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Into the Dare Contest between Dipper and Stan Pines, the latter dares Dipper to skateboard to Greasy's भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर and back to the Mystery Shack, completely naked. "How naked?" Dipper asked Stan. He replied fourth base, meaning "no hat, no shoes, no socks, nada". "What about the ladies?" asked a concerned Dipper. Stan threatens to declare Dipper a "chicken for life". He also points out that Dipper will wake up to "Good Morning, Chicken", and he would also cluck "Here Comes the Bride", while holding up his middle finger, when Dipper gets married. However, not wanting to be threatened, Dipper throws...
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Well......Who wants a lamby lamby lamby?
I do!!!I do!!!!
So go up and greet your mammy mammy mammy
Hi there!!
March March March around the daises dont dont आप forget about the baby
and heres it in spanish
Bueno ...... ¿Quién quiere un Lamby Lamby Lamby?
Que hago! Yo!!
Así que subir y saludar a su mamá mamá mamá
De marzo de marzo de marzo alrededor de las tarimas dont no tú olvídate de que el bebé
and heres it in chinese
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Chinese (Simplified)
那么......谁想要一个lamby lamby lamby?
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One of my प्रिय moments in Gravity Falls
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