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posted by vider69
I am so sick of all the nastiness and sarcasm that goes on in Fanpop, through the forums, via प्रशंसक pick सवालों and टिप्पणियाँ left regarding तस्वीरें etc.
And I'm sick of being so nice about it when there's only so much one person can take, I've almost left फैन्पॉप on a few occasions because of 'some' peoples attitudes here and I'm over it.
I have been on फैन्पॉप for almost a साल now and I'm not nasty to people, I get on here and do my thing and contribute as much as I can, but if I cop anymore shit या see people being nasty to other people here I will रिपोर्ट them and I'll name all of the 'nasties' on an open forum.
There are newbies here too who could be scared off of फैन्पॉप because of all this crap and I know that no place is perfect but this is ridiculous, so for the 'nasties' out there, I'm not going to put up with your crap and no one else should have to either, just because some of आप have been here longer than me it doesn't make आप a better person, and I find it pathetic when a younger Fanpopper is having a go at me, grow up and get a life! and 'try' to enjoy फैन्पॉप for the great place that it is.
And for the rest of the nice people I've met, try to continue having fun on Fanpop.