way to mako.. she am so exited about all of this.. ! aswell em thats...
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आप think being a marmaid is easy i don't think so espacially as so much happens. I'll give आप a little what i think of each of marmaids life but it may not be what they think.

Cleo: has a very annoying little sis. But very loyal friends, and her big प्यार Lewis:) She hates Mariam and Zane bennett द्वारा what he done to her. She couldn't swim and at the start of marmaids didn't went near water until she realised that it was just great to swim. :) :)

Rikkie: She never could coped with haveing फ्रेंड्स espacially a boyfriend ( Zane, later on) but she learned it and went well and loved being a marmaid....
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