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One: आप must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as आप live.

Two: आप must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Three: Though our paths may have diverged, आप must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignficant , and आप must never forget about your फ्रेंड्स who loved you

When members of Team Natsu have फ्रेंड्स that leave to lead their lives elsewhere, the member closest to the leaving friend recites the Three Laws of Fairy Tail.
By: Mariojaco

#5. Freed x Laxus (Fraxus)
--Everyone ships Laxus and Freed with Mira, and i do not agree with that. I think that Mira is better off on her own because she is a strong woman and is better without a man to distract her from helping the guild. Freed created the Thunder God tribe as a group that follows Laxus and has his back. Freed is very loyal to Laxus and i believe he has feelings for him as well. I think that Freed is a great match for Laxus because Laxus has such a firey and mad personality..In the earier episodes (and chapters--manga) Laxus went all crazy because he hated that...
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posted by NeoNightclaw19
Opening 10

Everybody Jump Up! Everybody Hands Up!
Everybody Jump Up! Everybody Hands Up!

When I rush up to the चोटी, शीर्ष of the building and look down,
I see a colorful world with umbrellas blooming like flowers.

Even on a depressing rainy day, if I can find a seed of happiness,
I'll be able to like today और than yesterday.

आप have always been giving me words of great value,
but have I been able to do the same for you?

I wish to convey my feelings to आप right now
to दिखाना my gratitude, but I feel a little embarrassed.
No matter when, I'll always give आप a smile, so please always hold my...
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 Fairy Tail Confessions
Fairy Tail Confessions
Hello, FT. This लेख shows anonymous confessions worldwide shared on Tumblr's Fairy Tail Confessions, and the purpose is to bring प्रशंसकों of this series closer and bond into a stronger community. These confessions are part of the shipping edition! Do not spread hate, and remember to keep an open mind to know that these are anonymous confession made द्वारा global प्रशंसकों (and not me)! Once again, I give credits to Fairy Tail Confession on Tumblr. Thank you.

1) “I find it strange how not a lot of people support Ultear x Jellal - Villains who are both trying to atone for their sins. They’re made to...
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#5 Things आप probably didnt know about Hiro Mashima (FT Creator)

#5. Hiro Mashima wanted FT to be a short story!
---Mashima origianlly planned for Fairy Tail to end around the 10 book या so, but changed his mind because he wished to draw और of Fairy Tail and because of all of the fans!

#4. Hiro Mashima is a.....super hero?
---Mashima's फ्रेंड्स and work buddies often call the मांगा artist "Superman" because of these reasons: Hes never been a artists assistant and the first thing he does when he wakes up, is work on the daily मांगा work!

#3. Hiro Mashima isnt just into मांगा art.
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मांगा लेखक Hiro Mashima has announced on his Twitter account on Friday that the final TV ऐनीमे series of Fairy Tail will air in 2018. The मांगा will प्रकाशित करे its final chapter on July 26.

Fairy Tail has been serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine since 2006 and currently has over 60 million copies in print worldwide. The series won the 33rd Kodansha मांगा Award for shounen मांगा and also the जापान Expo Award in 2009. It has inspired multiple ऐनीमे adaptations; including a 175-episode TV series, a 102-episode sequel, two OVA series, two ऐनीमे films, several spin-off manga, and a side story novel series.

Prior to becoming defunct, Del Rey मांगा published the first 12 volumes of the मांगा in English in North America. Kodansha Comic USA resumed its publication with the 13th volume in 2011. FUNimation Entertainment licensed the ऐनीमे for North American distribution and has been releasing the series on Blu-ray and DVD since 2011.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Fairy Tail is a लोकप्रिय ऐनीमे दिखाना that's very good. The दिखाना has several good characters. This सूची is about the characters that I like the most.

10. Makarov

Makarov is the boss of the members of the Fairy Tail Guild. Despite being a supporting character he's in charge of the main characters. He's a good leader.

9. Elfman

Elfman is a recurring character who pretty much exists for comedy relief and he's good at being a funny comedy relief.

8. Reedus

Reedus Jonhah is another recurring character who's a comedy relief. He is a likeable and enjoyable comedy relief.

7. Gray

Gray is 1 of Fairy Tail's...
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So this is an update since my last चोटी, शीर्ष 5 poll. I think my प्रिय are finally in the correct order this time now that I've gotten a bit further into the anime.

1. Ultear

I like Ultear because she's just a great villain. Granted I heard that she turns good. Even so during her time as the bad guy she was freaking awesome. She was smart and cunning and had great control over the situations she was put in. Ultear also had a just perfect blend of stoic emotions and rather insane bouts. Like she seemed very calm on the outside and then she started talking about her mom and आप see the classic 'crazy...
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Funimation also revealed additional cast members for the Fairy Tail टेलीविज़न ऐनीमे series on Saturday. The additional cast, listed द्वारा Guild, are as follows:

Cait Shelter Guild Members
Wendy - Brittney Karbowski
Carla - Jad Saxton

Oracion Seis Guild Members
Cobra - Jarrod Greene
Brain - Philip Weber
Midnight - Micah Solusod
Angel - Lindsay Seidel
Racer - Jeff Plunk
Hoteye - Chris Cason

Blue Pegasus Guild Members
Ren - Christopher Wehkamp
Hibiki - Aaron Dismuke
Eve - Daniel Litwin
Ichiya - Chris Guerrero

Lamia Scale Guild Members
Jura - Kent Williams
Sherry - Trina Nishimura
Lyon - Jerry Jewell

Funimation has...
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 Fairy Tail: 100 साल Quest
Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest
If आप thought Fairy Tail was over, then आप better think again. The series might have wrapped last साल thanks to its creator Hiro Mashima, but the artist has brought the magical शीर्षक back.

Yes, Fairy Tail’s much-wanted sequel is here, and प्रशंसकों are freaking out over the debut.

For those out of the loops, Fairy Tail is making a return this week, and it will bring lots of familiar faces with it. Thanks to Mashima, Fairy Tail: 100 साल Quest will begin its publication in Weekly Shonen Magazine under Kodansha Comics. The sequel picks up right where Fairy Tail’s original series ended, and readers...
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#5. Todd Haberkorn is a BIG प्रशंसक of Anime!
---Todd Haberkorn, (the english voice of Natsu) is a voice actor in dozens of other anime's, including---Hetalia (Italy)--Ouran High School Host Club (Hikaru)--Soul Eater (Death The Kid)--Attack On Titan (Marlo)--Legend Of Korra (Bataar jr.)--Full Metal Alchemist (Ling Yao)--and lot's more!

#4. Hiro Mashima's तारा, स्टार sign is Tarus.
----Mashima कहा that that's why he had to make tarus strong and stuff, because he didn't want to make himself look weak! (hahaha that's funny!)

#3. Mahsima's प्रिय FT volumes are 10+11.
---he claims to like those volumes...
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So, those of आप that have sunk deep enough into this fantastic ऐनीमे would know about Gildarts. I wanna know if anyone thinks he'd actually be any good at running a Guild, and what your opinion on him is. Also, who else within Fairy Tail do आप think would make a good Guild master?
posted by heartfillia
Set in an imaginary world, the Earth Land, there exists a Mage Guild called "Fairy Tail." Fairy Tail is stationed in the town Magnolia, residing in the Kingdom of Fiore, and is currently governed द्वारा Makarov, Guild's master.

Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old girl, wishes to become a full-fledged mage and शामिल होइए one of the most prestigious Mage Guilds in the world, Fairy Tail.

One day, out of pure coincidence, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a boy who is transportation-sick, but very cheerful in nature. However, the thing she does not know is that Natsu is the closest connection to Fairy Tail, as he is a Mage in Fairy Tail.

thats the summary

fairy tail
Lucy Heartfilia is the protagonist of Fairy Tail. She is a blonde haired girl who had rich parents, but now she has fun फ्रेंड्स that she goes on adventures with.

Despite being the show's main तारा, स्टार Lucy doesn't seem to be the show's most लोकप्रिय charactes. Natsu, Erza, and a few other characters tend to be और liked द्वारा the fans. Of course प्रशंसकों can dislike and like who they want, but I personally think that Lucy is the best character in Fairy Tail.

1 major reason why Lucy is the best character in Fairy Tail is that she's the most well written. Her storylines are far और complex and interesting...
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so I am new to फैन्पॉप here!

So I was thinking why do people hate Lisanna so much?
here are some जवाब i came through:-

1) I noticed that Lisaana is only (might be) hated द्वारा नालु shippers because the think she is some kind of threat to their ship.

2) Because of her sudden return from edolas and not having much moments she eventually began to be useless to the show

3) They think her takeovers are lame. या they hate her with no reason

So do आप guys like LIsanna? I myself personally प्यार her and I she needs और moments. I also think shhe is no threat for नालु because she returned for her siblings. Why can't people think that?

टिप्पणी दे your opinion and Thank आप So Much For Reading! ^^

posted by AngelUchihaNeko
Well,ya know that Gajeel and Natsu have got Duo Dragon Modes. I प्यार both of them,although Gajeel's one is a bit scary at the first sight. I thought like "What the hell is this?" and I was scared of my beloved Iron Dragon Slayer. Yeah I am a Fangirl of Gajeel-and I think I am the only one who loves Gajeel. I give आप some flashbacks what happened as they got the Duo Dragon Modes.

-Natsus Lightning आग Dragon Mode-
Natsu got his Mode in the Grimoire Heart/Tenrou Island-Arc. Laxus appeared as Wendy,Lucy and Natsu fought Hades. That Mode is so awesome! Well,he used that three times so far.

-Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Mode-
I was really scared of that Mode. Really,I thought he goes back to the dark side! Well,he got that Mode from Rogues shadows. "What समन्दर, सलमंडर can do,I can it too",he कहा and swallowed the shadows! I was really scared of that mode,but it was awesome how Gajeel defeat rogue with it. Stupid that he uses just one time so far.
 Natsu with Lightning आग Mode.
Natsu with Lightning Fire Mode.
Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima's staff already celebrated the completion of the मांगा द्वारा giving Mashima a commemorative glass trophy earlier this month. Now, it's Mashima's turn to mark the series' conclusion. The final chapter of Fairy Tail debuted in this year's 34th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine on Wednesday.

The opening page of the final chapter of Fairy Tail features a special image to honor the manga's 11-year run. Everyone who applies according to details published in this week's Weekly Shōnen Magazine will be able to receive a reproduction of the illustration for free....
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First Fairy Tail movie कहा to come out August, 18th of 2012. It will not be released in any other country except Japan, until the DVD comes out. द्वारा then it will take a few months for any प्रशंसक subs. So subbed will probably be released around Febuary in 2013........more या less.This movie is based on Hiro Mashima's ऐनीमे and मांगा series "Fairy Tail" but is not connected to the main story line. The Maiden of the Phoenix (Priestess of the Phoenix) is basically going to be about a strange girl named Eclair who लॉस्ट her memories, but can only remember that she has to deliver the two Phoenix Stones somewhere. Eclair bumps, या passes द्वारा Lucy who is depressed because she was the cause of a failed mission. Eclair hates magic, but manages to come across Fairy Tail. Any additional information has not been released along with any spoilers. Only a few teasers and the trailer (Witch I have already पोस्टेड in the वीडियो section)
A relaunch of the Fairy Tail टेलीविज़न ऐनीमे project has been green-lit. Original मांगा creator Hiro Mashima had indicated that there would be good news for प्रशंसकों on Thursday.

Mashima had asked प्रशंसकों in March to wait until he can announce some "good news" since the first टेलीविज़न ऐनीमे adaptation of Fairy Tail ended that month. Mashima added on Twitter at the time, "It's actually not over yet. I can't say और than this, but I hope आप watch the rerun starting in April and wait for the दिन I can announce some good news. […] ऐनीमे is not the end. Don't stop believing." The series concluded with a "To Be Continued" शीर्षक card.

Mashima also asked प्रशंसकों in English on June 7 to "please wait until अगला week. आप will be surprised." However, that time he was not teasing good news, but talking about not discussing the spoilers in the following week's chapter.
posted by usuitakumi77
Lucy Heartfilia

Kanji : ルーシィ・ハートフィリア

Rōmaji : Rūshi Hātofiria

Alias : Princess (姫 Hime) (by Virgo, Coco and
Coco (EL))
Blondie (by Flare Corona)


Race : Human

Gender : Female

Age : 17 (debut)[1]

Weight : 47kg (103 lbs)[2]

Birthday : July 1, X767[3]

Hair Color : Blonde

Eye Color : Brown

Blood Type : AB[3]

Professional Status

Affiliation : Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation : Heartfilia Konzern

Guild Mark Location : Back of Right Hand

Occupation : Mage

Team : Team Natsu

Previous Team : Light Team
Tenrou Team
Team Fairy Tail A

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