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posted by drsnoek
Full name:
George William Peppard Jr.
October 1, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan USA (at 8:29 p:m)
May 8, 1994 in Los Angeles (LA Medical Centre at The विश्वविद्यालय of California at 6:30 p.m.)
6ft / 1,83m
Father George Peppard Sr. (1885-1951) , occupation: building contractor
Mother Vernelle Rohrer Peppard (1889-1964), occupation: light opera singer.
Bradford Davies Peppard (1955) - mother Helen Davies
Julie Helen Peppard (1958) - mother Helen Davies
Christian Peppard (1968) - mother Elizabeth Ashley
Helen Davies: married Jan 30, 1954 / divorced in 1964
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posted by drsnoek
-"There's nothing easy going about me at all,"
-"Money is like sex; if आप don't have it then it becomes vital in your life."
-"I'm not in the business for the money and the money has never been what made me tick."
-"I sometimes find that I've been in a deep depression for days, and I don't know how it started."
-"The pressures are too great on an actor when he marries. They are great in any marriage, but even greater for an actor."
-"I think divorce is like a planecrash..."
-"I'm simply not capable of being a good husband."
-"It's hard to drink as much बर्बन, बोरबोन, बोरबॉन as I do and be an actor."
-"Some people...
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