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(1965) NR
On tour in Pakistan to promote his latest movie, matinee idol Johnny Tyronne (Elvis Presley) winds up stranded in the desert in this musical comedy. Convinced the action hero is the perfect man to carry out their plan, a gang of would-be assassins kidnaps him. After escaping, Johnny's guided through the desert back to civilization by Baba (Billy Barty). Along the way, Johnny sings some songs and wins the heart of the Princess (Mary Ann Mobley).

(1957) NR
Considered by many fans to be Elvis's best film, Jailhouse Rock tells the story of convict Vince Everett (Elvis Presley), who, while doing time in the clink, learns a thing or two about music from his cellmate and ends up with a hit song. When freed, Vince pursues showbiz and starts his own record company with his girlfriend Peggy (Judy Tyler). But will fame get the best of Vince? Songs include "Baby, I Don't Care" and "Don't Leave Me Now."

(1964) NR
Lt. Josh Morgan (Elvis Presley) is sent by the Air Force to negotiate a land deal with his cousins. He faces tough opposition from Jodie (also Elvis) and family patriarch Pappy (Arthur O'Connell), but the women in hillbilly country will follow him anywhere. Glenda Farrell, Yvonne Craig, Beverly Powers and Hortense Petra co-star, and Elvis sings the title song, "Smokey Mountain Boy," "Barefoot Ballad," "Once Is Enough" and more.

Rodeo star Lonnie Beale (Elvis Presley) takes a job as a stable hand at an upscale all-girl ranch and spa. There, he sweeps the clientele off their feet, particularly the beautiful Pamela (Jocelyn Lane), who attracts unwanted attention from bandits after her family gold. Julie Adams, Jack Mullaney and Merry Anders co-star. Elvis's songs include "It Feels So Right," "Dirty Dirty Feeling," "Put the Blame on Me" and "I'm Yours."

(1964) NR
Race car driver Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley) pulls into Las Vegas, ready for the city's first-ever Grand Prix. All he needs is enough money to buy a new engine, so he takes a job as a waiter at a casino. Lucky finds time to court the beautiful swimming pool manager, Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret), with his crooning skills -- but both the race and Rusty may be up for grabs when rival Count Elmo Mancini (Cesare Danova) rolls into town.

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