ग्ली Couples DRAMA! धुंधला काले रंग, डुन, डन धुंधला काले रंग, डुन, डन DUN!

Gleek_out posted on Jun 26, 2011 at 03:40PM
Jesse, Finn, Rachel love triangle fanfics! I love fanfics! SO post some or give me the link or tell me the name,but it had to be love triangle and must end with Finchel!I might do some on my page so just check it!And also if you want pure Finchel juicy stories see The Minsk!
 Jesse, Finn, Rachel प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज fanfics! I प्यार fanfics! SO post some या give me the link या tell m
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