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Requested by: Sasha/Alphawhitewolf.

*Breathes* Seriously though guys, there is a saying, "Be careful what आप wish for, because it just might come true."

I wasn't kidding, I am reviewing a सोनाडो प्रशंसक fiction. And since आप guys liked seeing me in pain the last episode, (You sick bastards...)

Let's take a look at the Fanfiction called Faker.

While not as bad as the atrocity Creation Of A Dry Bones, this is one of those Fanfictions so bad it's hilarious.

Believe me though when I say it's miles better than the last...
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spyro is लेखन in his journal:my name is spyro and i think im in प्यार cause ive seen this dragoness shes black with पन्ना eyes and shes the most beautiful ive ever seen it would be a miracle if she would प्यार me too , i try to talk to her but theres another dragoness named ember now shes गुलाबी but i dont प्यार her but shes crazy about me , when i see cynder i try to go over to her but ember is watching and pops out from where shes hiding and pulls me away and cynder doesnt seem to notice me but today's going to be a new दिन cause im goin to march up to ember and say i dont प्यार her, tell her to stop following me and if she crys ill ignore her then ill go over to cynder and tell her how i feel and hopefully she'll take a liking to me and grow a bond between us. (stops writing) i just gotta do it spyro says
well thats the end of part one ill start part two immediatly
The actual शीर्षक is called, "Sonic and Tails and Knuckles go fishing." which is just horrible grammar to ignore commas.

You know a प्रशंसक fiction is going to be AMAZING when there is even an error IN THE GODDAMN TITLE! >.<

Please, just shoot me now! I quit! I give up on my life, now please let me go!

......Fine, I'll review this....

Besides, it's not like me to do that anyways. BUT, I am warning you. People like this exist, people that write such horrid stories and call it a प्रशंसक fiction.... It blows my mind! And today, I crush one of the worst ones out there.

It's time to look at, "Sonic, Tails,...
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posted by ShanoHepworth
Skins: The Aftermath

(Cook sat on his बिस्तर drinking a bottle of वोडका, वोदका looking all drunk while taking off his shoes and socks. Then stands up and takes his चोटी, शीर्ष off)
Cook: (lies on his bed) Freds why did आप have to go I need आप man?
(Cook begins to close his eyes as he doses off to sleep hearing Freddie’s voice)
Freddie: cook make sure आप look after eff (faint voice)
(While hearing Freddie’s voice cook jumps up out of बिस्तर looking around to see there’s no one there)
Cook: Freddie! Come back man
(Cook walks over to the bedroom door and peaks at the landing and walks slowly towards the stairs...
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Elena opened her eyes and sat up. One thing was certain. This was not her room. Neither was it Damon’s. A picture of her and Stefan told her this was Stefan’s room. She got up and regretted it the moment she stood on her feet. Her head bounced, everything was blurry and she got so dizzy she had to sit down again. And on चोटी, शीर्ष of that her stomach was twisting around. Then she remembered the state she was in. This was just one of the symptoms…Wait, Caroline didn’t say anything about feeling nauseous.
“Hey, I cleaned your sheets” Damon कहा in the doorway. He noticed Elena’s pale face....
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February 14, 2017.

It all started like a normal couple, Bob Himb was doing a video with FluxxHd.
They were playing Gmod, but it wasn’t a normal day, it was February 14.
FluxxHd कहा something he would never say he said, “Hey BB want to go with me to the cosplay convention”, Bob Himb yelled in a seducing voice, Bob Himb “Oh yes, I will dress up like your logo”. Bob Himb quick traveled to FluxxHD’s house, after he got their Fluxx was in a bunny sexy suit, Bob Himb कहा to him in a turn on voice, “Hey bon-bon, आप ready?”, Fluxx Responded in a दिखाना off voice “Yes babe” After...
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posted by LowriLorenza89
1. A Mary Sue is described as being overly perfect. Every feature of her appearance is beautiful, and nothing about her is unappealing या even plain. Sometimes she considers herself to be ordinary या plain, but the other characters' opinions of her disagree with this.

2. Her physical appearance is often described in far और detail than any of the other characters. Sometimes an entire paragraph, या even multiple paragraphs, is used to describe her. She is often also described in over-the-top, flowery and romanticised language. Her features can be compared to gold, gemstones and other valuables....
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 बिना सोचे समझे Image
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What if Arthur hadn't banished Guinevere from Camelot when he had found her in the arms of his most trusted friend? What if he was persuaded द्वारा his advisers to have her executed the following day?
-One shot story, for और खोजिए Livi4eva Fanfiction and click on 'Goodbye my love'. Please read, प्रशंसक and टिप्पणी दे if आप like :)


Her eyes filled with tears as she watched the two men she loved fight to the death. The sound of metal clashing together rose in pitch and echoed in the great hall. Soon the two men stepped back and circled each other while exchanging glares. The sweat on their...
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Stefan and Katherine glared at each other, not sure what to do now, but Damon made it easy for them.
“Get out” he कहा trembling.
“Damon, I didn’t know” Katherine started. “I swear I didn’t know”
“Just go away, Katherine” Damon said. “You, too, Stefan” he कहा without looking at his brother.
Stefan vowed his hands and made a step towards Damon. “I really thought आप knew. And I really didn’t mean to let it happen. All I know is that Rebekah gave her blood to Elena and that I couldn’t interfere. If I could’ve, I would’ve, आप know that” he pleaded.
Katherine looked...
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Elena was lying on a hospital, surrounded द्वारा her friends. She was awake and a little annoyed.
“I’m fine, I want to go home” she said.
“You fainted, Elena. आप need to slow down a bit” Caroline कहा bossy.
“I just have a low blood pressure, which is no surprise” Elena कहा pointing at her neck.
“Well, the doctor wants आप to stay here for the night” Stefan said. “And I agree with him”
“This is a conspiracy” Elena कहा grumpy.
“We can stay if आप want” Jeremy suggested.
“And stop me from leaving, right” Elena said, figuring her brother out. “No, आप can all leave,...
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Damon and Elena were in the kitchen, both sitting on the dresser. Elena pulled on a hole in her jeans, making it bigger.
“The fashion trend where people wear worn off jeans has passed a long time ago, Elena” Damon smirked.
“I’m sorry’ Elena mumbled.
“It’s okay…But if आप want to make और holes I can help you” Damon winked.
“That’s not what I’m talking about” Elena shook her head. “I’m sorry about the bracelet. Amber broke it. I know how much it means to आप and giving it to me was a really nice offer and now it’s broken and I can’t fix it”
Damon shrugged....
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A surprising amount of people have trouble with posting their stories up (or maybe it was me who figured it out too fast, I dunno), so this is a little step-by-step guide on how to प्रकाशित करे your fanfiction over at

Step 1:
Go to any page of and click "sign in" on the very चोटी, शीर्ष right corner of the page. Sign in.

Step 2:
A page will load with a left side bar with various different options regarding your account, प्रिय stories, communities, etc. Click the सेकंड bold option, "Publish."

Step 3:
A different set of options will pop up under Publish. Click on the सेकंड one, "Doc...
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•Owner rights to D.C. Comic characters: warner bros•

•i do not own any character Right involved in this story this is purely fanfic.•

•Background image owner:

•Storyline belongs to:
Queen Mary•

•Story opening: A history lesson in the past. The opening Prologue:•

Kalya Ren Kent Wyane is the child of Clark Kent aka सुपरमैन and Dina prince aka Wonder Woman. She was born right after her older brother Vince aka Sun-Ray who is also a Justice League member and hero ,and after the death of her late sister Kiki. Kalya is known as a very strong , clever young woman she has...
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posted by alexischaos2004
NOTE: Before आप read this, I wanted to say this is a याओइ fanfiction. The pairing featured in this is Shadilver. If आप are NOT a Shadilver fan, don't read this. Simple. Also, there might be a few inappropriate word selections in this.

"A rose has its thorns, and a बैंगनी, वायलेट has its leaves. But, combining the two will make आप weep." कहा Silver, looking down at a white piece of paper with a proud tone of voice. He was in कविता class, and this was his first poem. It needed to make his teacher impressed, या he would be expelled from कविता class. "Impressive,Silver. Next, is Shadow." Ms.Suxcox...
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Smile द्वारा Avril Lavigne version द्वारा me!

You know that I write fanfics,

I post what I want when I feel like it,

All I want to do is lose control (oh oh)

But आप don’t really care about it,

You review and subscribe and प्रिय it,

Cuz आप read whatever that gets post(ed)

You कहा ‘what’s

This story’,

It took one look,

And now we’re not the same,

Yeah आप कहा ‘what’,

And since that day,

You turned obsessed and you’re the one to blame,


And that's why... I write,

It's been a while,

Since one of my fanfics have had actually been read…

And now,

You turn it all around,

And suddenly...
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 Prepare to have your childhood crushed....
Prepare to have your childhood crushed....
(Some viewers may find this disturbing, viewer discretion advised. And I apologize if I spelled anything wrong.)

What the heck guys, what the hell! I didn't know humanity was so fu*ked up! I am warning आप right now, this Fanfiction is very disturbing, it is intensely SCARY, and actually made me vomit AND it gave me a nightmare. Today in Toxic Fanfic Reviews, we are starting out with a bang, with,,,,,,,,,,,, Creation Of A Dry Bones, a Mario Fanfiction द्वारा the demented, I don't know his name, the Fanfic was so Arceus Awful that Fanfic.Net Took it down. Enough Messing around, because I may be...
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added by Bisexualnerd22
 I'm done with my life.
I'm done with my life.
(Do आप really want to read this without me? Well, if आप want to die that badly, the link is here.)


(Also, there is some profanity in this series, so if आप can't take cussing, या disgusting sex in these god-awful प्रशंसक fictions, please leave now.)

You have got to be kidding me. I'm not even joking, आप have GOT to be FREAKING KIDDING ME. How do people come up with this, how do people even THINK that लेखन A F**KING SQUIDWARD X SPONGEBOB प्रशंसक FICTION WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!?!?

And why is porn done wrong so many times? I mean, ALL आप have to do is at least TRY to make it funny, make no grammar...
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The link to the story's in the comment. The adult in the end of this video is his father.
When that nasty Skool was done I walk घर alone like always.. I guess people sAy I'm a freak even tho they ugly heh stupid humans won't know what hit them when I have my plans settle and ready to rule this earth and all humans will BOW! to me hmm it's getting dark "hey bad हे wait up"

I turn around to see the worm baby Cry running to me than stop and walk अगला to me.. "what do आप want human?..." she look at me and smile "I just wanted to walk with आप to your place I think it's nice if I came along with आप till आप reach home" I look at her than back to the roads "and why is that.. No body...
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