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posted by VocaloidGirl12
I'm going to write a प्रशंसक fiction about Elsword (including my own pairings like Elsword x Aisha, Rena X Raven, & Chung X Eve) do आप want me to write the प्रशंसक fiction या forget about it? (NOTE: send me a message if आप want me to write another प्रशंसक fiction about some other stuffs) story quests (side quests as well, if anyone is willing to tell me a lot of them (places, enemies, quest item, etc)) and I also need और plot development because I may sometimes get stuck and I might get some plot holes... and also if there's anything else that आप would like me to put in the प्रशंसक fiction, be my guest and either message me on the chapter I wrote या टिप्पणी दे on my wall. :3 and another thing, if there's a translator for the Elsword Comic (yes they made a comic, IT CAME BEFORE THE GAME), PLEASE let me know I want to read it but I can't read in korean (plus the मांगा is weird, so that makes me want to read it more)