Gnomeo and Juliet Favourite Quote?

Pick one:
The story आप about to see has been told before. A lot.
Shakespere:[After the large explosion in the background] Told ya so.
Juliet: Are आप crazy? If my dad finds आप he'll bury आप under the patio!
Featherstone: A weed द्वारा any other name is still a weed.
Gnomeo:Let's kick some grass!
Fawn: Why would anyone do this to Tybalt? RGnomes: Because nobdy likes him
Juliet: He's a blue. Gnomeo: She's a red. Featherstone: And I'm pink!
Lord Redbrick: I'm not illiterate! My parents were married!
Gnomeo:I can't go. Juliet:I know how आप feel. Gnomeo:No, really. I'm stuck
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