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This लेख was started back in December, and was last edited here on 8 June 2008.

2006 was a tumultuous साल for me. In the spring my wife and I discovered that we were pregnant again, and believe me when I say that there are a host of attendant anxieties that come with any pregnancy. How could we fit another person into our already-cramped house? How could we afford to support another? Beyond that, I'd just become the project manager of a pretty high-profile project in the middle of the project, and that had a bunch of issues that I inherited.

In the midst of this, I was invited to participate...
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Today December 8th at 7:50 pm a beautiful baby girl was born.... her name is Samantha Ann Wilson. We are all very excited to welcome this baby girl and I being one of many शिशु to mama on फैन्पॉप am proud to say I am a big sister now.=)
She came out about 6 pounds and 11 oz. Congradulations mamma to your new bundle of joy! To all that dont know Ciarra she is a great mother and a wonderful person. I give her all the luck in the world and hope to see samantha's picture soon!! Agian congrats and good luck with your new baby girl!!
posted by izbia150
 zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
zukisaru isabella sora and kallen atasunta (from left to right)
i have never done a लेख या anything before so yeah XD..i didn't know what to do so i asked sora(haremaster99) and she कहा to do something about the atsunta sisters so i will

we where taking a walk to the park and where going to go for a picnic when we got there we found a nice place so we started to set it up"isabella can आप hold this end of the blanket and help me set it up?"said my older sister and the oldest of the four of us sora but i called her onee-chan(it means big sister in japanese)"sure"i went to go help her

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posted by gleswigiagirl
 me and her 2 years ago!
me and her 2 years ago!
theres all different typpes of pepole and theres all different types of ffriendships like me and my best pal chloep

आप know when it comes down to it real फ्रेंड्स will always support आप the best they can but if maybe they dont seem to be helping आप with your problems then maybe right now they have theyre own issues so dont freak out try and help them just dont forget to save time for yourself!

^_^ =] :0 :D :p :9 :( :00 X) XD XP

make sure आप dont leave them out

always consider theyre feelings

if it aint working out try again if it still aint working maybe its for the best to विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up for a while then get back together cause आप need each other!
Hello, fellow फैन्पॉप users! Today, 1st January 2021, marks the 10th anniversary of the दिन I myself became a फैन्पॉप user. And, seeing as I've stuck around after all this time, becoming a Fanpopper clearly was a decision I did not regret.

As of right now, I am currently a member of 778 फैन्पॉप spots, have पेश over 25,000 contributions across the website, voted in और than 18,000 picks and written over 8,000 comments. Throughout my time here I have gone through my active and inactive phases (often depending on what else is going on in real life) and, every time I've come back on here after...
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The शीर्षक may या may not have been stolen from DarkSarcasm. :)

So, anyway...some of आप maybe have gotten a stalker message from me badgering आप to participate in my article. I'm sorry about that, but it was necessary. Thanks to those of आप who fell for my trick! I mean, thanks to those of आप who willingly offered up facts about yourself :) I basically got this idea for an लेख after seeing numerous picks and टिप्पणियाँ made about the popularity contest in this spot and in संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर Fanpop. I thought to myself 'Why not do a 'Did आप know?' लेख with बिना सोचे समझे facts from बिना सोचे समझे users; popular...
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posted by Sazza
 CLIC Sargent Logo
CLIC Sargent Logo
I am doing the reebok bristol 10k run with some schoolfriends to raise money for CLIC Sargent.
 'Home From Home'
'Home From Home'

For those who don't know, CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, supporting children, young people and their families through cancer every step of the way.

We are hoping to raise the money for Sam's House (part of CLIC Sargent) which is in Bristol and is a 'home from home'. This means families can stay together but also be near the help required such as the hospital.
 'Home From Home'
'Home From Home'

I would normally never ask because I barely know anyone on this...
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This is सेकंड in the series of profiles of link, for the simple expedient that linkwas the सेकंड to reply to my inquiry. This लेख was most recently edited on 17 March 2008.

I first became aware of Temptasia back in May 2007 from her activity in the link, though it wasn't until later, when she became a regular poster to the link and link spots, that I had a lot of interaction with her.

In talking to other users about Temptasia, there was one constant in everyone's comments: here is a woman universally admired for her positive and friendly interactions with the फैन्पॉप community.

link wrote:...
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Thanks Cammie for helping me out and interviewing me! आप had such amazing questions. Sorry I babbled on for hours :P
PS: I was encouraged to post this here द्वारा Cammie, so before anyone jumps me...

1.) Congratulations, you've just won प्रशंसक Of The महीना in the Horror फिल्में spot! I think you're very deserving of this शीर्षक but आप wanted to re-do the pick - why?
Firstly, thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you, या anyone for that matter! But I asked about re-doing the pick because I mainly felt that it was unfair. Only 10 users voted, and it's not like I exactly gave them a ton of time...
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(If anyone remembers me from back when I used to frequent this site, please, send me a message या something cuz i wanna catch up. Anyway, for he/she who is पढ़ना this, आप probably don't know me so the only thing I have to go द्वारा is "Nominated for प्रशंसक of the fortnight.")

So Im checking my e-mail इनबॉक्स and something comes up saying that someone has टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on on a pick from almost a साल ago. I though I may aswell check it out. So I blow the digital dust off of my फैन्पॉप acount and sign in. To my confusion(?) most of the spots that I was hanging around on havent been touched in months, and...
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posted by pink-bookworm
i decided to tell आप guys a bit about me and hopefully we can all become friends.

name;shailee robertson

age; 13 in साल 7

looks; i have curly brown hair and greenish brownish eyes, im tan, 153 cm tall well last time i checked i was, im farely skinny but not super skinny and one और thing i have small hands and feet

personality; im kind, great friend, loyal, sometimes ब्रेव depends on what for, im quite smart( in smart class at school, shy when it comes to a big group of people

likes; i प्यार school, harry potter, percy jackson, i प्यार to read and write, i like playing सॉकर and i प्यार fanpop

dislikes; people who are bossy, the cold, rain, maths

other; i ahve a litle broher, i live in austtralia, i प्यार जानवर especially कुत्ता and guinea pigs

current पॉटर्मोर status; havent received my welcome ई मेल yet
 my guinea pig squek
my guinea pig squek
This is a test :p
Why did I write it? I'm not so sure. Probably I was bored, probably I wanted to write something really really clever but failed, probably,...ok let's stop this. आप get the point - या not. Either way, continue पढ़ना ;)

How annoying am I? (or: Am I too annoying for Justin Bieber?)

Just read these and count how many are true for you.One point for every true fact.

You are annoying when....

(...you are not a प्रशंसक of me.)-> ok this one was for fun...sorry xP Now let's start.
(I wonder how many people unfan me after this)

...you are a spammer
...you have created obvious duplicate spots...
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posted by amazondebs
Tonight a pick was पोस्टेड that started out as a argument but within the घंटा it had turned in to a brilliant and hilarious conversation between 6 या so बिना सोचे समझे प्रशंसक poppers
We talked of पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा and meeting up and how life on फैन्पॉप could be और dramatic than any TV show, in fact, I do believe it was the most बिना सोचे समझे conversation ever and even has a equally बिना सोचे समझे pick created about it द्वारा miss cinders
where the conversation carried on about where to hold this फैन्पॉप meeting where we all eat पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा and some of nosemuffin’s muffins.
Sadly we had to turn the conversation to the above pick and other...
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posted by amazondebs
 nobody's perfect
nobody's perfect
When i first came to फैन्पॉप i didn't really do anything much but make the occasional pick and watch वीडियो but when i did start to contribute और it was because of the nice टिप्पणियाँ and messages that प्रशंसकों sent me that made me a addict.

I प्यार to contribute for others but i प्यार it even और when someone shows that they appreciate it weather it be a prop, a nice टिप्पणी दे या message या simply rating it.
If प्रशंसकों hadn't of been so nice i probably wouldn't spend even a quarter of much time on फैन्पॉप as i do now, as the best thing is talking and joking with the फ्रेंड्स I've made on here.

So it truly...
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This little piece is inspired द्वारा link who wrote so wormly about the फैन्पॉप community: link.

Yes, फैन्पॉप is a community. A साल ago, it wasn't and I wasn't even sure it would ever evolve into one. Then, on my first दिन back, I got two props, two new प्रशंसकों and several comments. Now फैन्पॉप is really a community, and it's so good to be back!

The community, fellowship, utnity, whaterver आप choose to call it, is absolutely addictive (being into कल्पना books, I go for fellowship ;) ). And I mean this in the best of ways. फैन्पॉप is not only an interesting place to learn और about your hobbies and interests, it is a nice place to hang out and 'listen' to the conversations going on. And, miraculously in this दिन and age, it is a सुरक्षित place to share what's important to me.
I'm glad to be back!
 There are many different kinds of users.
There are many different kinds of users.
This लेख was last updated on 25 October 2007, and was inspired द्वारा Temptasia's लेख link (sic).

In addition to the categories of user that Temptasia mentioned, I think that there are multiple "levels" of प्रशंसकों in a given spot (these are generalities and not meant to be an analysis of any particular user). I myself fit each of these categories in different spots, and I think that that might apply to others on the site, too. When I'm in a spot, I tend to think everyone else has the same level of enthusiasm/invovlement that I do, and I don't think that's realistic. Here's my quick break-down:...
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posted by PrettyBender
Hi, I'm a photographer, artist and of course author. I like to challenge my skills and see how far I can go! I'm a outgoing person whose creative, intelligent, smart, beautiful, independent, and a little feministic. I'm a strong christian girl and I प्यार येशु our Lord. I'm single but I'm NOT looking for a boyfriend, (I believe in courting not dating). I प्यार my church and my family, and I'm a member of the G.R.W.C (Girls पढ़ना and लेखन Club) at my church. I'm great with kids and my goals in life are to become a: Photographer, LPN and/or RN. I like to stay busy and create things for my...
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It's been a while, well, it's not, but to other people it might seem like it. I've not died, I've not gone on extended vacation, Joe hasn't murdered me and left me in a basement until I've gone off (well... that's true except for the being in a basement). Admitedly I haven't पोस्टेड nearly as much as I did around half a साल ago, I sign in from time to time, leave a couple of टिप्पणियाँ and wander on my merry way again.

It wasn't that फैन्पॉप got bad, it was just my own need for some time away, at the time फैन्पॉप was going through what I like to see as its 'early teenage' stage, it was just discovering...
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posted by Spotty_Vision21
It all started with the First Universe. An animal stumbled across a Paradox and activated it. The First Universe was swallowed into a Paradox. In this empty white space, the animal found Consciousness. It realized that, in a Paradox, the laws of Nature do not apply. So, as it got bored, it created a new universe. In this सेकंड Universe, the Animal created a sentient species. Soon, this sentient species created a new Paradox. That was many, many universes ago. We are the current universe, the New Universe, and it is our job to find a new Paradox and launch ourselves into a new world.

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posted by jarik
It's almost क्रिस्मस and I want to send out
season's greetings to everyone on my fanlist.
I would प्यार to send greetings to आप all
individually but since my fanlist has swollen
to over 200 people that won't be pactical. So
I decided to take the shotgun approach and just
send a blanket season's greetings to everyone on
my fanlist.

In whatever manner आप celebrate the season in
your part of the world I hope आप all will have a
wonderful time with your families and friends. And that आप all be सुरक्षित during the holidays.

Here's hoping everyone has a grand time and that in the coming साल आप will all find peace and prosperity in your lives.