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Mine is the one poking his head out of the litterbox during naptime.
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blue bi-color
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मकड़ी is a very kind Spidercrab.he will not pinch anyone. he hides with his smart disguise as a Sea Tube.He is not only kind,but very wise and intellegent too. he lives with his stepbrother,Crabby(issue #17),Crabby is very stubborn and clumsy.they both have the same home.Crabby's sister,andressa lives in america with my stepfather.their full names are Mcspider T. Frencher and Crabby T. Richou.

Review by:Godzilla E. Tribuntal Tribe
मकड़ी born in:feb.7,1945
Crabby born in:march 30,1950
मकड़ी adopted on:feb.9,1998
Crabby adopted on:march 8,1955

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