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Note: This is just for fun. I do not claim to know the specifics, thoughts, या actions of medals. The words and देखा गया spoken या expressed द्वारा the “medal” या the interviewer (me) are in no way affiliated with the F4 या फैन्पॉप itself, unless आप count the fact that I’m posting this on Fanpop.

Today, I, Kate, will be conducting an interview with a Dedicated (green) medal. That’s right folks, a real, actual medal! After much persuasion, and promises of many future contributions to “feed” the medal (this will be explained in the interview), I managed to persuade one of my Dedicated medals...
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I'm an observer, I see things happening and continuously in my head I'm going "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!". What am I talking about exactly? फैन्पॉप has so many features, so many different things that allows us users to do different things all the time yet people aren't using them.

Articles > प्रशंसक Fiction
You DON'T need to make your own club to post your प्रशंसक fiction. फैन्पॉप has provided आप with a drop down category in the लेखाए to be able to प्रकाशित करे your प्रशंसक fiction and for ease of use of other users to find this.

Images > प्रशंसक Art
Once again, just like the प्रशंसक fiction there is a category...
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