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There are worse things I could do,
than go with a boy या two
Even though the neighborhood thinks
I'm trashy and no good
I suppose it could be true,
but there are worse things I could do
I could flirt with all the guys,
smile at them and bat my eyes.
Press against them when we dance,
make them think they stand a chance
and then refuse to see it through,
that's the thing I'd never do.
I can stay घर every night
Wait around for Mr. Right,
take cold showers everyday,
and throw my life away,
on a dream that won't come true
I could hurt someone like me,
out of spite या jealousy,
I don't steal and I don't lie,
but I can feel and I cry
In fact I'll bet आप never knew,
but to cry in front of you,
that's the worse thing I could do.
There’s a reason why GreaseFan is my username, it’s because I प्यार Grease and it’s the best movie ever. This लेख is about why Grease is so much better than HSM. I’ve seen HSM before, it’s a musical about two teens falling in प्यार on New Years Eve. They end up going to the same school. Grease is about when two teens fall in प्यार on the समुद्र तट in the summertime. They end up going to the same school. Both the girls are from foreign countries, Sandy’s Australian, and Gabriella’s Mexican. The reason why Grease is better is because I’m getting older and HSM is और of a kids musical...
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 Grease is the Word!
Grease is the Word!
Hi guys, I प्यार listening to the songs from the movie and here is my review on the film itself.

The Songs

I प्यार the songs in general, because they're not trying to introduce the typical Bubblegum music. It was very original and unique in its own way!

The Story

One thing is that I प्यार the chemistry between Danny and Sandy, especially John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. They overcome the obstacles in this film and प्यार is stronger!

Grease Lightning!

So here is my review, and I have to agree that this film is even better than High School Musical, I will write the reason why and comparison soon.
 Sexy Back!
Sexy Back!
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Played द्वारा John Travolta
greased lightning
Greased Lightnin’ may not be a sad sounding song, but, the backstory about it is depressing and it might make Travolta प्रशंसकों rage quit. While Greased Lightnin’ was being filmed, plans were going to be originally different. Jeff Conaway who portrayed Kenickie, was originally going to sing the song, but, John Travolta wanted to sing it, so he got the solo. Kenickie never even got the chance to sing his own song in Grease because of John Travolta. It’s like Travolta was insulting Conaway! It’s like what Travolta wanted was to be the king of cool! Travolta had his own solo song, Sandy! He...
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R.I.P. Olivia Newton-John, या Sandra Dee from the movie, if आप like
sandy olsson
olivia newton-john
best of
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See आप in the sequel, Frenchy
frankie avalon
beauty school dropout
go back to high school
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