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 Will they live up to the book?
Will they live up to the book?
Ah, the much anticipated movie adaption of E. L. James’ best-selling novel is finally in theaters! Didn’t it kind of feel like the build-up to ऐनस्टेशिया finally losing her virginity and getting it on with Mr. Grey? Well, it certainly did to the two 24-year olds sitting अगला to me in the screening. They really could not contain their excitement. But for the rest of us? Well, I was just really curious. I am not an avid प्रशंसक of the book but the trailers caught my eye enough that I knew I was going to have to see it at some point.

Do we really care about the bare-bones plot? Our heroine Anastasia...
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The personality of Christian Grey is Lion Type. He is efficient, inspiring, determined and confident and mostly dominating.

He is a gentleman. He is neat and clean and a very successful young man.He desires Ana without shame which shows that he can not lie या ashamed of what he feels for her which every woman wants in her man.

He wants to be with her all the time even in public.He wants to दिखाना the world that "She is mine".He always wants to be centre of her universe which we all women wants. TO BE CLAIMED द्वारा OUR MAN

He is a mystery या it would be perfect to say an Enigma.He is a very private...
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