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posted by 67Dodge
"What the hell is all of this?!" Hannah shielded her entrance with her body. 

"The Emperor has issued an Executive Order, the state will be taking this investigation off your flippers from now on," the guard stated through an almost robotic sounding audio device. 

"But I've gathered all this evidence with my friends, this case is personal to me!" Hannah shouted. 

"That makes your judgment biased based on your involvement in the case, the Senate will compensate आप for all inconveniences and guarantee your protection," the guard grabbed a walkie. "Civil Protection Unit SD-551 requesting backup...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Steve flies on the trapeze in attempt to save Cat
Voltaire takes a bow as audience applauds
Voltaire: Why thank you! Thank आप all! Y'all are too kind! (To cast) So, wasn't that an amazing song या what?
Steve: Bravo! I'd applaud you, but my hands are tied to the back of my chair!
Voltaire: Ah yes. I tied आप all in the dark so आप don't miss a मिनट of my show!
Josh: We don't want to see your दिखाना anymore! We want our फ्रेंड्स back now!
Voltaire: Quiet you! Now watch to see if they can escape their acts before I lead them to their doom! (Chuckles)
Mr. Travis: What are आप gonna do to them?!
Voltaire: I'm glad you've asked! I will shoot boom balloons...
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hey. I know this isn't a POM video, but I noticed that some people are feeling depressed and down and I didn't want to see the sorrow. I heard this song on the bus and it sounded encouraging and beautiful. here's "Cry out to jesus".
cry out to येशु
third दिन
anti depression
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posted by Tressa-pom
Scene 1-Party Area

Rico: आप OK?
Tressa had fallen down. She stood up with anger.
Tressa: I told आप “NO KABOOM!” ! *points Rico and Kaitlyn*
Kaitlyn: It wasn’t our fault.
Tressa: I can’t hear anything. *after a few seconds* Okay, my hearing is back.
Nia: Look, something is burning!!!
Monique extinguished the fire. They all looked the camera which had burned.
Kowalski: This camera must have controlled द्वारा someone to explode.
“Someone who will kill you.” Tressa heard the whisper and looked around to find where it came from. “Say bye to your friends.” Emma realized Tressa.
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posted by CuteCuddly
Rune led Private into the room she shared with Lexii. She went to one of the drawers on the bedside table, and opened it. She pulled out a rectangular object, wrapped in blue and yellow paper. She handed it to Private.
"You can give her this," she said. Private frowned.
"But weren't आप gonna give it to her?" he asked.
"Yes, but I don't mind आप doing it."
"Yes, but I do!"
"But आप were so upset that your present was destroyed!" Rune exclaimed. Private sighed, as she thrust the package into his flippers.
"Tell आप what," he said. "Let's both give it to CC." Rune thought about it a moment, then nodded....
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posted by RoseThePenguin
I waddled inside the giant cafeteria thing Luke told me had खाना inside. It was large, loud, and filled with the sweet, rancid stink of fresh fish. I looked around and saw where the others were getting the fish. There were 10 penguins in line with a tray getting मछली from a पेंगुइन wearing something on their heads. I waddled over there, grabbed a tray, and walked behind the last पेंगुइन as I saw the others do before. Once I obtained my share of 10 मछली I looked at the groups of penguins sitting around in a table. I didn't really want to approach them at the moment, so I went towards the last...
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posted by E-Scope90
There’s a ghost down in the hall
There’s a ghoul beneath the bed
Now it’s coming through the walls
Now it’s coming up the stairs
Then there’s screaming in the dark
Hear the beating of his heart
Can आप feel it in the air
Ghosts be hiding everywhere
I’m gonna be
Exactly what आप wanna see
It’s आप who’s scorning me
She wanting me
To be the stranger
In your life
Am I amusing you
But just confusing me
Am I the beast
You visualised
And if आप wanna see
Eccentric oddities
I’ll be grotesque before your eye
Let them all materialise
Is that scary for आप baby
Am I scary for you
Is it scary for आप baby
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(look, i know its all of a sudden. but i have to write "The Death Of Doris The Dolphin" and find time to do school. sorry.)

Chapter 4

Me: are आप sure we wont get injured या any side effects?

Kowalski: 100% sure आप wont get hurt. just a side effect of burping for a week.

Me: O_O

Joanna: i can live with that. not sure if आप will. our burps are.....like an explosion...more than that acually. but we are used to it.

Me: who cares? the're the ones who created this thing.

Skipper,Rico and private: *stares at kowlaksi*

Me: well, whatever. *jumps in*

Joanna: *jumps in too*

The team: *jumps in*

Me: um...a little...
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