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posted by AlexisRhodes1
L'arachel is the ditzy young girl eirika meets with in the course of her travels L'Arachel is consistintly followed द्वारा the loyal and jolly Dozla and Rennac who just wants a bit of money. Though L'Arachel won't give it to him.

आप see L'Arachel a few times in the game prior to becoming an avialible unit including trying to get to one country but goes the wrong way and ends up in another.


It is revealed that L'Arachel is not a traveller as first was thought but actually the princess of the theocracy of rausten. L'Arachel can get married with some other units in their endings and becomes queen.

L'Arachel starts as a low level troubador. not desirable for this stage in the game tower skirmishes are recommended so when she finnaly gets the chance to promote l'Arachel becomes a very helpful unit.
posted by wolverine0022
Ike is the son of Greil, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and takes leadership when his father is killed द्वारा the Black Knight. For the most part of the game, he is in the service of Princess Elincia. Ike is rather naive in the beginning of the game, but grows into a ब्रेव character later on. He has little memory of his life in Gallia as a young child, and prior to joining the Greil Mercenaries, shows that he does not know what Laguz are. At the same time, his lack of knowledge of the Laguz reveals Ike's true personality; not only does he दिखाना no prejudice against them, but he even defended Ranulf...
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posted by wolverine0022
Mist is a cheerful girl who enjoys helping others in anyway she can. This leads her to attempt things that she is not necessarily good at, such as cooking and sewing. Mist is even willing (so it seems) to be lifted in a competition between Muarim and Largo (even though, according to Largo, she was very light). Mist works very hard at helping others both on and off the battlefield; so much so that Titania worries about her. She and Titania share a mother - daughter like relationship, as Titania tells her to come to her if she needs to talk about anything. Mist often makes valiant efforts to...
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posted by wolverine0022
Boyd is described as having a straightforward and reckless personality which helps to motivate his allies. He is also known to be a bit dense at times, much to the jovial humor of his two brothers and confidant Mist. He doesn't care about the tactics या gambles in a battle; he simply fights without worrying about the details, although he does सवाल his role as a mercenary at times, as displayed in his Support conversations with Brom of Ohma. He appears to have greatly matured in Radiant Dawn, not being as simple-minded as in Path of Radiance, as displayed in his संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर demeanor throughout...
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