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I have created quiet a few spots now and I प्यार contributions of any kind, but I am surprised at how many people will pick on 'any' प्रशंसक pick सवाल just for the sake of it even if they don't like the subject at hand.
Perfect examples of this behavior is what I have noticed not only on spots that I've created but many other spots as well, someone may put up a सवाल such as: 'Do आप Like The Movie Enchanted?' and someone will answer 'Never Seen It' या another question, say - 'Which Bambi चित्र Is Your Favorite?' only for someone to come up with 'I Hate Bambi.'
It's not whether आप are a प्रशंसक of a spot that is the issue, it's people who answer every प्रशंसक pick सवाल whether they feel that the topic is relevant या not and 'I feel' that if आप don't like a particular question, या आप know nothing about the topic then don't answer या ad onto it with something pointless.
People put a lot of time and effort into प्रशंसक pick सवालों and I'm sure many of आप are tired of irrelevant answers, I know that we can मिटाइए these जवाब and as much as I truly appreciate any contributions I do intend to मिटाइए जवाब to प्रशंसक pick सवालों which are either meaningless या even nasty.
I hope that I haven't 'ruffled any feathers' I just felt that this was a topic worth raising 'I know that it's been bought up in प्रशंसक pick questions' and do continue to have fun on Fanpop. Cheers.