Does एरागोन makes your life change या any lesson that आप learned about it?

The movie एरागोन has an inspiring story about believing in yourself. I asked this सवाल because I wanted to know if आप guys/girls (including the die-hard fans) are already inspired from this movie या know why your inspired from it.
 Pauline_15 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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एरागोन जवाब

Fla_Alex_s2 said:
Yes, of course!
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Lizijana said:
Since I "met" "Eragon", my life started changing.
The main thing it made was - it forced me to mature faster. Since I saw/read Eragon:
*I started to take interest in other, well made books.
*I started to listen to संगीत and wonder about singers.
*I started to watch फिल्में और and look for such a good फिल्में as एरागोन story.
*I started to दिखाना interest in actors.
*I started to प्यार ड्रॅगन्स and they have becamed my favourite creatures.
*I started to create fantastic stories द्वारा myself.
एरागोन story has taught me:
*no matter what - the honest is the most imoportant thing.
*to cherish the best friend and family, because it's only one.
*that saving a freedom is much harder than being ruled द्वारा someone else.
*that ability to choose your path sometimes is worese than a firm destiny.
*and much much more
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saphira1897 said:
एरागोन has many life lessons आप just have to be smart enuff to find them
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