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posted by fetchgirl2366
Yep, we're still waiting on the दिन ग्ली returns so we can get a dose of ग्ली awesomeness. So while we wait, we can imagine the things that could possibly happen to the wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams. Let's get started.

Over the summer, Artie was basically playing गिटार in hopes to start a boy band after college and please the girl of his dreams. He thought back to his failed relationships with Tina Cohen-Chang, Brittany S. Pierce, and Becky Jackson. He also thought about last साल on Valentine's दिन when he लॉस्ट Sugar Motta to foreign exchange student, Rory Flanagan. Although he has had some...
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Pairing(s), Characters: Rachel/Puck, ग्ली club
Summary: Rachel finds herself slowly feeling for Puck again while in a relationship with Finn. Yeah, I know, fabulous summary... xD
Disclaimer: I do not own ग्ली या any of the characters. I do have my own little Puck-bot hidden in my closet though...


The whole car ride, Rachel couldn't help but feel that Noah was anxious about something. He fiddled with his tie a lot, twisting it around his finger; his finger never stopped tapping his thigh. She questioned him about it a few times, and he always responded with "Fine; I'm fine." She put in his...
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I really felt sorry for Terri, I mean I really felt sorry for her. All this time she felt that lying to her husband was the best way to keep their relationship strong.

We have all seen this type of relationship. The fact that Terri pointed out that Will was a better husband when he felt sorry for himself, was bad enough. What relationship आप know survived after a lie, blown out of proportion, was revealed?

We knew the moment would come for Will to stumble upon Terri's lie, I mean really how long could she have kept it up. There could have been times where he could turn around and surprise her...
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I started watching this दिखाना recently द्वारा downloading the all three seasons and I L.O.V.E. IT!!Its an Awesome दिखाना with lots of fun and entertainment!!I really like its Casting..and Characters are all AWESOME!!Its the best Musical Comedy दिखाना in the United States and in other parts of the world!!And I really thankful to the creators Ryan Murphy,Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for creating this show!And the best thing is that it has won so many awards in the past few years!!!And this दिखाना really deserves it!!
Well I was talking about my प्रिय Character from Glee..Well in Female I like Mersedes...
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(Glee तारा, स्टार Lea Michele decided to have a party at a party place called Scope. फ्रेंड्स of the ग्ली stars, along with the creators of Glee, have come to celebrate ग्ली having three successful seasons. Lea greeted everyone at the door.)
Lea (to Mark, Chord, and Kevin): हे guys, आप finally made it!
Mark: We just stopped at Chord's place for a while. (He calls out to the women inside.) He's officially single, ladies!
Chord (blushing, hitting Mark on the arm): Stop it, man.
Lea: Well, आप can place your jackets wherever, and enjoy the night.
Kevin: Well, let me go and find me a cherry-candy delight...
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posted by TempeGeller

All of आप lovely people. I'm glad that आप प्यार this story, it's so amazing to look at ग्ली at this way. I प्यार this story. Here is the sixth chapter. A longer chapter than the last. I hope आप प्यार it.



Chapter 6: Camps, आग and rebel

Day #2

Rachel, district 6

Rachel stared out of the small opening of the tent. She didn't feel like getting up, when Quinn did. Quinn got up when the sun rose from the mountains. Rachel had no idea what time that was. When she opened her eyes, Quinn was already busy द्वारा making bridges to the other trees. From there they could control the traps....
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posted by noahnstar1616
I was touring around school with Principal Figgins. I toned until I heard him say, "We have many क्लब्स as well."

"Do आप have ग्ली club?" I प्यार to sing, as if that wasn't already obvious.

"Yes, but we also have-"

"I would like to go to my locker now."

"Follow me." I followed Principal Figgins to a locker. "Here's your locker combination." He handed me a piece of paper.

"Thank you." He left. I began putting my bookbag contents in my locker. Once that was done, I looked at the schedule Principal Figgins gave me while we were in his office with my mom.

History class. My प्रिय subject! Problem was,...
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posted by anna_tvd
It's been कहा recently that one और ग्ली couple is going to be joining Finn and Rachel in the break up category. Mike and Tina? Brittany and Artie? Actually, none of the above.

Sam and Quinn are doomed. Brad Falchuck has कहा that he is bored with the Ken/Barbie relationship. WHAT? How can he be bored with something that has just begun? Sam and Quinn got together in episode 2 of this season (Duets) and that's pretty much all we've seen of them. Until the sectionals performance, they were rarely even seen on camera together. How can he be bored with them???

In my opinion, Sam and Quinn are...
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Pairing(s), Characters: Rachel/Puck, Rachel/Finn, ग्ली club
Summary: Rachel finds herself slowly feeling for Puck again while in a relationship with Finn. Yeah, I know, fabulous summary... xD
Disclaimer: I do not own ग्ली या any of the characters. I do have my own little Puck-bot hidden in my closet though...


Puck took one look at Rachel and nearly stopped dead in his tracks. He blinked once. Twice. Three times. There was no way the girl he was looking at was the same Rachel Berry he used to know. Her clothing was tight and her चोटी, शीर्ष was skimpy, but not once did he think she looked slutty. Instead,...
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Waiting...waiting...waiting. Nope, season 4's still not here yet. Luckily, we can always watch reruns, listen to our प्रिय numbers, and think up storylines for our grads and undergrads. Right here is my ideas for a storyline for Brittany S. Pierce.

Over the summer, Brittany was thinking about her future. She didn't have a specific idea in mind on what to do, nor she had the knowledge to get there. She started to feel let down that she has to repeat another साल of high school, but also sees that this is the moment where she needs to succeed.

So when Brittany comes back to school, she tries...
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Yes, it's so crazy right now
Most incredibly, it's ya boy Artie
It's ya girl Mercedes

You ready, hey
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on आप और and और every time
When आप leave I'm begging आप not to go
Call your name two या three times in a row

I'm hairy high and low
Don't ask me why I don't know

Got me looking so crazy right now, your love's
Got me looking so crazy right now (in love)
Got me looking so crazy right now, your touch
Got me looking so crazy right now (your...
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आप can be one of the first to see the spring premiere of Glee!

FOX and the hit दिखाना are teaming up to benefit Grammy in the Schools संगीत education programs and to give Gleeks a sneak peek at the newest episode almost a week before it airs!

Tickets are $15, and 100% of the proceeds go toward Grammy in the Schools! Pick up tickets at link

Screening dates, times and locations are listed inside!

Tuesday, April 6
Washington, D.C. - Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse (7 PM)
Nashville, Tennessee - Belcourt Theatre (7 PM)

Wednesday, April 7
Atlanta, Georgia - Plaza Theatre (8 PM)
New York, NY - AMC Loews...
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The executive producer gives और information on Lindsay Pearce, Damian McGinty, Sam Larsen and Alex Newell’s appearances on the upcoming third season.

When Glee’s third season opens Tuesday, a familiar face from the Oxygen competition series The ग्ली Project will be seen — as a nemesis of sorts for Rachel.

[Warning: Spoilers up ahead.]

Dear TGP cast haters. Neener neener.

Glee co-creator and executive producerRyan Murphy told reporters on Thursday that the “part had already been written” before...
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posted by Annaoth
credit: gleefan.com

Q: “If the ग्ली cast were to ever go on an international tour, which country would आप most like to visit? :D”
– Ayesha

A: How could I only pick one? England, France, and Black Forest Germany. I’d also like to go स्कीइंग on the Matterhorn in Switzerland and eat my weight in पास्ता in Italy. Knowing me I’d probably sneak over to Austria and find the Sound of संगीत filming locations.

Q: “Do आप think it will feel different when आप go back to filming? Will आप be और nervous filming now that ग्ली has been so wildly successful? Is there और pressure?”
– Rose

A: Yikes,...
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it was moaring so i awoke i got a long sleve कमीज, शर्ट i got nice jeans then i got gloss on then i went down stairs i got my bag <bye dad> <bye u look nice> <thanks> so i went to school it was my first दिन i moved i was walking in the hall way until i got slushied <HEY!> the football guy looked at me madly i was scared but i was strong <HEY WHAT IS WRONG WITH U?!!!> then i saw this girl <hello im rachel berry and we always get slushied here so its ok> <oh hi wanna b-> <so cna u vote for me for the leader of the show?> <what show?> <wanna...
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posted by bessiebuzzer
As I stood there froze they began to clap I got really eager and in a squeaky voice I said
Me: So am I in या not???
Will: Of course
as soon as he कहा that I let out और squeaks of excitement
Will: Well go sit अगला to Mercedes
Me: OK
as I sat and will taught the lesson I found myself staring over at Artie. I thought about the one in a million chance that Artie would ever like me. I had realized the घंटी, बेल rang and everyone except artie had left
Artie: हे your pretty good.
Me: Ya I gu- guess
I was stammering I felt my cheeks get bright red and then he siad the words
Artie: I gotta go and catch up with...
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brittany even though at first had maybe one line an episode fills in much of the comedic releif.
though her emotional depth is shallow she is still a great charecter. so if आप don't believe me here are some of her best one liners:
1.did आप know dolphins are just gay sharks.
2.an anthem is the bottom of and ants pants.
3.duet is a blanket.
4.christopher पार करना, क्रॉस discovered amarica.
5.i'm mike chang.
6.a ballad is a male duck.
7 does he mean like a burglar alarm?
8.mr.schue is he your son?
9.is god an evil dwarf.
10.whenever i pray i fall asleep.
brittany is kind of sort of open bisexual. her relationship...
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 Our FOTM of October: Alexis!
Our FOTM of October: Alexis!
Hi guys!, It took a while but it's finally here! The FOTM interview of October. The awesome prize went to BlairChuckFan aka Alexis!. Such a lovely person who i've enjoyed interviewing! So without futher ado here it is!

1.First off, could आप introduce yourself to the ग्ली प्रशंसकों and telling us something और about yourself, something that we don't know? :)
'Well, my name is Alexis, I'm 14 and I live in the United States. I'm a cheerleader and a dancer too. My प्रिय color is pink. And I have a dog name Texas.'

2.How do आप feel for winning October FOTM?
'I feel honored because I have never won...
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posted by jointhehunt
Kurt is a wonderful character, my favuorite character from the series. He shows alot of courage throughout the series and he dosent care what people say. He always speaks his mind and is and indipendant person. He may be gay, but that makes no difference to who we are, and people need to exept that. Kurt represents the gay community and is proud of it. Anyone who has other thoughts about how kurt dresses या speaks needs to look at there output on the world. It is important that our media has characters like kurt and that we need to be shown that people like kurt are no different than us, And that is why KURT ROCKS!!!

I’ve been alone with आप inside my mind
And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see आप pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You’re all I’ve ever wanted, (and) my arms are open wide
‘Cause आप know just what to say
And आप know just what to do
And I want to tell आप so much, I प्यार आप …

I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell आप time and time again how much I care
Sometimes I feel my दिल will overflow
Hello, I’ve just got to let आप know

‘Cause I wonder where आप are
And I wonder...
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