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My name is Ignatius MacFarland, and I am a Frequenaut.

Hmm. I guess it looks sort of weird to see it written down that way. I don’t mean it’s weird to see my name written down. I mean the word Frequenaut. It almost looks like it’s French. It’s not, though. At least not that I know of.

It’s pronounced freek-when-naught and it’s based on the word frequency. The naut part is the same as it is in astronaut, even though I don’t really know what naut means. It’s not like I’m some super smart kid या anything like that. I’m pretty average,...
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This is a compilation of spots/clubs related to Freaks and Geeks. F&G had so many amazing guest stars, I'm sure I've left someone out - if आप find a spot that's not here या create a new one, please leave a टिप्पणी दे and I'll add it to the list. =)

Main Cast
link (producer/writer/director)
link (actress, Lindsay Weir)
link (actor, Sam Weir)
link (actor, Daniel Desario)
link (actor, Neal Schweiber)
link (actress, Kim Kelly)
link (actor, Ken Miller)
link (actor, Nick Andopolis)
link (actor, Bill Haverchuck)

Guests and Co-Stars
link (actress, Laurie the Dead-Head)
link (actress, Shelly Weaver)
link (actress,...
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I only heard about Freaks and Geeks a few months पूर्व and decided to watch as i saw it had actors i liked in it like Seth Rogen and James Franco. I must of not heard about the दिखाना when it was actually on as i was around the age of seven.

When i started to watch the episodes on यूट्यूब i thought it was an awesome दिखाना and i didn't know how i hadn't heard of it before. When i got to the eighteenth episode i went to खोजिए for more, but i found out that the दिखाना got cancelled!

I was disappointed, i felt like i had only just got into the show.
Apparently it had low ratings and i don't know how it did, it was a great दिखाना and it must of been a much better दिखाना to watch around the time it was aired than it would be to watch now.

This दिखाना didn't deserve to get cancelled, right?
 और like the incomplete series...
More like the incomplete series...