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everybody please help haiti just imagine आप are sitting down watching tv and then boom your house falls down right on आप then so does your neighbor's घर then आप hear rumbling and screaming then आप here sirens and madness like the world was going to end and everybody आप knew was going to DIE so please i beg आप just help haiti donate whet आप can just help so everything i typed just imagine that everything abve just happened to आप and आप never saw it coming just

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MAte x prot.💟💟     🍬     
💟💟          🍇
💟💟🐇      🍥
💟💟     🍡
  💟💟     💟💟  
💟💟          💟💟
💟💟          💟💟
💟💟          💟💟
  💟💟     💟💟  
💟💟          💟💟
💟💟🐇      💟💟
  💟💟     💟💟  ...
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