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Two weeks later.

Serena and Nate had been to रात का खाना at the बास house and they had all been really happy about how excited Serena was about the चित्र shoot she had been to for fashion week. Blair had also been excited when filling Serena and Nate in on how well the business had been doing.

She had made a पोर्टफोलियो of her new line SideKick with Jenny's help and was excited when Serena कहा she could model the line for her when they were ready. That would be great publicity. Nate and Chuck had spoken politics and fantasized about Nate becoming president one day, which was actually quite a possibility.
Serena and Blair went to the Blair's bedroom so that Serena could see the SideKick पोर्टफोलियो and Serena thought she'd use it as an opportunity to find out how things were between Blair and Chuck.

"So are आप and Chuck getting along?" she asked as Blair flicked through her designs.
"Umm...yeah...he's a lot nicer now. Things have kinda got back to normal with us." she replied honestly.
"That's great B! I was afraid that things would actually get worse but i'm glad they haven't" she paused for a while, and then looked to Blair again, "so...still sleeping in separate beds?"
Blair was silent, but then mustered up the courage to keep it light, "is that your way of asking whether Chuck and I are having sex?" she smiled and Serena giggled, "no S, we might pretend to be a couple to the public eye but we're just friends, like आप and me and Nate, like the 4 of us are just friends..." she continued to occupy herself द्वारा looking through her portfolio.
"Well...I was just wondering because...seeing as you're going to be a married couple for the rest of your lives...dont आप think आप should both conform to married life?" asked Serena.
"Who कहा anything about the rest of our lives! Ans things are already awkward enough without having to live the lie!" complained Blair giving Serena a warning look that practically read 'drop it!'
"I thought आप कहा things were fine and back to normal?"
"They are!....well...it can be awkward a lot of the time too." murmured Blair recalling the morning after Breakfast at Tiffany's.
"How so?" quizzed Serena becoming और curious about what had been happening at the बास house.
"Well it's awkward...when we're alone together...he's....just...really quiet...he barely speaks to me."
Serena thought she saw a hint of sadness in Blair's eyes. She thought back to the Chuck and Blair she knew, there was never a quiet moment between them, they would always be scheming, arguing, teasing, laughing या just talking, never quiet. Serena felt sad for them, ever since they had made the portal jump things had just changed between them and they had लॉस्ट the good relationship they shared and now Blair was having to live this unhappy life.
"Hey B, look...he probably just needs time to adjust...maybe he's just confused about everything...just hang in there ok? And i was just joking about the sex thing आप totally dont have to do that!" she giggled and Blair got slightly embarrassed, "unless....you want to?" added Serena.
"What! No! Of course not!" she retorted, tossing the पोर्टफोलियो back on her बिस्तर and standing up.
"Ok B...just making sure!" giggled Serena as she was nudged द्वारा Blair for making such a suggestion.The girls had made their way back downstairs and the four of them continued to enjoy the night together, the first time they had all hung out for a long time.

It had been a couple days since that रात का खाना and Serena was still in town when she had gotten a call from Chuck to come over to his house immediately and so she had raced over as quickly as she could.
She bumped into Nate the moment she arrived, "Hey! Is the whole gang here?" she asked him as they both began walking into Chuck's house.
"Probably." he replied, they had stumbled upon Chuck in the lounge and he quickly ushered them over to the Cypher. It took Serena and Nate just a सेकंड to figure out why he had called them. "You found one?" asked Nate.
"Yeah! Isn't this just the best news ever!" beamed Chuck whilst zooming in to the location.
"Urm...Chuck? Where's Blair?" asked Serena, looking around and noticing that their foursome was only a threesome.
"She doesn't need to be here...it's not like she can come with us." he replied zooming back out of the location.
"Chuck..." began Serena again but was quickly interrupted द्वारा Chuck.
"It's in Europe...Germany...it'll happen in 6 days time...we can leave for Germany in a couple of days..."

Blair had decided on leaving work early and had arrived घर finding the door to the mansion left open. She walked inside and heard Chuck arguing with...Serena? She walked closer towards their voices and entered the room.

"What do आप mean Chuck! She's still one of us! आप cant keep this from her!" demanded Serena.
"Keep what from me?" intruded Blair as they all spun around to spot Blair lurking behind them.
She walked closer towards them when Serena decided to break the silence, "Blair...we had no idea आप were standing there...we were just...Chuck...just tell her....please." she begged, the last thing she wanted for them to keep secrets from each other.
They all looked to Chuck who sighed and looked at Blair, "I found a new portal spot...6 days from now." he murmured waiting for her wrath.
But instead Blair smiled wryly and said, "oh...well...i'm....really happy for आप guys...I guess you're all leaving then? I mean it's not exactly like i'll be all द्वारा myself...you're equivalents will keep me company...you should all go... i know you're not happy here...urm...I...have to go..." and she smiled again before rushing out hiding her tears.
She would not let them see her hurt, especially when they had been planning on leaving her...leaving her so easily. Like she had told them, she wouldn't be alone if they left, their equivalents would return in their place as if nothing had happened and at least if she was with Chuck's equivalent she would be in a loving relationship. Chuck's equivalent would think she was his Blair and he would प्यार her and make her happy. Maybe it would be best to let her three फ्रेंड्स go if it was what they wanted.

Meanwhile, Serena was furious with Chuck for upsetting Blair and for even considering leaving her behind. Even Nate was on Serena's side.
"Chuck man, maybe Serena's right...if this is just आप getting Blair back for destroying her टारपीडो then that's low even for you." offered Nate, he didn't want Serena to have to do all the arguing, maybe if he offered his opinion Chuck would listen.
"Look man, this isn't about Blair! This is our chance to leave this place! This is what we want! If Blair decided she didn't want this then that's her own fault!" reasoned Chuck. He was defiant, he had been stuck on finding a new portal spot since the moment they had found out their identities in this world.
"I don't know about Nate but i'm actually happy in this world...I like it here. I don't want to leave." confessed Serena hoping that Nate would agree with her.
"Nate?" questioned Chuck, wondering if he felt the same as Serena.
"You know what man, we've finally found a place that's good enough, we have status, political power, we're all happy here, there's no reason to leave..."
"Speak for yourself!" snarled Chuck but Nate wasn't finished, "why are आप even complaining Chuck? आप have it perfect in this world, you're the richest most well known guy in the country, आप married to Blair who happens to be a successful business woman, not to mention absolutely beautiful, आप know people think of her as the model woman, everyone wants a perfect girl like Blair Bass...you have it all...every guy would die to be आप right now so what the hell is your problem?!" retorted Nate.
"I dont have a problem!" shouted Chuck, he couldn't find the right words, truth was that he couldn't think of one good reason why he wanted to leave. All along he had thought it was because he hated Blair या hated being married to Blair, but was there really any truth in that.
"Then why are we even having this conversation man...you're life here is great...perfect in fact...maybe if आप took a सेकंड to look at it you'd realise how right I am. And please, आप need to stop treating Blair like crap because she hasn't done anything wrong and she doesn't deserve to be unhappy." added Nate, hoping that he had knocked some sense into his best friend.
"Maybe Blair had a point when she destroyed that ring...maybe her dreams were true...as far as I can see...this world is perfect...Chuck आप would realise that if आप tried to make an effort...you can make this marriage work...it wouldn't be such a bad thing...you know how nice Blair is...you two were actually close फ्रेंड्स before all of this." Serena reminded him.
She was right, he and Blair were close...maybe their distance was his fault. He closed the Cypher, much to Nate and Serena's relief, they had managed to convince him, finally. Serena raced over and hugged him tightly before giggling to him, "and besides, in which other world would आप have the privileged of being related to me, brother!" he laughed with her and even Nate was amused, या maybe just relieved that Chuck had dropped his insistence on leaving.

Serena turned and told them that she was going to go speak with Blair so the boys walked towards the side bar for a drink and Serena skipped to Blair's bedroom to tell her the good news. She arrived and found Blair buried in paper work, "what's all this?" she asked Blair.
"I have to sort out the designs for अगला week, there are so many factors, like finances and stuff and statistics from the past 3 years...it's so much..." she looked up from her बिस्तर which was carpeted with worksheets, "when are आप lot leaving?" she asked.
Serena smiled and sat down on Blair's बिस्तर aside her, "B, आप know we would never leave you...even Chuck...he was just being an ass...but we made him see sense!"
"So no और portal jumps?" asked Blair.
"No more!" Serena beamed and Blair immediately embraced her, laughing to दिखाना her relief that she wasn't going to be deserted द्वारा her best friends. Thank God.
Serena had declined to stay at the बास house for रात का खाना and had dragged Nate out with her insisting that they should give Chuck and Blair some privacy. Once the two of them had left Blair had hidden in her room, she felt even और awkward being around Chuck now that she knew he wanted to leave.

The night had finally kicked in when Blair heard a knock at the bedroom door, obviously Chuck seeing as no one else lived in the house. She thought about not answering and pretending she was asleep, she really didn't want to see him right now. Before she had a chance to dash under her covers the door nudged open and Chuck popped his head through, "busy?" he whispered.
"Urm...not...really" she replied waiting to see if he's come in to the room. He did.
He held up a disc he was holding and pointed at it, "Gone with the Wind, apparently another one of Blair's favourites....wanna watch?" he asked, praying that she'd accept his peace offering. She was silent for a while until she finally coughed up a yes. So he turned on the large screen TV planted on the दीवार across the bed, the same TV that they had briefly watched their sex tape on thanks to Nate. He took the remote control and walked towards the bed, giving her a 'i'm about to sit अगला to आप on the bed' look, so she shuffled to one side of the बिस्तर and he sat down beside her, spreading his legs out in front of him and she did the same. The movie began to play.
"B?...Just so आप know...I wouldn't have left...without you." he admitted, finally giving her the reassurance she had been dying for. Somewhere inside she felt all the strain finally lift off of her, she knew, as much as she hated to admit even to herself, that she would die if he ever left her.
She had no idea how to respond and was grateful when he continued, "I was just being...selfish...I guess...i'm sorry." he looked at her then, ready for whatever she'd throw at him, because he deserved to be screamed at, to be scolded, strangled even, for even thinking about leaving.
But she just smiled, her sweet innocent smile, "i'm glad your staying..." and then she giggled, "even though at least if आप left your equivalent would have been a much better Chuck Bass!" she continued to giggle and he looked at her, confused.
"and how's that?" he asked her almost smiling.
"Well at least he would have loved me!" she replied, still in a teasing tone. He was taken aback because he didn't know whether she was joking या whether she was being serious. So he leaned himself behind her and drew his arms around her waist, just as he had done on the sofa the last time they watched a movie.
"That's utterly ridiculous Blair. Would he spend his night watching a silly movie with you, when he could be working on his pitch for an important investment!?" teased Chuck, drawing circles onto her stomach, clothed stomach.
"Im sure he'd be doing much और than just watching a movie with me!" she teased back, not realising the sexual innuendo of her statement.
This caused Chuck to smirk and she turned her head to look at him before he spoke in a husky whisper, "then let's do...more..." he traced his fingers up her arm, "...Blair..."
She shivered at his touch, he was so warm yet he gave her goosebumps. She couldn't help but look deep into his eyes as he stared back at her, not sure if it was a friendly smile या a seductive smirk plastered on his face. Then she finally realised what could happen if she didn't do something about it..she was in बिस्तर with her "husband" and he had just suggested they "do more" when they were already snuggled up with each other in bed, what the hell could "more" mean!
She quickly turned her head away and faked a giggle, "the movie is playing...we're missing it" she finally managed to say.
It was agonising to lose eye contact with him and even और agonising to lose the feel of his fingers which had just been enjoying the feel of her shoulders and neck. She had tensed up in front of him and he decided not to press her, everything he did always seemed to just push her away so he decided not to do anything. He sat back and looked at the T.V screen, tried to concentrate on the movie ! but he noticed that she was a little restless too, maybe things wouldn't be so awkward if he would just be a good friend to her.
"Hey, Blair why are आप so far away?" she turned to look at him and he smiled, "come here again, आप can rest against me...to watch the movie." and she smiled back before once again resuming her position of lying her back against him and allowing him to लपेटें his arm around her as they sat in silence to watch Scarlett O'Hara दिखाना them how one was supposed to be in love.
It was Chuck who woke up first again in the morning. He was lying on his side this time with Blair huddled अगला to him, her head resting against his chest and his legs flung over hers. She was still asleep द्वारा the sounds of it, he wrapped his arms around her and placed a किस on her head. Then he remembered what happened the last time they woke up in each others arms, there was no way he was going to let her wake up and find him lying अगला to her with a hard on, not that he had one right now, but he would surely get one if he didn't stop thinking about it.
He moved his arms off her and and then separated his legs from hers, her smooth toned legs. Her dress had bunched up mid thighs and he could have easily lifted the hem of the dress and taken a quick peek of her panties, if she was wearing any...he smirked at the filthy thoughts running through his mind, desperately trying to think of anything other than having sex with Blair Bass, his "wife", if he didn't clear his head he was sure to get a hard on.
Too late.

Blair woke up to the sunlight radiating through the window, she tossed in her बिस्तर and realised she was alone. He was gone. She sat up and thought back to the night they had shared together. She had enjoyed the movie and was sure that he had to, या at least enjoyed her company. Maybe he was late for work या something and decided to sneak off and let her sleep.
It was then that Chuck came through the door, smiling at seeing her awake, "Hey you're awake...I have to go into work...I have a presentation to sort out...i'm pitching to potential investors...I guess i'll see आप tonight या something?" he asked watching her eyes which were examining his suit.
"Ok, i'll see आप later...but those shoes dont go well with that suit...wear the brown one's, आप left them in the lounge, which is grose द्वारा the way, no shoes in the lounge!" she giggled and he chuckled back, she was starting to sound like a typical wife.
"I'll go change shoes...have a good दिन wifey," he smirked and she returned the smile before he turned and left the room.


Way और hot C/B scenes to come....sorry for the slow updates...but their is some और drama to come! If आप dont understand anything या need clarifying just ask!
Read and review! feedback is much appreciated!
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