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posted by Flamefox
We've been walking for hours!when are we going to you're फ्रेंड्स house?,i asked.When we get there,Marth ansered.
Are we there yet!?,i would keep asking.And Marth would answer calmly,What do आप think? We finally came to a stop.Is this the place?there's no one here!,i yeld.Just wait,he has'nt seen us yet...,Marth कहा then did that pose with his sword pointed to the sky and light reflecting of it.
Marths pov
Man,when is he gonna come?,i thought putting my sword down.I looked at the sky but saw nothing.Lil Red,Roy,it looks like we'll stay here a little longer...,i कहा to see the two under the...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this fanfiction!

Lex froze in fear. There standing infront of her, only feet away was one of the hunters that killed half of her team. And killing all thoughs soldger like gaurds for Weyland wasn't easy!
'Maybe Weyland died too...' she thought while the armor covered creature walked closer to her.
She wanted to turn and run, but she wasn't, and God forbid she would!
She promised her self she wouldn't run any more! Besides, the creature was already an inch infront of her!
lex gasped, she wasn't paying attention to him, which was a stupid thing to...
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Authers note: LOL! This is my third प्रशंसक fiction! XD So I might be going a little slow right now! XD Also... this doesn't reflect off of any Jackie chan adventures episodes, I'm just making this प्रशंसक based!

Disclaimer: I don't own all of the characters in this! :3 (i own: Hann-yuu, Mii-lan, and Chii-lan. In this part any way!)
Warning: ... Okay, okay, only violence and a VERY small tuch of languade (i don't care about my spelling! XD)!
Key: -D-D- = Drago's promo
-J-J- = Jade's promo
-JC-JC- = Jackie chan's promo
-H-H- = Hann-yuu's promo

Jade sat on the briliant shade of green grass. She was trying...
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A/N: Craig x Kyle fanfiction dead-a-head pep's! I don't own any of the characters featured in this fanfiction, they all belong to Comedy Central. And if आप don't like it... Craig?

Craig: *flips yo people off* :| *pulls finger back*

Oh, and there will be some languadge in here.


Craig Tucker, the boy that has been known for his badass-dick-douchebag streak. No one really ever talked to him because they liked him या wanted to know him, only if they want him to protect them from a bully. Craig was and still is a serius fighter.

Craig Tucker on his 5th birthday only reseaved one present from...
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Scar felt a tear run down his chest, it was Lex's.
Scar tightened his hug on Lex, but not so much. He wanted to comfort her, not crush her. He was ten times stronger than a ooman male.
"Lex... tell me what's wrong..."
"Nothings wrong...!" Lex कहा slowly in a depresed voice.
Scar put his hand on her head and pulled her head closer to his chest. "Yes there is... आप wont get looked down on just for telling me whats wrong." He कहा to pursway her into telling him why she's been crying so much.
"My dad..." She कहा in a groggy voice... she wasn't sleepy... she was on the verge of tears.
"If आप miss...
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एल poked Light. "What?" Poke. "Why are आप poking me?" Poke. "Do आप need cake?" Poke. "Stop frikin poking me!" Light grabbed the plate of cake that एल was eating and threw it across the room. "The chance आप are kira has risen 2%." Light resisted the urge to beat the panda like detective. "Do आप even keep track of this 'chance I am kira' thing?" Light asked. एल nodded and pointed to his head. "In my mind." "Then wouldn't it be at like 100% now?" "Are आप admitting that आप are kira?" "No." एल shook his head. "Denial. Another 3%." Light groaned. "That's so ANNOYING!" "I'll stop if आप admit your...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just the story line!
warning: और laungage and gore! Yay! :D

Lex tried to hold still... 'They don't have eyes... maybe they use viberations and sound... like a worm!'
Lika a worm... ha! As if they were! आप can kill a worm with a stop of your foot, but these things...
But as she was thinking, she noticed it had a grid like pattern on it head (and some on his shoulders).
Did holding still help.... hell no! That thing was coming closer to her... as if it knew she was there! And of course... it freaking did!
Lex wanted to scream... but she couldn't!


As scar was walking...
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Savern: Okay... any दिन now for me to meet a girl आप know...!
Me: GOD! You'r worse than Rayn was! She's in this one!

Disclaimer: I only own: Hirou the healer, Ayamichiomi, Irouku the hunter, and Amy & Sara Sandrkiz no one else!
Warning: Bad words and violence!


After a whole घंटा of crying, Lex sat up striat on the bed.
She couldn't forget Scar's face, voice, या apearance... And she didn't want to forget...!
She never felt this alown since her father died...! She blaims the death on herself... and she blaims Scar and Savern leaving her intirly on herself!
Then she layed back on the bed...
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Alucard sat in his chair, silently. Seeing Seras hurt like that... made him feel empty in his beat-less heart.
It was his falt she was hurt... if he would have continued the rest of the floors, he would have known that Anderson was there!
Alucards grin was gone, his hat and glasses were off, his जैकेट was hanging on a कोट rack over द्वारा the door, and his hair was in its 'short form'. But really, he just puts it off to the left side of his head and puts in some pins to hold it there.
But Seras was healed now, there was nothing much to wory about anymore. But he continues to think of her....
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Ayami layed still on her bed... she still couldn't get Savern out of her mind.
She kept her mind set on him until she thought about their family...
She remembered that his grandfather, Inshu, hated her grandfather, Juku.
They hate each other because of each others way of raising there family as one of the elders.
Her grandfather, beleived in stricked rules. But Savern's beleived in less striked rules.
She wanted Savern as a mate... but did he प्यार her back...?
Bad chance that he loves her back. He probebly is watched over from other girls in higher clan's and much और prettier than she.
She then...
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Disclaimer: I only own: Ayami, Hirou, Irouku, and Sara & Amy Sandrkiz, no one else!
Warning: languadge and violence.


Ayami looked at the controls as if they just pissed her off, and Savern saw the hatred for the controls in her deep-grey eye's.
(Shit...!) She hissed under her breath. (What?) Savern replied, affraid that he might get hit द्वारा her.
(I can't find the DAMNED thing!) She snapped at him... she then realized her temper was taking over her... so she calmed down. But not a whole lot...!
Savern sighed and walked up to her. He put his hand on her sholder, (Ayami... CALM down!) He demanded...
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Scar got off the बिस्तर that him and Lex were sitting on. He wondered what Lex was thinking about, he doubted the whole 'share a mental path with your mate' thing.
Lex was thinking about how it would work out later... when they get home...
She loved Scar with all her heart, and he loved her back. But his people... would they?
Scar and Lex heard a huge bang on the door, Scar walked over to his door.
He put his palm on the scaner, and he looked out his door.
There, standing all blunt and looking out raged... was Scar's father.
Scar knew what to expect... and he gessed right!
"Scar... आप get out of your...
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Lex woke up earlier than Scar did again, and the first thing she thought was 'Gatta get my clothes back on!'.
With that thought... she jumped out of the बिस्तर and darted to the clothe's rack with her clothes on it.
She pulled her netting back on and slipped her कमीज, शर्ट and स्कर्ट right back on herself.
She then desided to trie and to tie the seams herself... and it worked!
She was shocked that she was so used to feeling Scar tie the seams... that she acually knew how to tie them herself!
She jumped at the sound of Scar's alarm rining.
Scar opened his eyes slowly and turned the alarm off. He then looked...
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Warning: Some of the stuff in this part might be uncomfortible for you... (some pervy sounding stuff is in this!)

Savern stopped in his tracks and looked back, Ayami was standing still and looking down... she was अभिनय alittle strange.
"You okay Ayami?" He asked, Ayami looked back up and over her sholder to Savern.
"Yes... I'm fine." She replied.
Savern breifly heard the words that she said, it came to him in a mumble.
Ayami looked infront of her and walked off.
Savern did the same... what did she say to him?


Scar sat with his arms around Lex... she was such a strong girl...!
She was...
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Ash sat on the couch, his hands on his temples. He was back घर in Pallet Town, but he wasn't 10 anymore. Now he's 26, and has his own house and a wife, his old ally Dawn. She was out grocery shopping, and he was alone for several hours. "God, I remember the days," he कहा quietly to himself.
He was looking back on the days when he was a trainer, 16 years ago. It was fun, he recalled, especially his years with Dawn. His best friend, though, was his Pikachu. The thing is, पिकाचू had left for the Yellow Forest when he turned 18. All connection with his other फ्रेंड्स was lost. They all went...
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 Addie Pierce(Lucy Hale)
Addie Pierce(Lucy Hale)
Secretly Jealous
A Novel
Chapter One: Addie Pierce

    My name is Addie Pierce. I’m in 10th grade, and I am 15 years old. I have 2 sisters, Amelia and Betty. Betty is 29 and Amelia is 5. Betty is married, and has 2 children, Lisa and Mike. Amelia, is your average 5 साल old of course, annoying as much as my little brothers, Tyler and Franklyn. Twins, of course, get to be the luckiest 4 साल olds on the planet, while I’m stuck with stacks of homework, and a boyfriend who never talks to me. Yes, I have a boyfriend-Levi. Levi’s 16 and about just the smartest boy on the planet....
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Authers note: CHAPTER 3 IS A OUT!!! I found out I have a great प्रशंसक of these warriors code and honnor storries! :)

Disclaimer: I only own: Ayami, Hirou, Irouku, and Scar and Saverns parents, no one else. (but I will make a new प्रशंसक character soon!)
Warning: lanuguadge and some violence

Also, -H-H- in the story means 'Hirous promo'! ^~^'

Finally, Scar, Lex, Ayami, Savern, and the other hunters returned घर after that long and bloody trip.
Scar and Savern already lived on their own. After a teenager turns 18 and gets their own place to live, they are then held elagable for hunting.
Scar got out of...
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Alucard stared at his dying fledgeling. She looked like she was in pain, but why was the qeustion.
The only things that can cause harm to a vampire are... blessed objects! Were the blades on those sords blessed?
Good chance!
Then Alucard heard something behind him, like a cackling laugh.
"Amen." कहा the obvious male voice.
he turned his head in a तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट motion, and his grin was still gone.
When his skinny face turned around, he saw THE Alexander Anderson! That man was an extermanating priest! He kills ALL vampires, even if they do nothing wrong, he continues to kill them.
Alucards grin creeped...
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Disclaimer: I own no characaters and so and so...
warning: Gore, laugage

After a long run threw the temple, the three finnaly got to the man whole.
(How the hell do we get out of here in time?) Savern asked in his huffing.
Lex looked at the sled used to bring suplies up and down, but it was cacooned, they couldn't use it.
(We'll have to do what the elders told use to do, we'll have to jump up to the surfuse!) Scar said, he then freed one of his hands from his grasp on Lex. He had to use it to maintain his balance when he began to jump, but he wished he could keep his hand on Lex, she seemed more...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Disclaimer: I कहा it once, twice, 1000 times... I own only the story line, no characters!
Warning: gore, laungadge आप get it द्वारा now!

Savern didn't see his brothers light amber eyes, but he knew there was a sencation of कड़वा rage in them.
(Scar...) He began. He forgot to say anything else... he was completely dumbfounded द्वारा the idea he would break his brothers promise to NOT kill any females they see.
(Savern, आप promised me आप wouldn't kill any females, या hurt them!) Scar roared. Scar wasn't happy, he then remembered why he was gentle with girls: Because, with out females, how would there...
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