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(Hi Guys I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan and I wanted to make an Rp of the game I know most about (Skyrim). So know that it will have ultra realism. Bleeding damage, infection, needs (as in food, water, and sleep.) This was mostly inspired by many mods on Nexus and I wanted to see how it'd go with Fanpop's epic rping community. Now the game will start off in Whiterun (Just since it's the center of the map and you can decide what to do from there) though if you wish to join later on just rp entering the scene and leave how you go their in your bio description. (Also this will be a bit wordy so if you already know the race you want to be and don't need back stories and biology on them just pick the one you''re familiar with.)


{[High Elves]}
Known as "Altmer" in their homeland of Summerset Isle, the High Elves are the most gifted in the arcane arts of all the races. They can call upon their Highborn power to regenerate Magicka quickly.

As a race, the Altmer strive to maintain the appearance of their ancestor race, the Aldmer, primarily through highly selective traditions surrounding marriage and reproduction. They are among the tallest of the humanoid races, taller than most humans and much taller than other mer. Their skin maintains a very pale gold hue, not quite the pale white of the northern human races such as Nords or Bretons but far lighter than the Bosmer. They are slender, with prominently pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes that can be amber, green, or yellow. On average, Altmer are of smaller build than humans, and thus generally not as strong. Their tall stature also makes them less agile than their Bosmeri cousins. However, Altmer are among the most intelligent and magically-inclined races on Nirn, surpassing even the Bretons in magical aptitude. Altmer are received poorly amongst the Nords, the Stormcloaks especially, ever since the Thalmor, the ruling political group of the Altmer, outlawed the worship of Talos in Skyrim. High Elves are well known for their noble countenance and are arrogant or disdainful more often than not when addressing humans.

Enigmatic and intelligent, the Argonians are experts at guerrilla warfare, and their natural abilities suit their swampy homeland, Black Marsh. Argonians make proficient thieves, due to their increased lockpicking and sneaking skills.

They have developed immunities to the diseases that have doomed many would-be explorers in the region, and they are capable of easily exploring underwater locations due to their ability to breathe water.

{[Wood Elves]}
Bosmer are the elven people of Valenwood. They prefer a simple existence, living in harmony with the land and wild animals. They are known to be the best archers in all of Tamriel and are known for their ability to command wild creatures. They make great scouts or thieves, due to their natural stealth and light footing.

. Their resistances to both poison and disease make them the most viable candidate for any player not wishing to become a werewolf or vampire but wishing to be protected from disease and poison. These resistances, along with their special Command Animal power, make Bosmer an excellent choice for a scout, thief, assassin or treasure hunter type character.
Bosmeri characters, through certain ways, can enter the Thalmor Embassy without the need for an invitation, but the guards will be more vigilant towards them and are more likely to attack them than they would to an Altmer.

Bretons are a race of both human and elven ancestry. They populate the province of High Rock. They are excellent mages with high magic resistance but have few other distinctive features. They are considered an intelligent race in Tamriel, known for a proficiency in abstract thinking, a possible reason for their adeptness in the magical arts.

It is suggested that they may probably also carry Aldmer blood, accounting for their magical prowess.

[The Forsworn]
In the Reach, the native Bretons were involved in an armed uprising against the Nords that rule Markarth. They took the city by force due to a belief that it belonged to the native population, but were driven out by Ulfric Stormcloak prior to his own conflict with the Empire. This group call themselves the Forsworn and are active to this day.
(Is possible to become one and or be one upon your entrance in the Rp. Just put it in your Bio or if we're in the wilderness just Rp your appearance.)

{[Dark Elves]}
The Dunmer, more commonly referred to as Dark Elves, are the dark skinned elven natives of the province of Morrowind. After the eruption of Red Mountain, many Dunmer fled to Skyrim becoming refugees. They face extreme prejudices due to their elven blood. Several Dunmer have managed to make their way in Skyrim as merchants, mages, or assassins for the Dark Brotherhood.

They have red, glowing eyes and their skin tones vary from green to gray, and even light blue. They are known to be extremely strong, intelligent, and very quick, but are said to be ill favored by fate.
In terms of skills, The Dunmer is an advantageous race for Thieves and assassins, as they offer a good balance of stealth and magical talent. This hints even more at the connection between the Mer species, as the Bosmer are adept at stealth and the Altmer are experts of magic. Dunmer could be considered, theoretically, as the middle ground between them. Despite this variety, the Dunmer however do not stand out as much in comparison to the dedicated traits of the other Mer.

Natives of the cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, the Imperials are some of the most well-educated, wealthy and well-spoken of the races in Tamriel. Imperials are also known for their discipline and training of their citizen armies. Because of this, the Imperials have dominated Tamriel for more than 2,000 years.

Imperials can be differentiated from Bretons and Nords by their fair to swarthy skin, as opposed to the typically fairer complexion of Bretons and Nords. However, Imperial skin tone is not as dark as that of Redguards. Imperials also have slightly sharper faces than other races of men.
If they are not part of the Imperial Legion, they typically serve as diplomats, traders, stewards, and craftsmen – which is well-suited, since Imperials are known for their diplomatic skills and cosmopolitan ideology.

The phrase "Imperial Race" is a bit of a misnomer. The people of Cyrodiil are divided into two ethno-cultural groups: Nibeneans and Colovians. Both descend from the native Nedic and Cyro-Nordic peoples that were enslaved by the Ayleids, but diverged a bit after consecutive invasions and interactions with other races. Colovian Imperials in Western Cyrodiil are more Nordic, sharing similar beliefs such as a heavy martial and seafaring tradition. Nibeneans have an Akaviri and, to a lesser degree, elven heritage. They have a greater appreciation for magic, art, commerce, and spirituality, in spite of being staunchly loyal to Alessian traditions. Both groups reflect the Empire's culture; a hybrid of Nordic, Aldmeri, and Akaviri culture.

Khajiit are one of the beast races which inhabit the continent of Tamriel, primarily their home province of Elsweyr. The Khajiit are Cathay and are recognizable by their feline appearance and their sly accent. Along with the Argonians, they are referred to as the beast-races of Skyrim. Because of this, Khajiit have a negative public image.

Khajiit are typically viewed as second-class citizens due to their bestial appearance. Many more of viewed as cheats, liars, thieves, and drug-addicts -- which is accurate in some cases. Because of this, citizens have difficulty trusting Khajiits. Racial slurs for Khajiits have emerged from this negative stereotype, being called "cats", "rugs", or "carpets"

[Biology] (All Khajiit Options)
Similar in many ways to the Bosmer, although generally of lesser stature. In order to avoid being mistaken as one of the Bosmer many Ohmes tattoo their faces to resemble a feline-aspect. The Ohmes is the most common form seen outside of the province of Elsweyr, taking advantage of other races' preference to their appearance to serve in positions of ambassadorship and trade. It is possible that the Ohmes are the breed seen across Tamriel at the end of the fourth century of the Third Era.

Similar to the race of men, save for their tails and short, light-colored fur, the Ohmes-raht may easily be mistaken as men at a distance. Unlike the many other species of Khajiit who walk like cats upon the balls of their feet, the Ohmes-raht walk upon their heels. The Ohmes-raht are most likely the breed found in Hammerfell and High Rock in the early fifth century of the Third Era.

Similar to the Suthay-raht in all respects, save that they are of lesser stature.

Similar in height and build to the race of man, the Suthay-raht are one of the most common breeds of Khajiit. Their coloring ranges from dark brown and orange, to light yellow, both with and without stripes and spots. Suthay-raht are often referred to as "Ja'Khajiit" (meaning "kitten") by those of other races; this appellation often strikes the Khajiit as odd, said title being one of their names for Mehrunes Dagon. The Khajiit encountered on Vvardenfell are Suthay-raht, as well as the Khajiit found on Stros M'Kai near the end of the Second Era.

A Khajiiti form determined by Lunar Lattice (ja'Kha'jay): when moon Masser is waxing and Secunda is full. Similar to the Suthay-raht in appearance and bi-pedalism, however they possess greater stature and strength.

A Khajiiti form determined by Lunar Lattice (ja'Kha'jay): when moons Masser and Secunda are waxing. Larger and stronger than the Cathay, the Cathay-raht are often described by non-Khajiit races as "jaguar-men". Whether this implies that the Cathay-raht are a spotted breed or not is unknown.

Little is known of the Tojay, except that they live in the southern marshes and jungle regions of Elsweyr, as well as the Tenmar forest.

Nothing is known of the Tojay-raht, save it's probably a larger version of the Tojay.

A quadrupedal form of Khajiit, the Alfiq is, in many respects, similar to a common housecat. Although diminutive in form, the Alfiq retain the keen intelligence of the Khajiiti, having the ability to understand the spoken word of others, although unable to respond. It is possible that they can cast spells; see Mixed Unit Tactics for more on this subject.

Nothing is known of the Alfiq-raht, save it's probably larger than the Alfiq.

A less-common form of Khajiit, Dagi live in the trees of the Tenmar forest. Due to their smaller size and light weight, they are able to dwell in the higher branches which even the Bosmer cannot reach. The Dagi have a natural affinity for magic, and are known spellcasters, a characteristic often taken advantage of in Khajiiti battle-tactics.

Similar in all respects to the Dagi, while somewhat larger, however not overly so as they are able to dwell in higher tree branches, like the Dagi. It can be assumed that, like their smaller cousins, they are naturally skilled in the use of magic.

The Pahmar is similar in appearance and size to a tiger.

The Pahmar-raht is similar to the Pahmar in appearance, although larger and possessed of a fiercer disposition.

The Senche is commonly employed by the other Khajiit breeds as a steed, presumably by will. Roughly the same height as the average Altmer, with an average weight comparable to that of twenty Altmer.

Larger and slower than the Senche, the Senche-raht are also possessed of a shorter body-span and straighter legs. The average Senche-raht stands as tall as two Altmer and can weigh as much or more than fifty. Like the Senche, Senche-raht are also employed as steeds, notably in battle, whence they earned the title "battlecats" from Imperial troopers.

Nords are a race that were led to Skyrim by Ysgramor. They are tall, fair-haired and pale skinned humans from Atmora who are known for their incredible resistance to cold and even magical frost. They are enthusiastic warriors, and act as soldiers, mercenaries, merchants and blacksmiths all over Tamriel. Eager to augment their martial skills beyond the traditional methods of Skyrim, they excel in all manner of warfare. Above all else in Nord culture is the quest for honor and glory, and a great emphasis is placed on family values. They thrive in the cold, reminiscent of their native Atmora, and are known as a militant people by their neighbours. Nords are also naturally superior at sea, and have benefited from nautical trade since their first migrations across the sea from Atmora. They captain and crew the merchant fleets of many regions, and may be found all along Tamriel's coasts. They issue a battle cry to make their enemies flee for a short time. Nords comprise the majority of the Stormcloaks, as well as the majority of the population of Skyrim.

They make good warriors, scouts and the best barbarians because of their specialization in both one-handed and two-handed weapons as well as light armor.

The Orsimer (more commonly known as Orcs), are the native people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains. Despite historical misconceptions, they are in fact a variant of elves or mer, hence the name Orsimer, meaning "Pariah Folk". Following in the footsteps of Trinimac, and subsequently Malacath, Orcs have consistently held a standard as a race as some of Tamriel's greatest warriors and smiths.

Orcs excel above and beyond in warrior roles. Their natural abilities fall under the warrior banner with the exception to enchanting, but this isn't outside of the realm of the warrior.

Redguards hail from the great desert province of Hammerfell. They are descended from a long line of warriors and mystic seers. Legend has it that Redguards are innately more proficient with the use of weaponry than any other race. They excel in all arts concerning blade and shield.
The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark skinned Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though their pride and fierce independence of spirit makes them more suitable as scouts or skirmishers, or as free ranging heroes and adventurers, than as rank and file soldiers. In addition to their cultural affinities for many weapon and armor styles, Redguards are also blessed with hardy constitutions and fleetness of foot.

The Redguards excel in combat. They are more magically inclined than Nords or Orcs. With Orcs as a possible exception, they make for the best defensive fighters. Their poison resistance helps to withstand deadly poisons of any kind. The fact that they also favor Alteration and Destruction alongside their traditional warrior abilities makes Redguards a great choice for a spellsword or battlemage.

(Whew finally done with the Races. Now without any further delay enjoy. :D )

[Character Sheet]
Weapon: [Default Iron Sword or Wooden Bow and 25 Iron Arrows]
Spell: [(Choose 3) Flames (Destruction), Conjure Familiar (Conjuring), Oak Flesh (Alteration), Fury (Illusion), Or Healing (Restoration)]
Armor: [Remember you're just starting out so Clothes, Novice Destruction Robes, Leather Armor, or Iron Armor.]
Arms: [Same rules apply]
Legs: [Same rules apply]
Accessory: [Any ring, amulet, or family heirloom that relates to your back story just no enchants since we're just beginning.]
 (Hi Guys I am a huge Elder Scrolls प्रशंसक and I wanted to make an Rp of the game I know most about (Skyr
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