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posted by firewall36
Dec. 24, 1987

क्रिस्मस eve is when it all happened I was laying on my बिस्तर having a hard time sleeping not because of क्रिस्मस but for a totally different reason but because of something my friend asked me yesterday but I knew it was just a stupid सवाल but it kept nagging at my head and soon game me a headache which added to my deprived sleep I got up to get some water to help but what I found surprised me in a bad way and a painful memory was brought back to my head the night of the incident when I was hit द्वारा a car and had amnesia the hospital had a hard time finding things about my life keeping contact with the police to hear of a missing child while the child always crying but whenever the nurses asked why she was crying but she always told them she doesn't know why but after awhile when she was finally recovered they sent the girl to the orphanage.